Sunday Sermon: Are you excited by WWE SummerSlam 2019?

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage and Padraic Toolan

We’re just several weeks away from the 2019 instalment of SummerSlam and in today’s Sunday Sermon, the team discuss the card for the show and their feelings about it.

Craig: So, SummerSlam is starting to take shape with several matches already confirmed for the show, which will air on Sunday 11 August. So far we have:

* WWE Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins
* WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton
* RAW Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya
* SmackDown Live Women’s Championship Match: Bayley vs. Ember Moon
* Kevin Owens’ Career On The Line: Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon
* Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

But does that do anything for you? When it comes to Orton, Natalya and Moon, those are just three very meh options for the title. Nothing against the trio, particularly Moon, but they’ve done very little of note recently and now we’re meant to regard them as plausible challengers. It really is remarkable that despite the amount of TV the WWE has, so many of its performers find themselves under-utilised.

Anyone else?

Brian: While there is a really great backstory to the Kofi vs Orton match, Orton has been down this road countless times. There is nothing new that we haven’t seen from him. As for Becky Lynch versus Natalya, to me Nattie is very vanilla and plain. Her match as of now doesn’t excite me at all.

Craig brings up an excellent point about Ember Moon. She has been injured and not used much since her return. Moon is talented in the ring, but her absence has hurt her credibility. I could also do without yet another Shane McMahon match.

Okay, I get it, Shane does a couple of high spots and that’s about it. Kevin Owens could be elevated in this match as a top babyface. It doesn’t get me excited even though KO’s career is on the line. With all that said though, the WWE has been on a roll putting on solid pay per views lately. So who knows?

Padraic: The Raw reunion show was extremely entertaining but poorly-timed, and I’m pretty sure the seemingly random placement of it on the calendar means it was a three-hour advertisement for Austin’s new reality show. Yes it was great, but that was one full show that was not devoted to a SummerSlam build.

The building they HAVE done has been terrific in my view. However, I just don’t think WWE has given the fans enough time to care about the feuds. Kofi: “Hey Randy, remember when I beat you 10 years ago and you held me down? LOOK AT ME NOW!” I need more to make me feel invested.

The best build in my view has been KO’s face push again opposite Shane. It’s not cheap heat, but smart and easy eat, when they play into the dirt sheet and internet rumors and criticism. Owens might be the hottest face in the company right now, but I feel like they missed a huge opportunity for a stunner party with him and Austin on Shane and Vince at Raw Reunion.

As I am the eternal WWE optimist, I am excited for summerslam (though not as excited as last year when I got to be there), but i wish I was more excited for individual matches and wrestlers than for SummerSlam as a whole.

Craig: I agree, the fact that a Raw was essentially wasted when it comes to build-up to a PPV does seem a waste, as well as a missed opportunity.

I also agree with Brian’s analysis. I could also easily do without another Shane McMahon match. Easily do without his over bumping and definitely think that a better opponent, and a less lazy feud, could be found for Kevin Owens.

Orton does nothing for me as a performer, never has, as I find him quite generic. As a result, despite my enthusiasm for Kofi Kingston, this programme is all a bit meh for me…

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Are you excited by WWE SummerSlam 2019?

  1. I’m excited about SummerSlam just as I’m excited about every WWE PPV. Since I really enjoy a wrestling show on WWE Sunday night.
    Maybe Rhonda Rousey will make a brief comeback to help her friend Natalya wins the Womens Championship against Becky Lynch. Then Rhonda Rousey would solidify her heel persona for when she will come back for good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah right, like Impact-land can do any better.

      Besides, I’ve got low expectations for SummerSlam 2019, because I just wanna gosh-darn enjoy it.

      We should do it for all the boy stables in the wrestling community.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know you don’t watch Impact and ROH, I’m just saying that I’m going into SummerSlam 2019 with low expectations, and for the greatness of ALL the boy stables in the wrestling community, plus the quest to get “Rubbish” Ronnie Garbage into the WWE HOF.


  2. I guess it’s sad that Kofi will NEVER be a world champion, Ember Moon never reach the main roster “brass ring”, Kevin Owens might defect to the land of Tony Khan, Finn Balor got retooled, Bray Wyatt got released even tho he was The Fiend and Sunday Sermon might rise as a phoenix but forgotten.


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