Wrestling With Sin: 204

Brian Damage

This is the 204th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Mongo’s All Night Long

He may be considered one of the worst choices to be a member of the elite Four Horsemen….but Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael was considered a real Horseman outside of the ring by Ric Flair. He was supposedly a heavy user of cocaine. So much so, Scott Hall recalls that McMichael allegedly hired an individual to travel with him to find and purchase the drug at whatever city they were traveling to. Mongo had a lot of money from both his NFL days and days with WCW. He used to carry around wads of $100 bills and immediately want to go to the nearest strip club to party.

It is alleged by some, that Mongo met a stripper while on the road with WCW and the two had an affair. That supposedly led to the break up with his wife Debra in 1998. Mongo would eventually marry the stripper and have a child together. Steve McMichael would check himself into a rehabilitation facility in 1999.

Rigged Performance

Scotty Riggs remembers when he was wrestling for the now defunct USWA based out of Tennessee. Riggs said he use to travel on the road with Brian Christopher Lawler and share hotel rooms. On one particular evening, Riggs said there was a knock on their hotel room door and when they answered it, it was USWA manager ‘Downtown Bruno’ aka WWF Harvey Wippleman’s wife. She told Riggs she was horny and wanted to have sex with him.

Riggs would oblige and after he was done with her, she allegedly went into bed with Brian Christopher and had sex with him as well. Riggs ultimately felt guilty about what he had done but he was single and she was willing, so….

Bare Knuckles

Mickie ‘Moose’ Knuckles was/is a professional wrestler who was trained by Chris Hero (NXT’s Kassius Ohno) and Ian Rotten. When Knuckles started out her wrestling career, Ian Rotten took her under his wing. She played a big part on Ian’s IWA Mid South shows. She was even living with Ian and his family for approximately five years.

Ian considered Knuckles to be like a daughter to him. Somewhere along the way, Ian and Mickie had a falling out and the two started spewing bad words against one another in various interviews. In 2015, Ian revealed to everyone through a blog post that he and Mickie were having an affair for years. An accusation that Knuckles denied. Despite Mickie’s denials, Ian Rotten said that he told his wife about the affair and the two eventually reconciled.

…And Your NUDE world champion….errr

Micaela Schafer is a famous model and personality in her home country of Germany. She recently made the decision to train and give professional wrestling a try. She wrestled and was defeated by former TNA and WWE Mae Young Classic performer Jazzy Gabert in her first match. Micaela is also known for posing nude more so than with clothing. In fact, she wrote an autobiography entitled, “Rather naked than no shtick.”

Baby Face Off

The Fantastics and the Sheepherders had some violent and bloody matches against each other in 1986 for the UWF. During one of those contests in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a rowdy fan started heckling both Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics. He accused the wrestlers of using “fake blood” and the action wasn’t real. This angered Tommy Rogers who allegedly shoved the fan down and started pummeling him.

More fans started getting involved, so Fulton and fellow baby face Terry Taylor jumped into the brawl as well. Promoter Bill Watts wasn’t exactly too pleased to see some of his top baby face talents in an all out brawl with fans. The next day, the Fantastics returned to the arena and were informed by Watts that they needed to turn themselves in. The fan heckling them had pressed assault charges against them. Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton did just that and were arrested and ultimately released.

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2 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 204

  1. Yeah, Michaela Schäfer is famous. Alright…
    She is getting hired by TV, if they need some nudity in their z-celebrity shows. She is as much as a wrestler as Tim Wiese is. 😜

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  2. There may be nothing in this business more disgusting that Ian Rotten. Kind of having a hard time believe the Riggs story. mean what kind of woman would marry downtown bruno?

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