Wrestling With Sin: 206

Brian Damage

This is the 206th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

DWI – Driving While Infuriated

While wrestling for the Memphis territory back in the early 1980’s, King Kong Bundy remembers one time he was forced to drive all night long. He was traveling with Tommy Rogers, Tommy Rich and Johnny Rich and had no choice but be the designated driver the entire day and night. The others were allegedly so wasted on drugs and booze they were in no condition to drive. When it appeared that they were sobering up, they would take more drugs or drink more booze and be back to being messed up.

This infuriated Bundy, as he was growing increasingly tired from driving for hours. Sometime during the trip, Bundy fell asleep at the wheel and accidentally struck a pedestrian with his vehicle. Bundy ran out to help the individual who was hurt pretty bad. He asked the other wrestlers to help him with the injured person, but they were either passed out or too messed up to do anything. Bundy apparently stayed long enough to make sure the individual was okay enough to fend for himself and then took off.

Silent But Deadly

In 1988, a former luchador named Jose Florencio Nolasco Morales aka El Silencioso, was leaving a soccer match in Mexico City, Mexico. He was reportedly very drunk and wound up getting into an argument with another man outside the stadium. The argument quickly turned physical and that is when the former luchador allegedly grabbed some sort of hammer and used it to beat the other man to death. Morales then fled Mexico City to Tijuana and eventually to the United States.

That’s where the ex luchador remained for a number of years. Around 2005, Morales returned to Mexico to stay with his dying mother. The police caught him and he was arrested for murder.

Sheik’n Out

‘The Sheik’ Ed Farhat was a menacing character and a huge star especially in the Detroit, Michigan area. Before a match at the Cobo arena, an overly “smart” wrestling fan kept calling the Sheik by his real name. That lucky fan was escorted backstage and who should appear, but The Sheik himself. The Sheik grabbed the fan by the throat and pinned him against the wall with apparently blood lust in his eyes.

The Sheik just stared at the now frightened fan and allegedly said…”My name is Ed Farhat and I will kill you.” The Sheik would release his grip on the fan’s throat and the fan took off running through the backdoor of the arena.


Big Cass was released from the WWE in June of 2018. While his release took some by surprise, it was reported that Cass was released due to “multiple incidents.” One of which involved Cass getting stuck in the bathroom of WWE’s tour bus and Cass kicking it open, breaking the door off its hinges. If damaging WWE property wasn’t bad enough, it was also reported that Cass had a run in with WWE announcer Vic Joseph.

It is alleged that Big Cass saw Joseph talking with his ex girlfriend WWE star Carmella backstage. Vic Joseph and Carmella reportedly have been close friends for some time. Cass thought there was something going on between the two and he allegedly threatened Joseph by “Taking his head off” if he saw Vic Joseph talking to her again. Then, to top things off, after Cass’ Money in the Bank pay per view match with Daniel Bryan….Cass allegedly got his stuff and left the arena before the show ended.

That appeared to be the final straw and Big Cass was released from the company the next day. It should be noted, that after the WWE announced they had come to terms on his release…they did not do their usual ‘wish him well on his future endeavors.’

NX Pee Pee

A video surfaced recently of current NXT wrestler Trevor ‘Ricochet’ Mann. In the video, Ricochet was seen playing with himself in the buff. While Ricochet’s face was hidden, but his distinct chest tattoo’s were a give away. No word, if Ricochet posted this video online himself, or it was leaked out by a hacker. The safe bet is that he was hacked and the video surfaced that way.

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4 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 206

  1. I heard Big Cass was being a real dick towards people and I remembered the day he was fired. He was trying to talk to Carmella and she didn’t want to talk to him. He grabbed her arm and this lead to some of the boys like the Usos and others get involved as they were going to kick the shit out of Cass. Then Cass got fired. What an asshole.


    • From what I remember that interaction and backstage brawl was according to Robbie Fox from barstools a made up story. It also just circulated through some bad sheets looking for clicks, never was reported by PWInsider, the Observer or Sean Ross Sapp (which I think are some of the few somewhat reliable sources).

      There are obviously other negative more reliable infos out there about him though and that they didn’t even worry to write well wishes indicates he wasn’t liked by his peers. Irony is, with their release they could have made together the rather popular of Enzo&Cass outside of wwe again, but from what was rumoured they couldn’t stand each other either and so it didn’t happen.


  2. Just hearing about this. But I don’t believe it to be him. It’s all in the details. The subject in the video has the one chest tattoo on the opposite side. He is however lacking the full sleeve as well as the be fearless on the opposite side. Earlier pictures of Ricochet show he had the full sleeve before it was extended to the chest. Also the subject in the video has a tattoo across his stomach.


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