Raw Rewind: 4 October 1993

Craig Wilson

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Raw Rewind‘ from 1993. We’re still playing catch-up but here we go from Monday Night Raw from 4 October 1993 featuring a 20 man Battle Royal to determine which two superstars will face each other the next week for the opportunity to win the IC Championship.

Champion Roll Call:

WWF Champion: Yokozuna
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Vacant
WWF Tag Team Champions: The Quebecers

You can read the last Raw recap here.

Match 1: 20 man over-the-top-rope Intercontinental Title Battle Royal

We start with the IC Title Battle Royal. Randy Savage is out last and attacks Gonzales off the top rope. A number of superstars then team up to remove Gonzales from the match. I’ll just do eliminations to start with until we get to the nitty-gritty. A surprising amount of time until the next elimination, with Mabel next – eliminated by Diesel and I.R.S.

Razor Ramon tosses I.R.S. out, with vengeance. The 1-2-3 Kid is eliminated by the Bastion Booger. Diesel charges at Mr. Perfect but Perfect ducks and the seven-foot monster is outta here. We return from a break to see Rick Martel eliminate Bob Backlund. Snuka is out next, again by Martel.

Bam Bam Bigelow eliminates Mr. Perfect next. Jannetty runs at Adam Bomb but he ducks and out is the former IC Champion. Tatanka is out next after charging at Bam Bam but Bigelow pulls down the top rope.

Randy Savage eliminates Booger and Razor tosses out Bigelow, leaving: MVP, Owen Hart, Rick Martel, Adam Bomb, the Quebecers, Razor Ramon and Adam Bomb. Owen Hart eliminates MVP before Jacques tosses Hart over the top rope. Four heels (Quebecers, Martel and Bomb) left with two faces (Ramon and Savage).

The heels pair up on a baby face with the tag champs working on Ramon while Martel and Bomb double-team Savage. The crowd are really loud for this one, guess it’s the amount of talent that was in the match and remains in the ring. Miscommunication as Martel drills Martel and Savage removes Bomb from the match. However, Bomb grabs his feet and the Quebecers and Martel toss Savage out.

We’re left with the Quebecers, Rick Martel and Razor Ramon. The trio takes shots at Ramon and attempts a triple dropkick but he grabs ropes and all three heels are down. His comeback is short-lived as the numbers game proves too much.

Ramon eventually fights back but takes a double slam from the Quebecers. Jacques has Ramon held up but he ducks and Pierre clotheslines his own partner out and Ramon eliminates Pierre and that’s it. Ramon and Martel will fight next week with the winner the new IC Champion.

Winners: Razor Ramon and Rick Martel.

Overall: This was excellent. It lasted longer than you’d expect before the flurry of eliminations but this was a good match and nearly 25 minutes long.

The Fink tries to make an announcement but is cut off by Jim Cornette.

Match 2: The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Mark Taylor and Scott Thomas

Tom Pritchard and Scott Thomas start this one off. Thomas turns his back to pose and Pritchard takes his knee out with Del Ray in. He’s German suplexed onto Thomas for a two count. I do love the tag team arsenal of the Heavenly Bodies. Heenan hypes the debut this weekend of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express on All American Wrestling this weekend coming.

Mark Taylor is in but I think the announcer got the names wrong and this is actually Scott Taylor, of future ‘Too Hotty’ fame. Del Ray lifts Taylor onto Pritchard, who is sat on the top rope, who hits a spinebuster. Pritchard nearly takes Taylor’s head off with an enziguri and Del Ray is back in, Taylor on the receiving end of a double suplex.

An assisted DDT gives Cornette’s duo the win here.

Winners: The Heavenly Bodies via pinfall.

Overall: Dominating squash win but some typically good look double team offence from the Bodies.

We see highlights from WWF Superstars. As Bam Bam Bigelow makes his way to the back following a win, Doink makes his way out. Doink taunts throwing a pale of water in Bigelow’s face… In the end, it’s a pale of confetti that is thrown in Bam Bam’s face. Bigelow threatens to rip his head off if he does it again. Bigelow disappears, and Luna remonstrates with Doink before having the pale of water dumped on her head. This leads to a chase around the ring before Doink disappears under the ring, but Bigelow can’t find him. All while Luna fights with the jobber in the ring. Bigelow then attacks the mulleted jobber as Bill Alfonso, the referee, demands he stop.

