Sunday Sermon: Is the WWE women’s revolution running out of steam?

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

The change to a much more positive role for women in the WWE has been one of the most important changes the company has made in recent years. However, is the revolution running out of steam? That’s topic of today’s Sunday Sermon topic.

Craig: First up, I’ve really enjoyed the women’s revolution and it’s been long overdue. But is it running out of steam? And is Ronda Rousey being missed more than anyone really expected?

Becky Lynch has undoubtedly made herself one of the top babyfaces in the promotion but beyond her, who really is there? Lacey Evans may be many things but one thing she isn’t is ready. When not serving up stiff-looking potatoes, invariably into Becky’s face, she is looking, sadly, out of her depth.

But beyond her, who is there? When you exclude females who have spent months losing on TV, you aren’t left with much at all.

Should proponents of the women’s revolution in the WWE be stressing?

Brian: I tend to agree that right now the women’s division is a bit stagnant. As great as Becky Lynch has been, she even seems a bit stale. I think Lacey Evans has potential….but certainly wasn’t ready for the main event picture just yet. She needed a bit more seasoning whether that was still down in NXT or on the mid-card.

There is an abundance of talent that quite frankly isn’t really being used much. Ember Moon quickly comes to mind, but also the team of Asuka and Kairi Sane have been underutilized. The losses of Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey after Wrestlemania 35 certainly hurt the division.

Even Charlotte Flair has seen a reduced role in the past few months. Those three right there are top tier female talents not being used or not available to be used. While their male counterparts could afford to lose a couple of top wrestlers because of their depth, it is much different for the ladies.

Maybe a few call ups from NXT could help. Shayna Bazsler is one name that immediately comes to mind. To be honest, though, even NXT’s women’s division is a bit skimpy right now. So I don’t really know if calling up that brand’s biggest star is helping or hurting.

Craig: to keep the consensus going, I’m in full agreement, Brian. It’s just quite stale. Whilst I agree that an injection of fresh talent would help, I do think the biggest issue is the lack of star power. After Becky and Charlotte, there’s a big drop to the next tier

As I said in my initial post, we’re maybe now seeing what the likes of Ronda Rousey brought to the party. Instead of big-name talent like here, we’ve got Lacey Evans. Whilst she may go on to become a big star – she has a while to go.

Brian: Ronda Rousey was a major star for WWE, but she is out of the picture at least for the foreseeable future. Sasha Banks could help inject some life into the company. She has been away long enough for fans to want her back. I also think they may want to eliminate one of the divisions because two Women’s champions can be a bit watered down. Have one champion who defends on both brands.

Craig: I’m minded to agree – it’s the approach they’ve taken to the women’s tag team division – although least said about that, really, the better. But with such a shallow pool of talent, it would make more sense to have one champion defending across both, or indeed all, brands.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Is the WWE women’s revolution running out of steam?

  1. I think Lacey Evans is great (and very agreable to look at).
    And what about Nia Jax? Where she is? Is she injured?
    With the edgier Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff in charge, WWE could use Nia Jax for competing against men just like Impact Wrestling does with Tessa Blanchard.


  2. The Women’s Revolution was only ever going to be a fad. Sure, it grabbed some headlines for a while, but when the whole Women’s roster from top to bottom on any brand is smaller than the pool of main eventers for the men’s roster, it was always going to run out of steam pretty quickly.

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