Raw Rewind: 8 November 1993

Craig Wilson

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Raw Rewind‘ from 1993. Today we take in the episode from 8 November 1993, featuring Ludvig Borga vs. Scott Steiner with Bob Backlund and Men on a Mission also in action.

Champion Roll Call:

WWF Champion: Yokozuna
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon
WWF Tag Team Champions: The Quebecers

You can read last week’s Raw recap here.

We start with a promo clip, voiced by Vince McMahon, highlighting the match between Ludvig Borga and Scott Steiner this week on Raw.

Macho Man Randy Savage is back and joins Vinnie Mac and Bobby Heenan on commentary. Heenan predicts that there’ll be no All-American team left by the time Survivor Series rolls into town while Savage questions whether Crush will have the courage to be at Raw. Fans also get a chance to vote as to who will face Quebecer Pierre next week on Raw.

Match 1: Ludvig Borga vs. Scott Steiner

Big match to kick off Raw. Borga attacks before Steiner can even get his coat off and lays in a series of stiff looking kidney punches before a big clothesline fells the former tag champ. Borga then goes up top and connects with another clothesline.

Borga makes the mistake, however, of putting his head down and Steiner connects with a double underhook suplex and follows up with a pump handle slam before Borga retreats to ringside. The fans chant “USA, USA” as Savage proclaims that he’s no longer “Mr. Nice Guy” and promises to deal with Heenan later.

Back to the action and Borga grinds on a headlock. Steiner powers out and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex which barely gets him a one count. Steiner Irish whips Borga but puts the head down and takes some shots to the back before a running clothesline gets Borga a nearfall.

A powerslam in the middle of the ring but Steiner avoids an elbow drop and just connects with a dropkick, which sends Borga out of the ring. The Quebecers make their way to ringside, to give moral support to Ludvig Borga as we head to a break.

When we return, Steiner suplexes Borga back into the ring, much to the Quebecers’ ire as Rick Steiner heads to ringside. Scott has Borga in a Boston crab in the middle of the ring. Borga crawls to the corner and makes the bottom rope.

Steiner catches Borga charging into the corner and gets a two with a roll-up. A small package gets him another two. Another dropkick gets Steiner another nearfall. Steiner then hits another dropkick, this time off the top rope, for another two. Borga, though, gets a two of his own with a powerslam off the ropes before a punch to the face sends Steiner tumbling out of the ring.

Rick Steiner taunts Borga on the apron but is distracted by Jacques and dragged into the ring. This leads to a three on two brawl before the Quebecers are cleared from the ring and the Steiners double team Borga as referees hit the ring.

Winner: Double DQ.

Overall: An OK match but was all about keeping the storyline going.

The poll to face Pierre next week features the 1-2-3 Kid, Doink, Marty Jannetty or Lex Luger. I wonder who will win…

Another Jeff Jarrett promo airs as he lambastes the “corrupt” country music business. I’ve gotta wonder just how little the WWF fans really cared. Jarrett claims he’s coming for the Undertaker.

Match 2: Men on a Mission (Mo & Mabel) (w/ Oscar) vs. Corey Student and Steve Smyth

Vince points out that Mabel is “huge” as Smyth gets in the big man’s face but is tossed across the ring and then drops to the matt when he attempts a shoulder charge. Mo is in and the two hit a double dropkick on Smyth before Student tags himself in. He clubs on Mo but poses for the crowd and is taken out by a clothesline. A sunset flip gets Mo a nearfall.

Mabel is back and the pair double team Student. Quick tag and Mo is back in and they hit double team back elbows then elbow drops to the prone Student, who is in a bad way. Sleeper hold from Mo but he loses interest quickly and tags Mabel back in. A running splash looks to have killed Student as Mabel hits a DDT. An assisted splash, I guess, gets MoM the win.

Winners: Men on a Mission via pinfall.

Overall: Easy win but there doesn’t appear to be much about Men on a Mission.

Todd Pettengill is up next with a special Survivor Series report. It’s a bit filler as he runs down the card with typical “anything can happen” style chat. We get a full rundown of the card, including the Smoky Mountain Tag Team Titles match pitting the Heavenly Bodies against the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

We get an anti-drink driving advert from the Undertaker. “If you continue to drink and drive, sooner or later you’ll meet the Undertaker.”

