Whatever Happened to Tyler Reks?

He stood 6ft 5in tall and weighed 245 pounds of pure muscle. He was signed by the WWE and had an up and down career for over four years before retiring. Today on the blog, we ask…’Whatever Happened to’ Tyler Reks?

Gabe Tuft started his training in 2007 and was a part of Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) based in California and run by Rick Bassman. Bassman was also responsible for helping train and launch the careers of stars like the Ultimate Warrior and Sting. Gabe’s first wrestling name was ‘Taj Milano’ and he remained with UPW for close to a year before signing a developmental contract with the WWE in 2008.

Gabe was given the name ‘Tyler Reks’ or ‘T-Reks’ like the dinosaur for short and assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling. Reks career really started to take off as he won the FCW tag team titles with both Johnny “Fandango” Curtis and Joe “Curtis Axel” Hennig. The biggest achievement he accomplished was winning the FCW heavyweight title by beating Drew McIntyre. After losing the title after a brief two month reign, Reks was called up to the main roster in 2009.

Reks joined the WWE’s version of ECW as a part of the ‘new Superstar initiative.’ He had a few matches against the Paul ‘The Ripper’ Burchill. Reks would eventually be sent back to FCE for a brief period of time.

After ECW was shut down, Reks was reassigned to the Smackdown brand. He had several low to mid card matches including a feud with Chris Masters. Tyler Reks would find heat backstage with John Cena over the use of Reks’ finishing move…’The Burning Hammer.’ Cena felt that the move was way too similar to his finishing move ‘The Attitude Adjustment.’ Reks and Cena did not get along at all and it perhaps…sidelined Reks’ push.

Tyler Reks would spend time meandering on the low part of the card, until he began teaming with Curt Hawkins. Together, ‘The Rekking Crew’ found some success and were starting to get a push working with the heel GM John Laurinaitis. WWE creative began tweaking their gimmick to a team that were also male strippers. In the midst of this recent push in 2012, Rekks made the decision to ask for his release from WWE. Tyler Reks cited that he wanted to spend more time at home with his family as the reason to quit the company.

So the question remains, whatever happened to Tyler Reks? After retirement Reks began his own marketing company. He has since branched out to creating his own fitness website called Body Spartans. https://bodyspartan.com/

He is married and has one daughter and resides in California.

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