Raw Rewind: 6 June 1994

Raw Rewind 1994

Craig Wilson

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Raw Rewind‘. Today we take in the episode of Raw from 6 June 1994. On this show, Tatanka and Crush battle to be at King of the Ring while Razor Ramon and Bam Bam Bigelow are in action.

Champion Roll Call:

WWF Champion: Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Diesel
WWF Tag Team Champions: The Headshrinkers

You can read last week’s Raw recap here.

The show begins with lumberjacks heading down to the ring. Those that get their ring entrances include Jeff Jarrett, the Bushwhackers (!), I.R.S., the 1-2-3 Kid and Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Droese. I.R.S. and Razor Ramon get into a shoving match at ringside before this one can get underway.

Match 1: Crush vs. Tatanka

Unlike last week, there’s no managers at ringside. Tatanka squares up to I.R.S. at ringside as Crush attacks from behind before the bulk of the lumberjacks enter the ring. Hopefully this’ll be a bit of a rammy! Crush pounds away on Tatanka before the Native American fights back. He’s stopped in his tracks with a big right hand then Crush throws Tatanka out of the ring and amongst some of the heel lumberjacks. Owen Hart cheap shots Tatanka, throws him back in and Crush gets a two.

Crush slams Tatanka down to the mat in the middle of the ring but misses a running knee. Tatanka is up quickly and chops away on the head of the big Hawaiian. Tatanka connects with a series of arm drags as the crowd pops for him. A dropkick sends Crush through the ropes and amongst the babyface lumberjacks, who toss him back in and Tatanka covers for a two.

When we return from a break, Tatanka has an armbar on Crush. He drops a leg on the arm before going back to the hold. Crush fights back and its his turn to apply an armbar. Vince McMahon and Randy Savage hype the supposed appearance of ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper on tonight’s ‘King’s Court’.

Savage ponders as to why Lex Luger isn’t at ringside and McMahon informs him he wasn’t one of the 20 hand-picked by WWF President Jack Tunney. Back to the action, Crush hits a backbreaker for a two. Tatanka connects with a clothesline but it only gets a two. A back elbow gets another two. Tatanka’s fight is cut short with an atomic drop, which gets Crush a nearfall.

Crush goes back to the armbar as we take a bit of a rest here. Ah wait, we see Mr. Fuji is at ringside but he’s with Yokozuna. Tatanka squares up again to I.R.S. and that, once again, allows Crush to attack from behind with blows to the kidneys and a savate kick for a two. Crush applies an armbar with a body scissors submission.

Tatanka breaks free and takes the offence to Crush. He slams him in the middle of the ring and connects with a running elbow but Crush kicks out as we head to a break. When we return, Tatanka is still laying into Crush, including a series of chops which cause Bam Bam Bigelow to wince at ringside. Crush falls and ties himself in the ropes. However, it’s short-lived and Crush is free and connects with an inverted atomic drop.

Crush tosses Tatanka out of the ring and in front of Yokozuna. At ringside, the lumberjacks start battling with Bam Bam being laid into by Mabel and Razor Ramon as the heels and babyfaces tangle on the other side of the ring. Despite the beating he received, Tatanka kicks out at two as Billy Gunn drills Bam Bam at ringside.

The two trade blows in the corner before Crush overpowers his opponent. A series of headbutts stagger Tatanka but he still mounts a comeback. Crush sets up for a suplex and follows up with a running legdrop for another two. Crush is sent out in amongst the babyface lumberjacks but lays out the Smoking Gunns and the 1-23 Kid but Lex Luger hits ringside, connects with the loaded elbow. He rolls Crush back in and just as it looks like we’ll get a double count out again, Tatanka rolls on top of Crush and claims the win.

Winner: Tatanka via pinfall

Overall: A fairly entertaining back and forth match here.

‘King of the Ring’ report with Todd Pettengill is, as ever, up next. He can now run down the entire card now that all eight King of the Ring places are filled. We see clips of Diesel and Shawn Michaels attacking Bret Hart on the ‘King’s Court’ last week and then hear from ‘The Hitman’. We learn, also, that a “family member” will be in his corner at King of the Ring. We also hear from ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper who offers to be back-up for Bret Hart. He then cuts a promo on Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, including comparing him to a jelly fish as he doesn’t have a spine.

We then get an advert for the WWF King of the Ring hotline. Whatever that is. There’s a vote line and you can hear interviews and predictions daily. Odd…

An advert airs for Raw airing next week which will see The Quebecers challenge the Headshrinkers with the winners going to King of the Ring to face Yokozuna and Crush.

Match 2: Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Luna Vachon) vs. John Paul

This should be a fairly short destruction of the jobber. We are reminded that Bigelow will face Razor Ramon in the first round at King of the Ring. Bam Bam misses a running splash and Paul takes the offence to the arm. However, it’s short-lived and Bam Bam fights back, including with a standing dropkick.

Bam Bam continues to pound away on John Paul as McMahon praises WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze. Savage does his weekly TV advert thing as we look at the action over the shoulder of Luna Vachon. Bigelow whips Paul into the ropes but puts his head down and Paul gets a two count with a sunset flip.

Bigelow knocks Paul down, hits a running splash and that’s it.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow via pinfall.

Overall: This was perfectly fine, albeit a very sudden ending.

We get an advert for the ‘WrestleMania Revenge’ world tour.

Match 3: The Smoking Gunns vs. Austin Steel and Reno Riggins

The Smoking Gunns aways get a strong reception from the fans. Bart and Riggins start this one off. Billy gets a quick tag and drives Riggins headfirst into the turnbuckle before getting a two count from a crucifix. Billy then hits a spinning neckbreaker before Bart is back in. He misses a running elbow and Steel gets the tag. He is felled with a shoulder tackle then slammed to the mat.

