Whatever Happened to PN News?

Brian Damage

He wrestled for both WCW and ECW, but made his career wrestling all over Europe. It was there, that he became a superstar and a legend. Today on the blog, we ask ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Paul ‘PN News’ Neu.

Paul Neu was trained under Olympic amateur wrestler and professional wrestler Brad Rheingans. Neu made his pro debut in 1987 under the name ‘The Avalanche.’ After wrestling in a couple of territories including Portland, Oregon…Neu got his first taste of wrestling overseas. He wrestled for the Catch Wrestling Association based in Austria. Otto Wanz gave him the name of ‘Cannonball Grizzly.’

Cannonball Grizzly would feud with Otto Wanz who was that company’s owner, booker and top star. Neu would win several European titles during his four year stint in Europe. His biggest break in the United States came when he was offered a contract by World Championship Wrestling in 1991. He took on the gimmick of a rapper and was named P.N. News. News was known for coming to the ring rapping chanting, “Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo!”

PN News would feud with the likes of Tommy Rich, Johnny B. Badd and ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin while competing for WCW. His biggest match was challenging Austin for the WCW world television title in a losing effort. News was in line for a big push from the company, but wrestlers like Dan Spivey and One Man Gang allegedly refused to job to him. News would accidentally injure another wrestler (The Angel of Death) during a botched spot in a match.

PN News’ downfall with WCW really came when he was accused of stealing money from the locker room. Neu denied the accusations, but was ultimately let go from the company. After his release, Neu would return to Europe under his Cannonball Grizzly name. He would often team with his real life cousin ‘Bruiser Mastino’ aka Mantaur in the WWF. Neu would continue to wrestle all over the world in approximately 50 different countries.

In 1999, Neu returned for another opportunity to wrestle in the States. This time for Extreme Championship Wrestling as a heel. He would join the faction known as ‘Da Baldies’ along with Tony DeVito, Spanish Angel and Vito LoGrasso. His stay with ECW was brief as he only wrestled there for a couple of months before losing a ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match to Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten.

Neu would once again return to Europe and wrestle for various promotions in that region. He would win a few more titles and feud with legendary grappler Fit Finlay. Paul Neu would wrestle actively until 2016 when he retired. In 2017, Neu was inducted into the European Wrestling Promotion Hall Of Fame. So whatever happened to Paul ‘PN News’ Neu?

Paul Neu is now a heavy duty truck driver that is based in Nebraska. He has been married twice and has an adult daughter.

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