This Week in Wrestling 2018 Week 53

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest installment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the final one of 2018. Today, Brian looks at the future of 205 Live and shares all the best wrestling content of the week.

Will 205 Live Strive to Survive?

With all the recent changes to WWE’s overall product, there seems to be one unanswered question. What will happen with 205 Live? Will it continue or will it eventually be cancelled?

There are rumors and rumblings that Vince McMahon isn’t so enamored with the cruiserweight show anymore. There have also been reports that viewership of 205 Live on the WWE network are really low. Could this mean a possible end to it?

Normally, I would have my doubts, but if you have been paying attention to WWE programming lately….that might be a different story. As the old saying goes, “where there is smoke, there is fire.” There has been a lot of smoke lately on that particular subject.

Think about it, Drake Maverick and Lio Rush are now featured regularly as managers to the AOP and Bobby Lashley respectively. Lucha House Party seem to be regulars now on Raw’s tag team division and the “Heart of 205 Live” has now been moved to the Smackdown roster. How long before others like Hideo Itami or Buddy Murphy move up so to speak?

I’m not saying that WWE will completely dissolve the cruiserweight division. They may keep the title to be defended on either Raw or Smackdown in the future. Things just don’t look too rosy for the 205 Live show to last past 2019. Let’s be honest, after the success of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, it made sense to continue the brand.

The problem from the start was there was no real build of the wrestlers when they debuted on Raw. Their placement of the cruiserweights when they got their own show was poorly executed as well. They should’ve kept the show in smaller venues like a full sail or maybe do a 205 Live taping after an NXT taping.

I realize that this would’ve cost more money to pull off, but if you really wanted the cruiserweights to succeed…it should have been done from the beginning. It also really didn’t help that WWE sort of used that division as punishment to wrestlers. For example, when Enzo Amore was having all sorts of locker room heat…the Miz actually acknowledged that he was demoted to 205 Live. Maybe that is why they lost quality performers like Neville and Austin Aries. They felt that they were above a label such as a cruiserweight…

Maybe main roster fans just don’t get that type of wrestling and they never will? Whatever the reasons, 205 Live was a very entertaining wrestling product that simply might fade away due to lack of interest in it.

Picture Gallery

Ronald McFoley?

Brian Pillman Jr with his father’s one-time roommate, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh

Michael ‘P.S.’ Hayes with Ted Nugent

Ric Flair doing Ric Flair things

Cool looking logo for NXT Takeover New York in April 2019

The Family of Jericho

Impact Wrestling’s Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard

Babe Ruth training to wrestle

Cool art of Mustafa Ali

Nothing screams calf tattoo like a WWF winged eagle title belt tattoo

Lita’s lip tattoo

Happy New Year from Candice Michelle

Mickie James

Ho Ho Hooooo Yeah! Dig It!

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