Doink is then shown at ringside, placing a tripwire between the two guardrails creating a trap for Bigelow, who he strikes on the back with a broom prompting a game of chase. Bigelow falls for the trap, to the hilarity of the crowd, as Doink heads to the back.

Up next, we have Doink in action.

Match 3: Doink the Clown vs. Cory Student

We have Doink in full babyface mode now as he tosses candy and popcorn to the fans at ringside. He also has much cheerier entrance music. He’s found his pale of water and spots Bobby Heenan at ringside. Heenan begs for mercy but has a pale of popcorn tossed over him, to the delight, as you’d imagine, for McMahon.

Student attempts to attack from behind but it barely dazes the now good clown. Doink tosses Student around for a bit before hitting a powerslam which he follows up with his top rope butt drop for the win.

Winner: Doink via pinfall.

Rating: Quick and dominating win for Doink.

Post-match, Bigelow and Luna make their way out. Bigelow tries to get in the ring but officials stop him getting in. Doink is delighted that Bigelow is being held back but Bam Bam destroys Doink’s red wagon that he brought to ringside before throwing it at the clown.

That’s all we’ve got this week as we cut to Vince and Heenan at ringside at a table covered, still, in popcorn. Next week Razor Ramon will face Rick Martel with the winner crowned the new Intercontinental Champion.

Overall Thoughts: A really, really good battle royal that takes up half this show and is well worth watching.

Overall score – 3/5

In other WWF news…

Lex Luger returned on the 9/27 taping in New Haven, and he’ll have his first singles match since his back injury on 10/1 in San Jose against Ludvig Borga.

Heavenly Bodies and Rock & Roll Express were both at the tapings. Jim Cornette came out before the Rock & Roll’s debut telling the fans not to cheer for them and talked about the history of Rock & Roll vs. Cornette. Rock & Roll were announced as Smoky Mountain tag team champions. Cornette’s interview was enough to convince the crowd Rock & Roll’s were faces, but they got little crowd reaction.

Harvey Whippleman is now managing Adam Bomb.

Doink (Matt Osborne) did a squash as a face and threw cotton candy and popcorn to the crowd and popcorn on Bobby Heenan. Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon destroyed Doink’s red wagon he brought to the ring.

Jimmy Snuka returned on the live Raw show to only a decent reaction. He actually appeared first 9/25 at Madison Square Garden beating the debuting Brian Christopher (Brian Lawler). Christopher didn’t get a chance to do much in the match. Snuka, who is now 50, still used a great splash off the top for a finish although he isn’t nor hasn’t been the wrestler he once was for about ten years.

Monday Night Raw on 9/20 did a 2.1 rating (Scott Steiner vs. Pierre), the second lowest in its history, while All-American did a 1.9 and Mania a 1.1 the same weekend.

Savage will become a regular co-host of Mania starting this week.

Pretty obvious that Savage and Crush are going to feud shortly as Crush was complaining about not being in the Battle Royal and blaming it on Savage.

Faux pas of the Raw show saw a segment where IRS complained about Razor Ramon and Vince McMahon three times called him “Mr. Rotunda” before getting it right and calling him “Mr. Shyster.”

Jeff Jarrett is headed to the WWF.

While not confirmed, expect Bruce Hart to work at Survivor Series.

1-2-3 Kid now jobbing every night for Bastion Booger.

Bret Hart was asked to take three months off after Survivor Series, so expect a big angle there.

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3 thoughts on “Raw Rewind: 4 October 1993

  1. I remember that battle royal as that was the moment that made me cheer for Razor and when he eliminated the Quebecers. I was like “YES!” and I was like “fuck next week, let’s have the match now”. I was 12 when I saw that episode of RAW. Good times. The next week would have one of my favorite moments as it was the moment that Razor became one of my guys (along w/ Bret at the time).

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