Wrestling With Sin: 210

Brian Damage

This is the 210th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Orton of Heat

While on a tour of Japan, wrestlers Bad News Allen, Chris Adams and Bob Orton Jr. were partying at a bar. As the night progressed, Chris Adams had become loud and belligerent. He soon got into a physical altercation with another patron. Adams used his skills in Judo and tossed the non-wrestler a couple of times. A few men came over to break up the confrontation.

Bob Orton thought the men were jumping in on the fight, so he allegedly kicked one of them in the crotch. As it turned out, the person he kicked was a prominent member of the local Yakuza. Bad News Allen was the one who recognized the individual and rushed his friends out of the bar. While back at the hotel, Allen instructed Orton to leave the Japanese tour immediately and return home which he did. If Orton had decided to stay, Allen said that Bob Orton Jr would’ve been a dead man.

Polynesian Persuasion

A hot rivalry was brewing between the heel Pat Patterson and the babyface High Chief Peter Maivia in the old San Francisco territory. The area was largely populated by people of Polynesian descent and many of them filled the Cow Palace in San Fran to watch their hero Maivia beat up Patterson. On this specific occasion, Patterson noticed that there weren’t as many police officers working security for his main event match up. Despite this, Patterson started doing his usual heel moves on Maivia and many of the fans in attendance started making their way down to ringside.

The cops that were there started hitting fans with their nightsticks to get them to back away from the ring. As a couple of fans were being clubbed, a Polynesian woman allegedly started punching the cops. Peter Maivia saw this and ran directly where the melee was and he allegedly started getting physical with the police. Both Maivia and the woman were arrested and brought to jail. It turns out the woman was Lia Maivia…Peter’s wife and the grandmother of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. While in jail, about 2,000 Samoans protested in front of the police station to release the Maivias. The couple were soon released.

Ring Gropes

Former WCW and WWE star Mark Jindrak, also known as ‘Marco Corleone’ in Mexico, was in a bit of a scandal south of the border in 2009. A singer named Raul Sandoval accused the wrestler of grabbing his butt in the bathroom of a dance club. Despite Jindrak denying the accusation, the Mexican media started questioning his sexuality. It got to the point that Jindrak revealed he was in a serious relationship with an actress by the name of Thaily Amezcua.

Speaking of Jindrak’s relationship with Amezcua, another small scandal popped up around 2015. Mark Jindrak broke up with the actress and married a former CMLL ring girl named Miroslava Luna. There was some speculation that Jindrak allegedly carried on an affair with Luna while still involved with Amezcua. It should be noted that Jindrak and Luna are still married to this day and have a child together.

Tell Me You Just Didn’t Do That?

Independent wrestler from the Houston, Texas area Jasper ‘The Hammer’ Davis was arrested in December of 2017. He was charged with the murder of his 24-year-old girlfriend Jennifer Mamo. According to reports, the couple got into an argument after attending a party. Mamo accused Davis of flirting with another woman. Davis contends that Mamo grabbed the gun initially and after Davis tried to retrieve it, it accidentally went off killing Mamo.

Jasper Davis then took the body and dumped it in a creek, however his car got stuck in the mud. Jasper called a friend to help him out and when his friend arrived, he realized what Jasper had done and called 911. The police arrested Jasper Davis and discovered Mamo’s 7-month-old baby unattended in the apartment unharmed. Jennifer Mamo was allegedly shot one time in the face. Jasper Davis worked for WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion in Houston and was their champion at one point. Davis also competed on TNA wrestling’s ‘Gut check’ program.

Roop Or Dupe

While wrestling for Angelo Poffo’s ICW promotion based in Kentucky, he challenged fans to try and legitimately break out of one of wrestler Bob Roop’s holds. If they could successfully break out of the hold, Poffo would pay the fan a large sum of money. Angelo Poffo was convinced that no one would be able to do it because Roop was a successful amateur wrestler who actually competed in the 1968 Olympics.

The fan who accepted the challenge was 5’7 and 155 pounds and a master in karate and Judo. After Roop applied his hold, the fan was able to escape it to the shock of everyone watching. The fan then demanded his money, but Angelo Poffo refused to pay it. He suspected that Roop and the fan were in cahoots the entire time. The fans that were in attendance began screaming and chanting to “Pay him! Pay him!” but Poffo still refused.

The fan wound up calling the local police and when the sheriff arrived, Poffo was given the ultimatum of either paying the money owed or be arrested on the spot. Poffo tried to negotiate a lower price to pay to the fan, but the fan refused. Roop assured Poffo that the fan legitimately broke free of his hold. Poffo, risking jail time, begrudgingly paid the fan the full amount. Bob Roop was then allegedly blackballed from the territory.

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One thought on “Wrestling With Sin: 210

  1. Go look for Bob Roop-Sugar Hold on YouTube and you can find Roop’s story and also the story from the fan himself. It’s great stuff.


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