Raw Rewind: 04 July 1994

Raw Rewind 1994

Craig Wilson

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Raw Rewind‘. Today we take in the episode of Raw from 04 July 1994 with Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart, Tatanka, Jeff Jarrett and the Undertaker all in action.

Champion Roll Call:

WWF Champion: Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Diesel
WWF Tag Team Champions: The Headshrinkers

You can read the Raw recap here and our King of the Ring review here.

Tonight we are promised an “Independence Day like no other” as Gorilla Monsoon welcomes us to this latest episode of Monday Night Raw. We get fireworks before Monsoon introduces to his co-host, Macho Man Randy Savage.

Match 1: Tatanka vs. Jeff Jarrett

Savage points out that we’ve yet to hear Jarrett sing “country or western”, prompting Monsoon to query if there’s a difference. Tatanka attacks to start this one off. Jarrett is Irish whipped into corner and Jarrett tries to counter by leaping over but is caught with a running powerslam for a two. It’s followed up with a hanging suplex for another two.

A drop toe hold and Jarrett has the Native American face-down on the mat. Tatanka is back onto his feet and fights out, whipping Jarrett into the ropes but is felled by a shoulder block but eventually hits an arm drag and a series of chops on the wannabe country star.

Now it’s Tatanka’s turn to apply a headlock as the announcers discuss the confusion over the Undertaker and whether or not it is The Million Dollar Man or Paul Bearer who is in control of the deadman. Savage describes the two as “two of the greatest superstars of the New Generation”, which perhaps explains the quality, or lack thereof, of these episodes of Raw.

Jarrett tries to break out of the hold but Tatanka grinds him down. Jarrett eventually breaks the hold but Tatanka slams on the breaks as Jarrett attempts a leapfrog and chops him to the head. Tatanka rushes at Jarrett but he uses his momentum to toss him to the outside. Jarrett takes the battle to the outside and Tatanka has his back driven into the apron several times.

Jarrett attempts an attack to the outside for the third time but is caught with a punch to the gut. However, Jarrett still manages to drive Tatanka into the ringpost. The bell rings and Tatanka is counted out.

However, Jarrett grabs the mic and demands that the match is restarted. When we return from a break, Tatanka is fighting out of a headlock before charging into a back elbow. Jarrett pins Tatanka but he kicks out at two.

Tatanka is back to his feet, dodges a clothesline and applies a sleeper but ‘Double J’ drives him into the corner. A clothesline connects and Jarrett gets another two. He wastes time bemoaning the count of the referee as the fans chant for Tatanka. Tatanka swings and misses and Jarrett applies a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Tatanka is fading and collapses onto the mat as Gorilla wonders if Jarrett’s “daddy” taught him the sleeper hold.

Jarrett tries to drive Tatanka face-first into the turnbuckles but he no-sells it. Time for the Tatanka comeback with a couple of knife-edge chops, which gets him a two. Jarrett charges right into Tatanka’s knee and he follows up with a DDT for another two. Jarrett rolls out of the ring to get a break but Tatanka is straight out after him.

Tatanka goes up top and hits the Tomahawk chop from the top but Jarrett gets his foot on the rope. Jarrett heads to the back but turns to find Dink standing behind him and he soaks him with a flower. Jarrett goes to hit Dink, Doink charges out and chases him back to the ring and Tatanka rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Tatanka via pinfall

Overall: Was an OK enough match but silly false finish and ending.

A video airs hyping Bret Hart defending his WWF title against the 1-2-3 Kid next week on Raw.

Time for this week’s ‘King’s Court’, this week featuring the 1-2-3 Kid ahead of his title shot next week. The Kid gets a good reaction as he heads to the ring, Lawler brands the fans imbeciles and calls the Kid a loser if he cares about what the fans think. Lawler says next week on Raw he’ll be cheering for the Kid because he hates Hart’s “stinking guts.” The Kid says he’s one of Hart’s biggest fans and describes him as one of the best wrestlers in the world. Lawler asks the Kid to win the title for him but the Kid said it would be for himself, not Lawler.

Match 2: Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart (w/ Owen Hart) vs. Gary Scott

Jim Neidhart comes out to the Hart Foundation music, which initially gets a huge pop from the fans before they see who it is. Neidhart pounds away on Scott to start this as Owen taunts him from the outside. Neidhart gets some elevation on the backbody drop. Monsoon announces that this week Niedhart will face Thurman ‘Sparky’ Plugg on WWF Challenge.