Bill gets the tag and hits a bulldog on Steel off the top rope. Billy slams Steel and tags in his brother, who connects with a series of falling knee drops. Another quick tag and the pair hit a suplex/dropkick double team. McMahon announces that he has heard Jack Tunney has made a decision regarding the Tatanka and Crush outcome and we’ll hear that soon.

Bart hits a big powerslam before the pair hit their Sidewinder finisher for the win.

Winner: Smoking Gunns via pinfall.

Overall: Quick win for the Smoking Gunns but little to see here. I’d almost forgotten about the two.

Todd Pettengill announces he’s spoken with WWF President Jack Tunney and next week on Raw Crush will face Tatanka again. This time, however, it’ll be a lumberjack match so that there will be a definite winner. Some of the lumberjacks will be Nikola Volkoff, Bam Bam Bigelow, I.R.S., the Bullwhackers, Mabel, Yokozuna and more.

We then get a ‘WrestleMania Revenge’ tour video hyping the upcoming dates. We then get a video showing highlights from the D-Day celebrations, including a special tug-o-war tournament featuring WWF wrestlers and serving personnel.

‘King’s Court’ time now with ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper. He hypes his match with Piper at King of the Ring and says that only a true King would have the guts to him his opponent as his guest. A nerdy looking kid comes out to Piper’s music wearing a kilt and a ‘hot Rod’ t-shirt… That said, the boy does a decent Piper impression. Despite the quality of the impression, this segment is absolutely dying and all the jokes are met with apathy from the fans in attendance. The boy masquerading as Piper asks to get out of the match and kisses Lawler’s feet before crawling out of the ring.

Match 4: Razor Ramon vs. Keith Davis

For those reading, Keith Davis’ real name is Jeffrey Hardy. Ramon hits a very early fallaway slam before slapping Davis’ face. He then applies an Abdominal Stretch as the announcers wonder which family member will be in Bret Hart’s corner at King of the Ring.

Ramon drives Davis into the corner before whipping him into the ropes and connecting with a back elbow. Ramon drives Davis gut-first into the corner then throws him to the mat. Razor picks his opponent up and places him on the top turnbuckle for his trademark belly-to-back suplex. He signals for the Razor’s Edge and that’s this done.

Winner: Razor Ramon via pinfall.

Overall: Quick squash with Keith Davis getting no offence in

We hear from Paul Bearer who dismisses the claims of Ted Dibiase that he’ll bring the Undertaker to Raw next week. ‘Countdown to the crowning’ is next week: The Quebecers challenge the Headshrinkers. Dibiase joins the announcers and he says he will unveil the Undertaker at Superstars this coming weekend.

This was undoubtedly better than most weeks. The opening match was good fun, King’s Court was entertaining – in spite of the crowd’s reaction – and things certainly appear to be moving positively towards King of the Ring.

Overall score – 3/5

In other WWF news…

Jerry Jarrett has moved back from Stamford, CT to Hendersonville, TN. While he hasn’t officially completely severed ties with the WWF, he is no longer part of the creative team. There are reports Jarrett is going to start a company that would lease jobbers to the major companies so the jobbers would work for him, and would save the companies some liability when it comes to the legal hornet’s nest that will be wide open if the Chuck Austin decision isn’t reversed.

At the TV shows taped on 5/24 in Canton, OH and 5/25 in Erie, PA (Superstars), Bruiser Mastino (younger brother of P.N. News), Vladimir Koloff and Austin Steele were all given try-outs. Getting TV squash wins were a new babyface team of Raymond Rougeau & Virgil (although they may have just been fill-ins), the return of Well Dunn from SMW, and Typhoon (Fred Ottman), who will feud with Yokozuna filling the shoes of Earthquake. A funny thing saw Jack Tunney do an interview regarding King of the Ring with all eight participants (including Tatanka) and when he announced them, he called one of them, “Double J, Jerry Jarrett” which cracked up everyone. However, they made him re-do a voice track saying the right name so the miscue won’t air.

Yokozuna & Crush worked as a tag team both nights, including a win over Smoking Gunns in a **1/2 match. Another TV match saw Owen Hart beat former tag partner Koko Ware, while Typhoon pinned Pierre and Yokozuna had a decent match with 1-2-3 Kid, squashing him and kept beating on him after the match until Typhoon made the save.

Bret Hart did an interview saying he would have a family member in his corner for his match with Diesel, which may mean either Jim Neidhart or Davey Boy Smith, both of whom WWF has shown interest in of late. Owen Hart did an interview saying he was tired of his parents harassing him. Mabel had one of the world’s worst matches with Nikolai Volkoff, ending when IRS interfered for the DQ and he and Volkoff were doubling on Mabel which brought out the other six wrestlers in the tournament for a brawl.

Because of Memorial day weekend, it was a quiet weekend on the home front with shows mainly in Germany and Switzerland. Next major house show isn’t until 6/10 in Pittsburgh.

Raw on 5/23 did a 3.0 rating for Owen Hart vs. Doink (supposed to be Quake) while All-American did a 1.7 and Mania an 0.9.

USA Network is said to be considering doing a Best of Raw all-nighter.

The guy who did the Roddy Piper act that airs this coming weekend on Raw was contacted by Titan after doing a Piper imitation when sending in a video for WWF Mania. He was paid $1,000 for the gig and worked out the act with Jerry Lawler, and they talked about bringing him to King of the Ring to work with Lawler again but that wasn’t promised.a

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