This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 17

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest installment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 17th of 2019. Today, Brian discusses the new Bray Wyatt gimmick and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

There Goes the Neighborhood – Bray Wyatt’s New Gimmick

After nearly eight months away from WWE television, people began to wonder whatever happened to Bray Wyatt? He wasn’t hurt as far as we knew. We learned that his girlfriend (WWE ring announcer) Jo Jo was pregnant with his child. Still, there was no sight of Bray. Most fans like myself anticipated a return of the living devil himself. Perhaps the reemergence of his Wyatt Family cult.

Instead, we were teased with a buzzard puppet popping out of a box and many fans shuddered. Not so much in fear, but the very distinct possibility that Bray Wyatt was getting a new gimmick. Perhaps a cartoonish gimmick that would destroy everything we ever knew about Bray Wyatt. After a couple of weeks teasing his return, what we got was nothing what anyone really expected.

Bray Wyatt did, in fact, return with a brand new gimmick. He is now what appears to be a cross between Mr. Rogers and Steve from Blue’s Clues. A children’s show host of sorts. While some have already crapped on this new version of Bray Wyatt, I have reserved the right to see how it plays out.

I admit I am extremely intrigued by it. The Firefly Fun House looks and feels like a children’s show you would see on a network like Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. This is, however, WWE and Bray Wyatt we are talking about, however. In between the smiles and laughter that the new Bray is showing in the vignette…is something more dark and twisted. We saw Bray take a chainsaw and cut a cardboard cut out of his old self.

Maybe unnoticed by a few, red tulips were strategically placed right behind the cut out that made the sawed-off Bray look like blood was spurting out of him. This character has a lot of possibilities. An evil and demented version of a children’s show host. I may be wrong, but this is something to my knowledge has never been done before.

While some fans have put down this new incarnation of Bray Wyatt and wished that the old Bray would have returned instead…I say give it a chance. Let’s see how this gimmick develops. This version of Bray Wyatt just might be the best version yet.

We simply do not know yet how WWE will play this character. Sure, the company has had potentially great gimmicks that they ultimately ruined, but so far I like what I am seeing with this gimmick. It has the potential to take Bray to a whole new level.

Every character in wrestling needs tweaking once and a while. The Undertaker had it done, Chris Jericho and even John Cena. You need to keep characters fresh and interesting otherwise they can go stale and wither away. The new Bray Wyatt deserves a chance. I mean it could’ve been worse, he could have easily been renamed Husky Harris again.

Picture Gallery

Bart Simpson as New Japan’s ‘Rainmaker’ Kazuchika Okada

Stupid tattoos 101

Meanwhile, beauty pageants in Mexico…

Mustafa Ali…I mean just Ali has got himself his first piece of merchandise…

Alexa Bliss with her Mom.

Bayley doing her best Dean Ambrose impression.

Spoiler Alert!!! This is how Game of Thrones should end!

Anybody interested in a complete set of WWF dinnerware?

Classic Lita.

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  1. This is my favorite line of articles. Thank you for you and your teams time/effort. TWIW is so random, you never know what you’ll find here. Cheers!


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