Crowd chants “We want Bret”, which infuriates both Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart. Scott attempts a crossbody but Neidhart catches him and drives him into the corner, hanging him upside down by his feet. The crowd chants “traitor” at Neidhart as Monsoon wonders if Owen will repeat what Bret did by winning the WWF title within a year of winning King of the Ring, ignoring his reign prior to said event…

Neidhart applies a reverse chinlock as Owen tells the camera that both Neidhart and himself have carried Bret Hart in the past. Neidhart drops Scott throat-first on the top rope then kicks him to the outside, where Owen taunts him. Back in the ring, Neidhart hits a running powerslam for the win.

Winner: Neidhart via pinfall.

Overall: Short and dominating win for Neidhart but nothing much to see

Match 3: Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Droese vs. ‘Iron’ Mike Sharpe

Lock up to start as Savage congratulates Monsoon for going into the WWF Hall of Fame. Sharpe is unable to slam Droese to no avail but Droese slams him with ease. Sharpe misses a punch and eats an atomic drop before Droese drops an elbow on the inside of Sharpe’s leg.

Sharpe gets the advantage after gauging The Dumpster’s eyes but Droese regains control and slams Sharpe head-first into the turnbuckle before felling him with a clothesline for a two. Droese connects with a back elbow and a lousy looking suplex but Sharpe gets his foot on the bottom rope.

‘Iron’ Mike Sharpe regains control with a chokehold and signals for a piledriver. However, it’s blocked and Droese hits a back body drop. Sharpe misses a charge, Droese slams him and hits a running elbow for the win.

Winners: Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Droese via pinfall.

Overall: Nothing much to see here, Droese is very green.

Dibiase briefly appears and promises next we’ll hear from “My Undertaker.” A ‘New Generation’ video airs featuring Bret Hart and a child saying “go get him, champ” before being handed his sunglasses.

Match 4: The Undertaker (w/ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase) vs. Mike Bell

Monsoon hypes the ‘Corporation’ that Dibiase is starting to put together. Dibiase looks delighted with his latest purchase. Monsoon reminds us that it was Dibiase who originally brought the Undertaker to the WWF before selling him to Mr Fuji who passed him to Brother Love then found himself aligned to Paul Bearer.

The Undertaker pounds away on Mike Bell before taking him down with a drop toe hold. Dibiase looks on delighted as Bell is slammed to the mat. Savage wonders where Paul Bearer is as Taker connects with a running elbow. The Undertaker comes off the top rope with a clubbing blow to Bell’s arm. The Undertaker chokes Bell on the top rope as Dibiase laughs at ringside. The Undertaker connects with a flying clothesline before hitting the Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

Winner: The Undertaker via pinfall.

Overall: Very one-sided win, typical squash.

Post-match, Paul Bearer walks down to ringside as Dibiase and the Undertaker place Mike Bell into a body bag. The Undertaker spots Paul Bearer and the urn. Dibiase tries to pull the Undertaker back by his hair but he reacts furiously.

We head to a break and when we return, Bearer is still urging the Undertaker towards him. Dibiase takes some money from his pocket and offers it to the Undertaker, who appears to reject it. Dibiase takes out more money and that works. Bearer walks to the back shaking his head.

Lawler catches up backstage with Dibiase and asks him to guest on the ‘King’s Court’ next week. Dibiase refuses to appear in front of the “pee ons” but does accept the offer to have Lawler come to him.

Pretty terrible, bar the progression of the Undertaker storyline at the end.

Overall score – 1/5

In other WWF news…

Television tapings were moved from 7/4 to 7/6 to 7/1 to 7/3, with shows in Bushkill, PA, Bethlehem, PA and Ocean City, MD respectively. The Bushkill show will be the Raw taping that includes the Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid title match which airs on the 7/11 show. That show will be the first Raw taping with Jim Ross as announcer. Ross’ first Superstars appearance should be this coming weekend. It is virtually a lock that the Undertaker-Undertaker confrontation will take place at one of the tapings that week. While they have been trying to sell Brian Lee as the original on television, on the Raw show that aired 6/27, Gorilla Monsoon erred in calling him The New Undertaker.

Superstars taping on 6/21 in Wilkes-Barre, PA mainly revolved around the angle where Ted DiBiase attempts to sign Lex Luger. Tatanka did an interview on a Heartbreak Hotel segment saying that Luger had sold out to DiBiase. Later Jerry Lawler did an interview with DiBiase saying that he had signed Luger. This appears to be building toward Luger saying it isn’t so. Ironically, after the two interviews talking about Luger selling out to DiBiase, they ended the card with a dark match where Luger and Bret Hart teamed and the fans cheered Luger anyway. Paul Bearer did an interview saying he’s been in contact lately with The Undertaker. DiBiase officially signed Bam Bam Bigelow, as was made obvious the night before at the Raw taping when DiBiase left with Bigelow and Luna after Bigelow had lost via COR to Mabel. Owen Hart worked squash matches with Jim Neidhart in his corner. Ricky Santana & El Sierra (Dave Sierra) debuted as a low-card heel tag team called The Cubans, under the management of Bill Alfonso, who is actually Sierra’s brother.

