This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 18

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest installment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 18th of 2019. Today, Brian discusses the main event picture and why not everyone can be in it and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

The Main Event Picture and Why Some just Won’t get the Starring Role

There really seems to be a trend within WWE lately and to a smaller degree with other established promotions. When a particular wrestler, either male or female don’t like the push they are getting or not getting…they start to complain on social media and in other circumstances ask to be released or quit. Now I believe that every wrestler should believe in themselves and want to be a main eventer and a world champion.

It is that desire and that passion which you can see come across in matches, in promos and on television. The thing is, not everyone can be in the main event. There does need to be a pecking order and there definitely needs to be an undercard. It seems that nobody wants to be the mid-card guy or gal, many simply believe they deserve more. Again, I applaud their desire and belief in themselves, but ultimately it hurts the product.

Lance Storm used an excellent analogy recently about this very same topic. He also believes that a mid-card wrestler is just as important to a show as a main event wrestler. Storm compared it to a Hollywood movie in that you have only one or two actors in the lead roles and everyone else is a character actor or background talent. Everybody simply can’t be the star. The co-stars are just as important as the stars themselves in the movie. It what makes it watchable.

While wrestlers want that starring role, only one or two can really be it. Right now, there seems to be a lot of discord among the WWE roster. So many want the opportunity to be the main event. We as fans do not help in this matter at all. We all demand a certain wrestler get a main event push. If they don’t get it, we as fans complain. If they do get the push, we then focus our attention on another wrestler we feel is underused and overlooked. We as fans never seem to be satisfied.

I think, in a way, that is why Vince McMahon gave Sami Zayn this new gimmick where all he does is come out and criticize and lecture fans about there issues. I believe, it is just Vince scolding the fans and using one of those wrestlers we think should be pushed harder as his muse. While some wrestlers are quitting and asking for releases because of the push they are or aren’t getting…they are offered more money and opportunities down the road.

Some have bought into it, while others have stayed the course and continue to sit out and or complain to anyone who will listen. WWE will ultimately push whomever they deem as pushable and marketable. It has always been that way and it will never change. A wrestler needs to decide if they are willing to accept what the company offers them or walk away. I personally have no issues with wrestlers wanting more opportunities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come when they want it.

Picture Gallery

With ‘Dean Ambrose’ wrapping up with the WWE and possibly the re-emergence of Jon Moxley in AEW…..

Becky Two Booze

A behind the scenes shot at Wrestlemania 2

You may have heard of the cartoon Pinky and the Brain…well this isn’t it….

A cool shot that Chris Jericho took while having a match with the Rock…

A very young Drew McIntyre

Randy Savage with his girlfriend Charlene circa 1978

I say Bret, but what do I know?

Mrs Kalisto

Bad wrestling tattoos 101

Dusty Rhodes at his son Dustin’s graduation along with his step-sister Kristin (a future Dallas Cowboy cheerleader)

Montanna Bischoff: Daughter of Eric Bischoff

Stacy Keibler

Eva Marie

Somebody calculated who the all-time longest reigning champion is of ANY promotion and it is marvelous…

Can you spot the former WWE champion in this pic? Hint: It is JBL

A pregnant Maryse still looking…AWESOME!

The heavily rumored site for Wrestlemania 37 in Los Angles, California. The stadium will be ready by that time. If it happens, it would be 30 years since the disaster that was WrestleMania 7 in L.A.

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3 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 18

  1. Of course Bret wore it better. Why do you need to ask that? Bret is a legend and shouldn’t be in the same universe as someone as useless as a Kartrashian.

    Wow, Carlton and the Funk Brothers and who is that little asshole? Didn’t he do business with Eric Bischoff that essentially turned bad?


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