Sunday Sermon: Favourite WWE WrestleMania Moment

Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage, Benjamin Trecroci and Padraic Toolan

With WrestleMania 35 mere weeks away, in today’s Sunday Sermon the team share their favourite moments from the event’s illustrious history. Sit back as we take a trip down WrestleMania Memory Lane.

Craig: Considering I’ve just written about it for the blog, it would be difficult not to mention WrestleMania X. Easily one of my all-time favourite Manias with two five star matches – in Owen Hart vs Bret Hart and the IC ladder match.

Other early highlights include six and seven – largely through rose tinted specs having owned both on videotape as a kid and watching them repeatedly. But I still enjoy the absurdity of that blindfold match at WrestleMania seven between Jake Roberts and Rick Martel.

Despite it not standing up well, WrestleMania four has a special place in my heart – I think it was the mystique around a double video back in the day!

What about you guys? Favourite WrestleMania matches and moments?

Jamie: Probably my first memory from watching a WrestleMania was Bret Hart wearing his all pink gear, complete with blood stains, reversing Roddy Piper’s Sleeper Hold into a pin at WrestleMania 8. I was, and stall am, a Bret Hart mark so this moment stood head and shoulders above anything else from the very first WrestleMania I can remember watching. Despite everything else on this show, including Flair vs Savage, I still count the old WrestleMania theme song and Vince McMahon’s throat bursting intro as a WrestleMania moment too.

My next WrestleMania moment after this is probably from Mania 2000 when Edge and Christian won the tag titles while sitting on a table placed on top of a couple of ladders while JR exclaimed “Edge and Christian, Edge and Christian!” Again, I was and still am a mark for both of these guys so this was a big moment in my fandom.

Brian: I have many, many good memories of past WrestleManias. My favorite memory though was going to my local high school auditorium to watch WrestleMania III on closed-circuit television. I was amazed to see just how enormous this show was. Seeing all those fans at the Pontiac Silverdome and all the fans that jammed into the high school…it was truly a major event. Naturally, everybody wanted to see Hulk Hogan versus Andre the Giant, but that match between Macho Man Randy Savage and Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat absolutely stole the show for me and many others.

No WrestleMania since was able to captivate me like WrestleMania III. Oh sure, there have been a few really good to great shows, but Mania III was the pinnacle of all of them.

Benjamin: Much like Brian alluded to, WrestleMania III will forever be my be-all and end-all favorite show. Cable didn’t come to my neighborhood yet so I had to coax my Uncle to order it as he lived in the city! Wrestling was so popular that everyone showed up, including Grandma and we all watched it as a family.

From the amazing and captivating stories of Steamboat/Savage, Adrian Adonis/Roddy Piper and of course Hogan/Andre this had everything you ever wanted.

Then the spectacle of the guys coming down on those ring carts through that sea of people was absolutely amazing. It was so cool to see the Silverdome transition from light during the day to dark by the second half of the event.
Thinking about it now, just bring me back to a simpler time when you just wanted to see WrestleMania, it WAS the payoff show and there wasn’t Twitter, etc questioning booking. So for me, WrestleMania III is my favorite memory, Then, Now, Forever.

Padraic: My all-time favorite mania matches are some of the cliché answers: Shawn vs. Bret iron man match, Hogan vs. Warrior, and Angle vs. Lesnar. The only match that ever made me actually cry was when Daniel Bryan won the championship at XXX. That title chase was the best run-up to a championship win they’ve ever done in my opinion. I was so emotionally invested in Bryan and I remember freaking out during Occupy Raw when he got the match, and the win was just perfect.

I also have to give props to the white Bronco chase with Goldust and Piper.

Jamie: It seems like the WrestleMania moments that stick with us are generally from our first WrestleManias, plus Daniel Bryan at WM30. I wonder just how that will be viewed in years to come because childhood memories aside, that WrestleMania story and moment has stuck with a lot of people. I wonder if younger fans will view Danial Bryan’s WrestleMania 30 in the same light that we view the likes of WrestleMania 3?

Benjamin: Jamie, not sure if anyone watched WrestleMania 30 during the fifth-anniversary marathon but for me, it held up very well. Seeing that tremendous Imagine Dragons “Monster” video for Daniel Bryan’s journey brought you right back, if only five years ago but still resonated for me anyways.

But I see what you mean Jamie, I can’t imagine in 20 years from now going back and randomly throwing on say WrestleMania 32 to rewatch. These recent shows are so long and outside of a few moments here and there, sadly they are mostly disposable events.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. I can probably recite the entire card of every WrestleMania up to maybe 19 or 20, maybe even 21. Thereafter they all begin to merge into one. Obviously, I do recall the big moments, like HBK vs Undertaker, but Google usually has to step in and help me with what year those moments occurred. The one exception is WrestleMania 30. To your point, what was the main event of Mania 32? Again, I’d need to Google for that one and it was only 3 years ago! 30 truly does stand the test time, like the classic Manias of old.

Brian: I agree with Benjamin that WrestleMania has become a marathon and at times almost a chore to sit through. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the WrestleMania where Brock Lesnar ended the streak of the Undertaker.

It was definitely a moment that I personally will never forget. It had become such a foregone conclusion that Taker would win every year. So when Lesnar pinned him, there was that deafening silence and who could forget all the stunned faces in the crowd?

Padraic: Score another one for XXX

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