This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 34

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 34th of 2019. Today Brian discusses the NXT move to the USA Network and the potential Wednesday Night War with AEW and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.


The NXT Chapter

This past Monday, it was announced that WWE’s developmental brand NXT, will be moving to the USA network starting on September 18th. The show would still remain primarily at the Full Sail University complex in Florida. The great announcer Mauro Ranallo will also remain as the voice of NXT. The big changes as far as we can tell, is the show would be done live instead of taped as it has been and it would now be two hours in length.

It is also being reported, although not 100% confirmed, Vince McMahon will have a more hands on approach to running NXT. While I am a fan of NXT and it certainly has morphed into more than just a developmental league…the last piece of news is a bit disconcerting. Okay, I get it, Vince McMahon created a global sports entertainment empire from a regional territory. As much of a success McMahon has been in creating stars and changing the way people watch pro wrestling…things have changed over the years.

The WWE hasn’t exactly been a red hot commodity in the last few months, maybe even longer than that. If McMahon puts his fingerprints on NXT, just how drastically will the brand change? I get it, WWE is trying to compete with All Elite Wrestling and it appears that there will now be a Wednesday Night War between the two groups. McMahon, I am sure, wants to crush the competition…but at what cost? Triple H is the one who built that brand from the small promotion that was once Florida Championship Wrestling and morphed it into the sensation that is NXT.

NXT is Triple H’s baby and I fear that McMahon will try and make the brand more “Sports Entertainment” than por wrestling which is NXT’s foundation. This is all speculation at this point and maybe, just maybe Vince will allow Triple H to run the show the way he sees fit. Then again, if history has taught us anything….that never lasts for long. McMahon is a controller, someone who likes to take the reigns and take charge. Hopefully, his son in law can keep Vince far enough way to do his job successfully.

With all that said, McMahon is no fool either. He didn’t get to where is by making a ton of bad business decisions. If anything, I think Vince will be more like a business consultant to Triple H and NXT. Advise his son in law on what might work and what might not on a big network like USA. This is certainly an exciting time for all involved.

On the flip side of all of this…is of course AEW. In just a few short months, AEW created a buzz and have sold out arenas. They too have a prime spot on cable television and also have an impressive array of talent to showcase. It’ll be interesting to see how AEW responds to when NXT does something and vice versa. If nothing else, this should be an interesting war between two pro wrestling promotions. This can be nothing but a great thing for the business as a whole.

Picture Gallery

Introducing Diamond Dallas Page’s first grandchild….a baby girl named Oakley.

Speaking of new grandparents…So is Jillian Hall! Her new granddaughter Rasabelle.

The Road Warriors face paint transformations.

Glenn Jacobs new gimmick….

A luchador food truck.

Someone decided to get a Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart back tattoo.

Stephanie McMahon with the “Big Dog” and a game of Candyland.

The Boss is back…with blonde highlights.

Verne Gagne playing baseball in his wrestling boots and tights.

The Beast and the Queen

A new look for Rusev…clean shaven!

Brandi Rhodes

Kelly Kelly

WWE hostess Cathy Kelley

Hulk Hogan has an energy drink and it is extremely rare….apparently.

Speaking of Hulk Hogan and rare…so is the Hogan New Japan action figure.

Mike Rotunda and his family way back when.

A bad ass Fiend drawing.

Too good not to post…

Sarah Logan showing off her weight loss…

Charly Caruso…no words for this picture.

That look Paige gives when she asks you to watch the WWE Network and chill.

A nice painting of the Macho King

Congratulations to the Rock on getting married this past week.

Video Gallery

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the ultimate power couple. They should be considering they have been married for the last 16 years. Despite the couple’s longevity, every once and a while they too can get on each other’s nerves. Today, I present to you one full minute of Steph getting on Triple H’s nerves.


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