Sunday Sermon: Who Needs a Change of Fortune in 2019

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Benjamin Trecroci and Jamie Lithgow

As we start a New Year, many among us will come up with resolutions which will fall by the wayside within weeks, if not months. In today’s Sunday Sermon, we look at which wrestling superstars need a better year.

Craig: Maybe it’s just overall optimism, but I feel pretty good going into the new year on many fronts – I hope wrestling is much the same. There’s definitely a lot to be excited about.

However, changes are needed and that goes for the opportunities afforded to in-ring superstars. First up, Bayley. Am a huge, huge fan and they WWE could, and should, do a whole lot more with her. She’s been lost in the women’s revolution shuffle but is still a hugely popular act that could do more than what she’s been allowed to do.

What about you? Who deserves more of a shot at grabbing the brass ring?

Brian: One name that quickly jumps to mind is Andrade Almas. The guy in my opinion just oozes the coolness factor and oh yeah he can wrestle too. He is someone that WWE can build around if given the right material. The same could be said about his manager Zelina Vega. She is an experienced wrestler who has great chemistry with Almas.

As for factions, it is about time Sanity is used more to their potential. We all know what Eric Young can do, but Killian Dane and Alexander Wolfe are two big men that can really go.

Benjamin: Also agree with Almas and Sanity. They need to be forced on each show.

But my attention turns to Sasha and Bayley. This past weekend I attended a house show in Chicago and while Bayley and Sasha received nice ovations it was pretty obvious they aren’t the main attractions they were a couple years ago.

The off again/on again friendship and the horrible Dr. Shelby counselling segments put their so-called “feud” to bed and took all the heat off of both of them.

Not sure if they need to get away from each other at this point but they both are pretty stale and that’s a shame because they both could be as big as Charlotte and/or Becky Lynch.

Jamie: I’m going to play my New Japan card here – t’is the season after all – and say YOSHI-HASHI. Through the course of last year, and throughout the G1 tournament, his status as the designated jobber for CHAOS was highlighted more and more. Not that anyone called him a jobber right enough, but his win/loss record was discussed a lot. Then he started mixing it in tag matches with Okada against Tanahashi. YOSHI-HASHI showed some dissension towards Okada while Tanahashi was quoted saying that he could help YOSH. Just as it seemed this sub-plot in the the Okada/Tanahashi relationship would develop further, YOSHI-HASHI slipped while doing a run-in at Destruction in Kobe and hasn’t been seen since. YOSHI-HASHI is a really good worker and has shown in 2018 that he is capable of capturing fans attention and having great matches. I hope he gets another shot at a significant storyline or feud in 2019, and hopefully, he doesn’t slip and break his face this time!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Who Needs a Change of Fortune in 2019

  1. The ones that need help are Bayley, Sasha, Finn Balor, Gallows & Anderson, Almas, and Nakamura. They’re the ones that are being misused at this point as while I think Bobby Roode is miscast as a babyface as he’s better off as a heel.

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