This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 24

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 24th of 2019. Today, Brian discusses Alberto Del Rio’s newest venture, his own wrestling promotion and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Going into Business for Yourself

With All Elite Wrestling and the WWE getting the majority of the wrestling headlines as of late, one story seemed to fly under the radar. That story involved the former Alberto Del Rio and Chavo Guerrero Jr. starting their own wrestling promotion in Mexico. From the apparent ashes of what is left of Lucha Underground, comes Nacion Lucha Libre. Translated, it means Nation Wrestling.

Aside from Alberto and Chavo Jr, many former Lucha Underground stars have joined this promotion including Mil Muertes, Sexy Star, the Lucha Brothers of Pentagon Jr and Fenix among several others. Nacion has also signed former TNA/Impact talent like Bram and LAX. They also signed various other talents like MVP, Dr. Wagner and Kamilla Kane (Braun Strowman’s ex-girlfriend.) According to their press conference that they held this past Wednesday, they have already secured a pretty big television deal.

Alberto and Chavo also claimed that they have been in contact with a few current WWE stars that have made commitments to join Nacion Lucha Libre once their contracts expire. While it may be true, it could simply be Alberto Del Rio hyping up the new promotion. Let’s face it, Alberto El Patron hasn’t been the most reliable performer the past few years and I can only imagine how he will be as a booker/promoter.

Alberto basically blacklisted himself from most of the major promotions in the United States and Mexico with his bad attitude. So I guess creating your own promotion only made sense for him. Despite whatever Alberto has done in the past, Nacion Lucha Libre does seem promising with the level of talent he has assembled for it. Many fans of Lucha Libre have been complaining of the booking of Mexico’s top promotions recently such as AAA and CMLL. Sound familiar?

Picture Gallery

The rumored new Smackdown logo when the show goes to FOX in October.

Two of Japan’s greats…The Great Muta and Antonio Inoki


Hulk Hogan’s wrestling license from 1981

I’m sure Triple H still holds up this sign from time to time. Especially when it regards his former NXT talent.

The 16-time world champion and some “fan” named Kendra Lust. 😉

Celeste Bonin’s aka ‘Kaitlyn’ new look.

A very cool mural in Brooklyn of some of wrestling’s greats…

Love this.

Liv Morgan and Carmella on a stripper pole….

Andre the Giant’s daughter Robin…

A rather bizarre picture of Cesaro and Britney Spears

Congratulations to Finn Balor on his apparent engagement to TV reporter Vero Rodriguez

Baron Von Raschke posing with the newly unveiled statue of Da Crusher in Milwaukee

WWE backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton

Mojo Rawley and his harem

Carmella on the beach

Here are the Nitro Girls! Please ignore the wardrobe malfunction from Chae…no really…DON’T LOOK!

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2 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 24

  1. We’ll see how long El Patron and Chavo’s new promotion works out, and for the sake of diversity, I hope it does, especially since LU is no longer a thing (which sucks donkey balls since it was soooo good) For Chavito’s sake, I hope Del Rio’s ego doesn’t get in the way of this new business venture and run Chavo off as I think could happen. I just think it’s coincidental (maybe) timing that as soon as AEW’s stock is burning up, then here comes yet another upstart promotion. Again, for the wrestlers involved sakes’ I hope everything works out. But fuck Sexy Star. Bitch should remain blacklisted for what she did.


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