This Week in Wrestling 2018 Week 39

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest instalment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 39th of 2018. Today, Brian talks about the overload of WWE programming and shares all the best wrestling content of the week.

WWE Overload

The WWE certainly has been busy the last few weeks. They just had the Hell in a Cell pay per view recently, to very mixed reviews. In addition, they have been promoting the all-female show called Evolution in November but, wait, there’s more! The WWE has also been busy hyping the glorified Australian house show called Super Show-down and now have begun promoting the WWE’s second show in Saudi Arabia called Crown Jewel.

That’s not even counting the second season of Mixed Match challenge, the Mae Young Classic, Raw, Smackdown, NXT and 205 Live. I would venture a guess that even the most hardcore WWE fan must be going into wrestling overload lately. Is it much too much? I would definitely say yes.

Forget about being a fan for a second and just think about the creative team and all the work they are trying to accomplish. The wrestlers themselves must be a bit burned out as well. How in the world are they dealing with every single angle and storyline from each show? I can almost guarantee that the writers are facing a lot of sleepless nights trying to keep each show different and fresh.

There is simply just too much content to digest. WWE stocks are at an all-time high. Money is pouring into the company like never before. How can fans truly appreciate every single event when they are being pushed in several different directions at once? As an old school wrestling fan from the 1980’s, I miss the days of WWF television for an hour on Saturday mornings. The NWA/WCW on Saturday nights at 6:05pm on WTBS. Pay per views were sometimes months apart from each other.

That made them must-see events, whereas now it all feels watered down. The talent now is better than it has perhaps ever been but too much is too much. As good as some of the shows have been, a lot of it just seems like one big infomercial for the next big show. It is an endless cycle with no real big payoffs.

Picture Gallery

Ric Flair tying the knot for the fifth time as daughter Ashley (Charlotte Flair) looks on.

Triple H and a young man who would grow up to become NXT’s Ricochet.

Rey Mysterio’s son has begun training with Lance Storm to become a pro wrestler.

Superman’s real secret identity…

WWE interviewer Charly Caruso

Here is Shaul Guerrero, the daughter of the late, great Eddy Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero. She is also married to current WWE star Aiden English.

A totally random and odd sign from WCW back in the late 1990’s early 2000’s.

Batman and famed luchador The Blue Demon.

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