Ring the Damn Bell’s Not the Slammys 2018 Pt.2


Padraic Toolan, Jamie Lithgow and Brian Damage

It’s time for part two of our end of the year awards, our version of the Slammys. Similar to last year, it’s divided into two parts. Part one was earlier this month and today we’ll put forward our nominations for the following awards:

  • Superstar of the Year
  • Match of the Year
  • Tag team of the year
  • Best angle
  • Feel Good Moment of the Year
  • Worst Character

So, without further ado.

Superstar of the Year

Padraic: Roman Reigns. Look at what’s happened to Raw since he’s been out. You can love him or hate him, but no other superstar’s absence on Raw or SmackDown would leave as big of a hole as he has.

Jamie: Kenny Omega. AJ Styles, Becky Lynch, Chris Jericho and Hiromu Takahashi, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano were all in my thinking here. I’ve gone for Omega purely because injury cut Hiromu’s year short, otherwise, it’s a different story. Literally, every big match Omega has is outstanding, regardless of his opponent. While he was not the first western wrestler to become IWGP Champion, he is unique in that he has made his name in New Japan, without having built a reputation in the States first. It’s been quite a year for Omega.

Brian: It’s going to be too hard for me not to pick Kenny Omega. Pound for pound has some of the very best matches you will see any place on earth. While Omega is in New Japan and not in the almighty WWE, I think it says more of how Omega made himself into a household name around the world in a relatively short amount of time.

Match of the Year

Padraic: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair Last Woman Standing at Evolution. This had everything. It was an Attitude Era-type masterpiece. Both women talked shit and both women backed it up, and it also showed that WWE is solidly behind Becky.

Jamie: Hiromu Takahashi vs KUSHIDA, Best of The Super Juniors Day 13. Hiromu’s matches with Dragon Lee and Taiji Ishimori in this tournament were off the charts amazing too, but this was my personal favourite. This was basically a shoot-out between the two to decide the block winner and who would advance to face Ishimori in the final. They literally threw every move in their arsenal at each other with Hiromu finally winning with a triangle submission.

Brian: Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi, G1 Climax semifinals match. Two friends and tremendous wrestlers put on a clinic and great storytelling to have a classic match.

Tag team of the year

Padraic: I’m going outside of the box on this one: R-Truth and Carmella. They are so entertaining and are great in-ring competitors. And sorry, but almost everything else in the tag team division is stale as hell.

Jamie: The Young Bucks. A slow year for tag teams, in my opinion. I almost picked the New Day because every time I turn on Smackdown they are doing something that keeps my attention on the WWE product, which is no mean feat. However, I’ve opted for the Bucks because I’ve really enjoyed the majority of their matches in New Japan in 2018.

Brian: It has been a really rough year for tag team wrestling…especially in WWE which is odd considering they have some really good to great tag teams on Raw, Smackdown and NXT. My vote goes to LAX from Impact wrestling. I’m sorry, but while Impact stars usually get no love, LAX are a really great team that have had some exciting matches this past year.

Best Angle

Padraic: Going to NXT for this one, Johnny Gargano being revealed as Aleister Black’s attacker. They pulled the trigger on a Gargano heel turn at just the right time, and it puts those two in or near the main event and Tommaso Ciampa’s NXT Championship.

Jamie: Who attacked Aleister Black. I just love a good old fashioned ‘who dunnit?’. The culprit should always be a babyface turning heel or a major new star debuting. In Johnny Gargano the pay-off to this angle was perfect. It made perfect sense and deep down I think we all suspected it would be Johnny, we just did not want it to be. This was good stuff.

Brian: Who attacked Aleister Black in NXT? There was such a slow build to this angle and the addition of Nikki Cross knowing who did it, but was too crazy for anyone to find her credible was great. The pay off of it being Johnny Gargano was also fantastic and made sense.

Feel Good Moment of the Year

Padraic: As weird as it may sound, Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement, because of the love the fans showed for him that night.

Jamie: Evolution. This whole show was a feel-good moment. I can’t remember the last time I watched a WWE show where the fans just went with it. This was wrestling fans enjoying a wrestling show and wrestlers enjoying wrestling on a wrestling show. So simple, but the complete lack of cynicism and love for wrestling throughout this show made it so refreshing to witness.

Brian: Not the actual Roman Reigns leukemia announcement, but the aftermath with his friends and Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins coming out and embracing their broken comrade. It was a tear-jerking moment and showed the real side of these three stars who truly love each other.

Worst Character

Padraic: Kona Reeves in NXT. I have no interest in him whatsoever, and he has barely any charisma to speak of.

Jamie: Kona Reeves. I know, NXT is still essentially a development territory, so we should not always expect the finished article. Still, Reeves’ ‘finest’ gimmick – if you can call it that – is so lame and so forced. He hasn’t been seen for a while, so hopefully he’s away working on other ideas.

Brian: No Way Jose. Remember him? Is he a wrestler or just someone who leads a Conga line backstage on RAW? His music is pretty catchy though….so there is that.

  • Superstar of the Year: Kenny Omega
  • Match of the Year: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair/Hiromu Takahashi vs KUSHIDA/Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi
  • Tag team of the year: R-Truth and Carmella/The Young Bucks/LAX
  • Best angle: Who attacked Aleicester Black
  • Feel Good Moment of the Year: Crowd reaction to Roman Reigns
  • Worst Character: Kona Reeves

3 thoughts on “Ring the Damn Bell’s Not the Slammys 2018 Pt.2

  1. Superstar of the Year: Kenny Omega
    Match of the Year: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte (Evolution)/Kenny Omega vs. Okada (tie)
    Tag Team of the Year: The Young Bucks/the Usos (tie)
    Best angle: Bullet Club Civil War & Jay White & Gedo destroying Chaos to join Bullet Club.
    Feel Good Moment of the Year: Becky Lynch attacking Ronda Rousey and being THE MAN on RAW/Cody Rhodes winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at All In.
    Worst Wrestler: Nia Jax

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