Wrestling With Sin: 224

Brian Damage

This is the 224th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

All that Jazz

During the dying days of ECW back in 2000, the Sandman was scheduled for a match at an un-televised house show. Before the match even started, Sandman entered the ring in absolutely no shape to compete. From all accounts, the Sandman was completely drunk and acted inappropriately. When he came to the ring, Sandman got on the microphone and cut a garbled, incoherent promo that nobody could understand.

He then attempted to grab female wrestler Jazz and allegedly started to grope her in front of the live crowd. Jazz was apparently able to get away from Sandman’s grip and left the ring. The Sandman didn’t stop there as he began dropping his pants and exposing his penis to the fans in attendance. Tommy Dreamer who was responsible for booking this house show, ran to the ring and was able to convince Sandman to return backstage with him.

Luckily for ECW, Jazz didn’t file any charges against Sandman or the company. Paul Heyman did suspend him without pay for about three weeks.

Nose Job

Bobby Davis was a former pro wrestling manager from the 1960’s for the WWWF and several territories. He managed the likes of the Graham Brothers, Gorilla Monsoon, Curtis Iaukea and ‘Nature Boy’ Buddy Rogers. One evening, after a match, Bobby was walking back to the locker room. An enraged fan threw a metal folding chair at Davis which hit him square in the face. The fan was arrested at the armory that night.

As for Bobby Davis, the blow from the folding chair was so hard…it nearly took off his nose. According to Davis, his nose was only hanging on his face by a piece of flesh. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where his nose was firmly reattached.

The Best Laid Plans

It was reported in some Japanese news outlets that both DDT Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling (Both based in Japan) have had some sort of financial backing from a company called Bakki Visual Planning. Bakki Visual Planning has been in the business of distributing pornographic movies. If that wasn’t enough, Bakki Visual Planning was accused of filming porn movies where the subjects were allegedly drugged and then raped by the film staff.

The movies were then openly distributed. A case was brought up against the company where the CEO was found guilty and given 18 years in prison. Bakki would change names and still operate as a company who now allegedly have bankrolled professional wrestling in Japan.

Mind, Brody and Soul

In 1985, Bruiser Brody went briefly to New Japan Pro Wrestling and was met with a great deal of resentment from some of the wrestlers within that company. Brody regularly competed for All Japan which was New Japan’s biggest rival. Many did not trust Bruiser Brody including New Japan veteran Seiji Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi, who was a black belt in Judo, went into business for himself during a match against Brody.

The two would legitimately shoot on each other during the match which supposedly saw the bigger Brody get the upper hand in. After their fight, Brody no showed the finals of a tag team tournament he was involved in the next day. After Brody was murdered in Puerto Rico in 1988, Tracy Smothers claimed that Seiji Sakaguchi broke the news to the New Japan Locker room with a big smile on his face.

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3 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 224

    • You’re a real fucking idiot.listen,no one is denying that Bruiser Brody was all about Bruiser Brody,but that being said,if anyone had a problem with him,they should’ve dealt with it without having to resort to stabbing/killing him.Bruiser Brody’s business method is no excuse for his being murdered,and only morons like yourself would believe that,but that says everything about you.and the reason why fans like myself,who were huge fans of Bruiser Brody,are forever saddened by his murder,is because it was fucking unnecessary,and it took him away from his wife,his son and his fans.THAT’S why i’m fucking sad about it,jackass.


    • Nah, you’re wrong mate. You have to do something far worse than be a bit of a prick, in order to “have murder coming.” Re-examine your ideals.


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