This Week in Wrestling 2018 Week 52

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest installment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 52nd of 2018. Today, Brian talks about the first set of TV with Vince McMahon back and shares all the best wrestling content of the week.


The Shake-Up Before the Break-Up

This past Monday night on Raw, Vince McMahon made a rare appearance to announce that things were going to change in WWE. The McMahon family was going to take over the reins of both Raw and Smackdown Live. Essentially, the old bosses are now the new bosses.

I understand that change, real change doesn’t happen overnight and I will try not to be critical of this week’s show. It just seemed different in some aspects, but remained the same in others. I like that they gave Tyler Breeze a shot at the Intercontinental title against Dean Ambrose and although Breeze lost, I hope WWE continues to push “Prince Pretty” as a singles competitor. They also allowed every woman on the Raw roster to get an opportunity at Ronda Rousey’s Raw women’s title.

Natalya was chosen as the winner and will get a shot at the belt this Monday night. We also saw the Revival become the number 1 contenders to the Raw tag team titles. All in all, it was nice to see new wrestlers get opportunities that they normally would not get. As I said though, change will not happen overnight and there were still long exaggerated promos and slow-moving segments.

Three hours is a lot of time to fill for a live broadcast. I get that, but WWE needs to have the show move faster. Don’t give viewers the chance to change the channel. Much like they did in the old Attitude era. Keep angles moving, give other stars a chance to appear on television and build new stars.

There are no more General Managers, so Paige is out on Smackdown and to be honest, I don’t know what role she will have in the new WWE. Smackdown, for the most part, was always the stronger show and that may be because it is just two hours and the fact that the talent level on the blue brand is much greater.

With Drake Maverick and Lio Rush seemingly more involved as managers of AOP and Bobby Lashley, Lucha House Party on Raw and the fact that Mustafa Ali has been added full time to the Smackdown roster, it does beg the question of what is the status of 205 Live. Reports have it that viewership for the cruiserweight show is very low and honestly Vince never seemed in love with smaller wrestlers, let alone an entire division.

More changes are certainly on the way. New stars like Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, Lars Sullivan and EC3 or on their way in. Who will be on the way out? Lots of things will change in the coming weeks and if you are a WWE fan, all I can say is be patient and wait and see. I have my hopes WWE will truly change, but ultimately the McMahons are still in charge, so it is their call, not ours.

Picture Gallery

A WWE Christmas Bingo game just in time for the Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night Raw

The Great Khali with P Diddy

A young Tommy Dreamer, Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido

Paige got some ink on her hands

An awesome Kane tattoo by artist Jason Baker

I kinda like this Brock Lesnar t-shirt

New Japan superstar Kenny Omega getting photographed for Rolling Stone magazine in Japan.

You gotta love the honesty of Bad Luck Fale’s t-shirt…

Perfect photoshop job!

The artist’s name is Nolan Harris give him a follow on Twitter at @Nolanium. Tremendously talented.


‘The Rebel’ Tanea Brooks


Here’s Akeem dancing for no reason…

Video Gallery

WWF marketing

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