This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 19

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest installment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 19th of 2019. Today, Brian discusses the power of the vignette and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

The Power in Introducing Yourself

WWE has one of, if not the most talented rosters they have ever had in their existence. Yet despite all the great in-ring talent they have amassed over the years, ratings are dropping and live attendance is down. Oh sure, a lot of it can be blamed on poor booking decisions and flat storytelling, but I think it goes a bit deeper than that.

One of the complaints about the current WWE product is that the characters are no longer “larger than life.” Not many wrestlers stick out anymore and give you a reason to want to watch them perform. Looking back at the WWE’s highest point, ‘The Attitude Era’ ….why was it so damn successful. I mean honestly, nobody can tell me that the Attitude era had a more talented line up than what we have now.

What really made that era so profitable was that the majority of wrestlers stood out and were indeed larger than life. Whether it was the Godfather, the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the New Age Outlaws or Mankind…so many stood out and shined. Nowadays, as good or great as the talent is, most have no personality or gimmick that makes them bigger stars than what they should be.

I don’t blame the wrestlers as much as I blame “creative” for not creating stars that are moneymakers. A really big part of the problem is that most wrestlers come up from NXT. As great as NXT is, when they get called up to the main roster….there is no formal introduction. While hardcore fans will recognize a particular guy or girl from their accomplishments on the independent circuit, Japan, Mexico or NXT….most casual fans won’t.

I suppose Vince McMahon just assumes that every WWE fan watches NXT and is already familiar with the characters that get called up. That is completely wrong and it has hurt WWE more than it has helped. Aside from a quick background, from say Michael Cole or Corey Graves, not much is done build up these former NXT stars.

The vignette has become a forgotten art in the company. It used to be that when a new wrestler is brought in the WWF/WWE, there would be several weeks of well-produced vignettes teasing their arrival. The vignettes were used to build anticipation for their debuts with the company. Even if you knew who the wrestler was in another organization…most times, you still couldn’t wait to finally see that wrestler in the WWF.

The vignette helped wrestlers like Goldust, Val Venis, Mr. Perfect and even for a brief time Fandango get over with the fans. There was the anticipation for their inevitable debuts. Look at how successful the repackaging of Bray Wyatt has been with the vignettes they have been airing. Fans already know what Bray can and can’t do in the ring, but his vignettes have made him the talk of WWE the last few weeks.

Granted, a well-produced vignette can only take a wrestler so far. It is also up to the wrestlers themselves to go all in with their character and or gimmick. There are times a series of vignettes just don’t help a wrestler. More times than not, however, it would do more good than just throwing a wrestler out there for a quick pop of the fans.

Picture Gallery

Can you identify the kid sitting on his father’s lap? I’ll give you a hint….the father was a plumber.

Rumored look at what Daniel Bryan and Rowan’s new Hemp Smackdown tag team titles might look like.

Stupid tattoos for 100 dollars

Stupid tattoos you say? Hold my beer!

Here’s a picture of John ‘Earthquake’ Tenta playing Tetris while his kids watch on.

Another round of who wore it better?

The Great Nuda

Party WWF style back in the day!

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs (Kane) celebrating Cinco De Mayo last week.

Triple H’s niece Neysa Ouellette is interested in a WWE career after graduating college

Becky Lynch with her Mom and brother

After having two kids, Brooke Adams looks pretty swell…

Mean Gene Okerlund taking a few puffs before a series of taped interviews…

Peyton Royce

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