Match 3: “The Model” Rick Martel vs. John Paul

Martel works the arm to start this one off as we get several reversals before Martel drills a forearm into Paul’s face. Series of slams from Martel and kick outs from Paul as the jobber tries to build some momentum.

A cartwheel allows Martel to avoid a punch to the face but soon finds himself in a headlock before Paul uses ropes to take Martel down to the matt. Paul tries again but eats a belly-to-back suplex then a gutwrench suplex. But Martel misses a running shoulder charge and Paul follows up with a dropkick. He then misses a crossbody and Martel applies the Boston Crab and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: “The Model” Rick Martel via submission.

Rating: OK match but not much to see here at all.

Post-match, Martel sprays Paul with ‘arrogance’. Vince plugs the poll to decide who faces Pierre next week on Raw. To the surprise of no one, Luger is in the lead…

Match 4: Crush (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. Dan Dubiel

Crush is out next and Vince tries to calm Savage down at ringside as Heenan reiterates that commentators aren’t allowed to get physical with the wrestlers. Savage throws McMahon to the matt and attacks Crush. Several referees and officials then head out to break them up. They try to take him to the back but he breaks free and attacks again. Crush then attacks Savage

Winner: No contest.

Rating: N/A.

Match 5: Bob Backlund vs. Barry Horowitz

Horowitz hits a hiptoss to start this as Vince says that Crush has been locked in his locker room backstage, so they’ve finally been separated. Backlund takes Horowitz down as Savage makes his way back to ringside, to a great reaction. McMahon asks him if he’s alright before Macho Man tears into Heenan.

Gotta feel for Backlund and Horowitz here as all the focus is on Savage at ringside. Backlund offers his opponent a handshake but Horowitz uses it to take the former WWF champion down. Backlund takes Horowitz down with a drop toehold as we see Crush backstage and breaking out of the locked dressing room.

Guess that match went to a no contest too?

Winner: No contest.

Rating: N/A.

Savage heads backstage and attacks Crush as he had Dave Hebner pinned against the wall. Vince McMahon states that we’ll get the results soon from the poll as we learn that Macho Man has been locked out of the building. To everyone’s surprise, Luger won the poll with a landslide and will face Pierre next week.

We cut to the back as Crush and Savage battle outside the arena.

Overall Thoughts: Not a lot here at all. Some more build to Savage and Crush feud but that’s really it.

Overall score – 2/5

In other WWF news…

The “A” team crowds over the weekend ranged from poor in Detroit (est. 1,700) to good at the Nassau Coliseum (10,300 paying $160,000+). Most reports concur that it’s the Jerry Lawler-Bret Hart feud that is the biggest draw and gets easily the best reaction every night. Most of the matches, including cage matches, end when one of the Knights (unknown) interferes when Hart is about to win, then Owen Hart comes out to even the odds, Bret Hart wins, but Owen Hart gets destroyed by the Knight.

Rick & Scott Steiner returned to house shows on 10/28 in Detroit beating Quebecers via DQ. Initially Rick was the one suspended, not Scott as reported here weeks back which was met with denials.

Speaking of suspensions, on the WWF Radio show, a caller asked about the policy regarding suspended wrestlers still wrestling at television tapings and Ross said that he didn’t know for sure but he believed they could wrestle on television and not get paid, so that seems to confirm what we all strongly suspected the new drug suspension policy is only for house shows and doesn’t include being suspended from television tapings.

The “B” shows, even with Undertaker vs. Yokozuna on top, generally were doing 800-1,500 per night.

Steve Dunn (Steve Doll) missed the weekend as he was injured recently when one of Men on a Mission landed on him wrong.

Other upcoming “B” shows have already been cancelled due to poor advances.

Randy Savage will be sent to Tokyo on 11/9 for a press conference to announce the WWF’s Japan tour in April, 1994.

The Lex Luger-Ludvig Borga series continues to be a major disappointment in almost every arena. It’s amazing with all the money and time spent on pushing Luger just two months ago and how well it appeared on television that it was working, that it turned into such a major flop.

When asked about Hulk Hogan on the radio show, Luger and Jim Ross had nothing but good things to say about Hogan.

Mr. Perfect missed some weekend shots with it being announced he had family problems.

Both ring announcer Mike McGuirk and television interviewer Boni Blackstone have been let go. McGuirk was told the company wanted to cut back on transportation expenses.

Last weekend’s television ratings saw 10/25 Raw (Jannetty vs. Kid) do a 2.6 rating, All-American a 1.8 and Mania a 1.3.

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