From the Archive: Sunday Sermon: HBK One More Match?

Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, Ben Trecroci, Brian Damage and Amerigo Diehl

This week when promoting the upcoming UK tournament, Shawn Michaels said in an interview with Sky he’d be interested in one more match if done right. In today’s Sunday Sermon, we discuss the possibilities of who that opponent could be.

Could we see HBK set into the squared circle once again?

Craig: it’s certainly an announcement that grabs your attention and allows your mind to wander. Nearly eight years after retiring for the second time, and after previously coming back from a serious injury, HBK could once again return to the squared circle.

But who against? Who would you want to see him compete against? Daniel Bryan, the man he helped train? AJ Styles, as Styles has previously spoken about?

All that in this latest Sunday Sermon.

Jamie: I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about a potential Shawn Michaels return. He retired at Wrestlemania after stealing the show and – unlike many wrestlers – has remained retired. I’ve even heard him talk about not wanting to be that guy who says he is retired only to make a comeback. A few years ago I may have had a different opinion, but an HBK return is just not something that is on my radar. For me that ship has sailed.

Part of my feelings are that if he were to return he would need a suitable and logical opponent. There are many dream match scenarios that would be cool, but that’s all they would be ‘cool’. If Shawn Michaels makes a comeback I sure hope it’s for better and deeper reasons than a match between him and AJ Styles would be cool. Of anyone on the current roster only Daniel Bryan really makes sense, but it would need to be a heel Daniel Bryan, otherwise why – in kayfabe – would Michaels be motivated to come out of retirement to wrestle anyone?

Ben: My first reaction is yeah! Then I start thinking about it and it changes when I learn HBK is 52 years old. As much as I am a fan of his and others like the Undertaker,etc it’s really time to move on from all of these legends. They have an unbelievably talented and young roster and once again this would be a “spot” taken away from a current superstar. But as far as whom I would like to see HBK facing if he had to come back, it would be AJ Styles. Bryan would be fun as far as their story goes, but Bryan might not be someone to carry a match right now. AJ and HBK in the early 2000’s would’ve been fire, but in 2018? Not too sure about it.

Could one of HBK’s proteges be the perfect foil?

Brian: I know HBK has been out of wrestling for a number of years now, but when he was active he was one if not the greatest workers of his generation. Yeah, I know that Shawn Michaels is now in his 50’s, but I think he may still be able to go. Maybe not at the level he was at…but Michaels I think could add something. I always wanted to see Shawn Michaels versus Daniel Bryan…teacher versus student.

I think with Bryan carrying the load so to speak…I think it could still be a very good to great match. I may be an optimist, but I really do feel it could work.

Craig: Yeah I’m coming round to idea it might not be for the best. The expectations, despite his age, will be sky high and I think it’ll be difficult to come away from it, however it pans out, not feeling a bit flat. As Brian says, Shawn Michaels will be remembered as one of the best wrestlers of his generation and rightly so. A man who consistently stole the show at WrestleMania, the grandest show of them all. Does he even want to ever so slightly tarnish his legacy with one more match? Teacher versus student makes a lot of sense in one perspective but I just think it carries too many risks – both to HBK and Daniel Bryan.

I think, to quote the dragon’s den, I’m out.

Amerigo: I am in agreement with Craig. At this point with all the injuries, it’s kind of a roll of the dice. Michael’s could come back and have an amazing match, but…then again he could fall flat and tarnish his legacy. That’s always the risk with any sport with making a comeback. At this point, he should just sit back and be proud of what he did in the ring.

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3 thoughts on “From the Archive: Sunday Sermon: HBK One More Match?

  1. I love HBK but… I would rather he stayed retired. He doesn’t need to prove anything. Yeah, maybe he could pull of a few more great matches but for what? This is just proof that WWE doesn’t put enough confidence into their current talent forcing them to rely on greats from the past.

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    • Exactly, in fact it’s sadly glaring just how little faith they have in their current crop of talent, despite having mostly proven themselves capable of handling the spotlight. If this was back when Vince had, or rather felt he had, legit competition, much like he was back during the MNW, then I feel he’d have no choice but to trust the current guys, you know, besides Roman Reigns. But alas he doesn’t, and would rather just buy, buy, buy, rather than force creative to actually live up to their job titles.

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  2. I’m going to say no, HBK needs to really stay retired. Piper coming back in ’03 and again in ’06 wasn’t good for his in-ring legacy, much like Hogan, Flair, and Bret Hart later did damage to theirs. Shawn needs to stay retired, and to hell with the Saudi money tempting him otherwise.

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