Book or Cook? The Booking of SAnitY

Craig Wilson, Padraic Toolan, Benjamin Trecroci and Brian Damage

The WWE roster is filled with “superstars” at every level. There are the main roster guys who regularly appear on Raw and SmackDown, those who are used as glorified jobbers and those who are barely used at all. In this series of pieces, we will take an individual wrestler barely used and decide if they are worth keeping or should they be let go. Today we decide if we Book or Cook SAnitY.

Craig: Ah, a wrestler or group who were getting somewhere in NXT but find themselves lost in the shuffle on the main roster. What a familiar story.

The SAnitY model works. Take an established guy like Eric Young, surround him with newbies/emerging talent and use his experience to develop them. A wonderful idea and it’s helped kick Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe on. It also helped Nikki Cross.

It was, sad, then that when the group did move up it was without Cross. Maybe showing some slightly pro-Scottish bias, but I am a big fan of Cross and she’s still doing very, very well for herself in NXT.

It’s a shame, then, that SAnitY finds themselves so underutilised. So are they for the chop or is it simply back to the drawing board for the trio?

Padraic: Killian Dain has been one of my favorite wrestlers since we saw what he could do in the War Games match. Eric Young just looks and sounds diabolical, while Alexander Wolfe looks like the guy you pay before the hooker shits on you in a German brothel, so he fits their mold as well. I was disappointed when they came up without Nikki because I love what she does, but they must have felt like they needed her more in NXT as a veteran around a pretty green women’s division.

I had high hopes for SAnitY with their initial feud against the New Day. They were just coming out and creating chaos, which is exactly what they should be doing. Then all of a sudden, it all just stopped. I feel like they should be booked similarly to how The Shield was in their infancy, coming out randomly and attacking whoever is in the ring. It’s a formula that works, as is evident with the popularity The Shield retains today. SAnitY is a bit different in that they don’t need wins, they just need bodies. I also think a feud with a re-formed Wyatt Family could do wonders for them. I say BOOK SAnitY as the new destroyers in WWE until Bray Wyatt returns to claim that role for himself.

Benjamin: Let me just start with Book Them! It’s pathetic that it took so long for them to appear on Smackdown and then after a couple small roles they’ve disappeared.

Sanity should’ve come in like maniacs. Jumping everyone. AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, The tag team division and eventually the women as well with Nikki Cross. For whatever reason, the WWE is so down on a dangerous faction. Whether it’s The Club or now with Sanity, nobody is able to be seen as a threat to the whole show.

Eric Young should be a main event player imagine a feud with Randy Orton? Daniel Bryan? Nakamura? Anyone? Killian Dane and Alexander Wolf should be a huge force in the tag team division. Imagine a Sanity vs Usos feud?!? Then I know Nikki Cross is busy in NXT but could just see her running wild in the women’s division against Asuka like they did before. But nooooo. Let’s not do anything with them.

Book them and hurry up.

Brian: This has been a classic case of promoting a wrestler (in this case wrestlers) and not have a plan for them. I knew something was up when it took a while for Sanity to debut after being announced as drafted on Smackdown. Eric Young, Alexander Wolf and Killian Dane are phenomenal wrestlers and have a great gimmick of being this mentally unstable group.

They have been used sporadically at best since their debut. They should be used as the chaotic crew they are. They should attack both faces and heels for no reason at all. In my opinion they not only should be booked…they should be booked big. Book em!

Craig: Brian is spot on. They were brought up but with no consideration for what they could do. I like Brian’s idea about using them as a chaotic crew, laying waste to superstars – babyfaces and heels – on the roster. It’s a book from me.

What do you think, readers? Leave your comments below on whether you would ‘book’ or Cook’ SAnitY.

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One thought on “Book or Cook? The Booking of SAnitY

  1. Book em no question asked. But y r da booking team so ignorant 2 how 2 use Sanity. Its frustrating 2 c yet another able performer or performers so underutilized. Its ridiculous and ppl should b losing jobs n da booking department 4 these horrible mistakes. Honestly everyone who reads my post makes these kinda errors consistently at their jobs they’d b n da unemployment line immediately. Book Sanity and book them yesterday!!

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