At the Challenge tapings on 6/22 in Poughkeepsie, Raymond Rougeau interviewed Virgil who talked about the years he was misused by DiBiase and built up for his feud with Nikolai Volkoff. Bret Hart was interviewed saying 1-2-3 Kid was a great wrestler and saying how Neidhart poisoned Owen. Cubans lost a TV match to jobbers Tony DiVito & P.J. Walker. Duke Droese was interviewed challenging Jerry Lawler. A newcomer called Monster Man debuted, described to me as being a big fat guy who judging from how he wrestled, must have been someone’s brother-in-law. In a dark match, Bret beat Owen in a cage when Neidhart’s interference didn’t work.

Jimmy Del Rey of the Heavenly Bodies will be out of action two to four weeks with a cracked pelvis. He injured it doing the moonsault on Ross Greenburg on the 6/20 Raw show when Greenburg was out of position. He still worked the next night but couldn’t even walk and was sent home. The Barbarian was sent to California to team with Tom Prichard at the weekend house shows.

That raw match, which included Jim Powers as Greenburg’s partner, has caused an awful lot of talk in the past week including what was written here . Officially, Titan spokesman Curt Block noted that the WWF cannot drug test extras (ie jobbers), a category Powers fall into, since they aren’t contracted performers with the company. All extras are required to sign a piece of paper saying they are steroid and illegal drug free. Titan does not have the right to deny anyone work because they have an impressive physique without evidence that would hold up that the physique is chemically enhanced.

Just to clarify rumors spreading out of control regarding Davey Boy Smith and Sid Vicious. Smith is currently on a three-month tour of England wrestling for a local promoter. He was contacted by Titan about working the September European tour, which goes head-to-head with a WCW tour with Hulk Hogan so both groups are looking for any edge and Smith is one of the two or three biggest draws in Europe. He was only contacted about working that tour, and probably will do so. Hulk Hogan reportedly also called him about working the WCW tour, but there are lingering problems over the WCW departure late last year and the burial the German television announcers gave him. The extent of Sid Vicious is simply that Kevin Nash (Diesel) phoned him telling him to call the office because they were interested in talking with him. Vicious never called the office because he supposedly isn’t interested in working there at the present time and would rather work for either All Japan or WCW. Vicious really is playing softball almost every day this summer.

Randy Savage did play-by-play on the Chicago White Sox radio and television broadcast on 6/21, heavily plugging SummerSlam, which is the first event at the new United Center, so it’s considered a guaranteed sellout.

The Western Hockey League awarded a franchise to Calgary, for a team that will play in the Saddle Dome. One of the dozen or so major investors in the new franchise is Bret Hart.

The Roddy Piper imitator from Weymouth, MA was contacted two days after doing the Raw skit and told to come to King of the Ring and not to tell anyone he was coming. They set up him in the same hotel as Roddy Piper the night before the show and the two worked out all their spots.

Add Ann Bojack, who headed both PPV and international affairs, to the list of major front office employees who have given notice.

WWF has finally gotten its syndicated shows on television in the Twin Cities market on a St. Cloud, MN station that is on the Twin Cities cable.

Except for Montreal, the weekend house shows drew poorly. The “B” team ran small California cities drawing in the low teens (between $11,000 and $14,000) except for a 6/25 show in Sacramento which drew $37,000. Diesel vs. Razor headlined, with Diesel getting DQ’d everywhere except in Sacramento, where they put the two in the cage, and Bigelow slammed the cage door on Ramon, allowing Diesel to retain the title. The “A” team worked Canada, drawing between 1,100 and 3,000 besides Montreal and Toronto (where we didn’t have a figure at press time).

Luger vs. Crush stretcher matches booked for late July.

Latest on the Chuck Austin case is that the judge is in the process of reviewing the award.

According to the wrestling column in the Miami Herald, the press secretary for Maryland Governor William Schaefer said the governor was unaware he was caught in the middle of the Hulk Hogan/WCW-WWF war, but is adamant in saying that Hogan is the Babe Ruth of wrestling.

All ‘Raw Rewind 1994’ pieces can be found here.


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  1. This witch-hunt steroids testing shit is going too far!
    How can a wrestler/jobber like Jim Powers could be too muscular?
    Wrestlers are supposed to be humongously muscular.
    Steroids testing sucks!

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