Wrestling With Sin: 242

Brian Damage

This is the 242nd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Rush to Judgement

WWE wrestler/manager Lio Rush had a very tough upbringing. He was raised in an abusive home and often had to have physical confrontations with his own father. Rush was kicked out of his home at 17 years old. He saw several of his friends shot and killed on the streets of Maryland. While training to become a pro wrestler, Lio battled depression and admittedly attempted suicide.

Rush doesn’t remember much about the incident, only that he woke up in a hospital bed with his mother in tears. Rush was eventually admitted into a psychiatric ward to try and help him get his mind straight. In 2017, Lio signed a WWE developmental deal at the age of 22. While training at the WWE Performance Center and competing for NXT, Rush jokingly tweeted about Emma receiving her WWE release.

The tweet set off a firestorm of responses from current and former WWE stars, as well as fans criticizing his comment. WWE management punished him by taking him off all NXT events for a month. While serving his punishment, Rush admitted that all the negative backlash became too much for him and he once again had thoughts of suicide. He decided to try and reach out to Emma to apologize, but never got a response back. Luckily, Paige helped him cope with his depression by offering advice and guidance following her own troubles with social media.

Land of the Rising Hand

Former 5 time IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion Koji Kanemoto was arrested on assault charges in early 2019. The arrest stems from a physical altercation Kanemoto had with his wife. According to reports, Kanemoto’s wife became suspicious that the wrestler was having an affair. The wife took Koji’s cell phone to check if he was talking with any other women. Koji allegedly slapped the phone out of her hand and then slapped her in her head.

She contacted police and Kanemoto was arrested at their home. Koji then released a statement in which he said, “I am certain that I had violence against my wife. I was suspected of cheating because she went through my cell phone without permission. It was a flat handed and one shot hit.”

No Fox Given

Alicia Fox has been the longest tenured female wrestler on WWE’s roster. She was also the first African American Divas Champion. In all her years with WWE, Fox has had her share of troubles and controversy. She had dated former star Wade Barrett for a couple of years before Barrett broke it off. Rumors had it, that Wade just couldn’t stand Alicia’s heavy partying lifestyle and decided to call it quits.

In 2015, Alicia and Paige were drinking at a restaurant when a group of fans wanted to get autographs and take some pictures of the two wrestlers. Somehow, a physical altercation took place between the drunk wrestlers and fans where glasses were being thrown at one another. Alicia and Paige were subsequently thrown out of the restaurant.

The biggest incident, however, took place at a house show where Alicia reportedly showed up slightly intoxicated. Her road agent… Arn Anderson allegedly knew she was drunk and allowed her to compete that night. The WWE did fire Arn Anderson not long after this incident. The WWE then requested that Alicia check herself into rehab and she apparently refused. Instead, it was rumored that she went AWOL for a few days.

Rumors have it that Alicia did in fact go to rehab for a brief stint after WWE threatened to terminate her. Regardless if all that is true, Alicia has acknowledged that alcoholism does run in her family. She admitted that her mother battled the disease for a number of years when Alicia was younger. Here’s hoping that Alicia Fox can stay and the straight and narrow from now on.

Stand Pat

Pat O’Hara was a wrestler turned wrestling promoter who mainly worked out of the Florida territory. In 1964, O’Hara and his wife Elizabeth were sued by various wrestlers and other bookers who worked for him. They accused the O’Haras of mismanaging funds and embezzlement of money. The lawsuit demanded Pat and Elizabeth pay $250,000 in damages. By today’s standards that is roughly 1.6 million dollars.

The initial lawsuit was thrown out of court, but the lawsuit was refiled a year later in 1965. No word of how that suit ended up.

15 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 242

    • Exactly. Arn Anderson being fired for her screw-ups was dead wrong. What was he supposed to do? Plus, Fox needs to take up more responsibility for her actions and if she gets caught drunk again. I’d say WWE should just fire her and don’t even hire her back. If she can’t get her shit together and not come to terms that she’s an alcoholic then she should just go.

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      • What was Arn supposed to do? How about tell management about it or at least not let her wrestle drunk, what if an accident happened during the match because of it?

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      • Pretty sure an old man like Arn who came up in the eras he did would be able to tell when someone is drunk or not. She shouldn’t have been drunk (it is a disease, which doesn’t excuse it, but still) but Arn deserves blame for letting her wrestle. Why call her that word?

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      • I call it like it is. Plus, she is known for having problems and they had given her opportunity after opportunity to shape up and even get a decent push and she’s blown it every time. I’d cut that bitch loose and tell her to fuck off. If you can’t handle anything offensive, then go fucking kill yourself.

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      • Wow, so ninvoid99 is not only an apparent misogynist, he also tells people to go kill themselves when he gets called out on his ugly comments. The folks who run this site shouldn’t allow this kind of 8chan-style vitriol to go unchecked.


      • I’m a misogynist? OK, this is the 2nd time I heard this. How can I be a misogynist based on this list of films that I own as there’s a fair percentage of them created by women?

        You fucking cunt, you should go fucking kill yourself too. I have 0 tolerance for this PC bullshit right now. Everyone who bitches and complains about “oh you said this and you said that” are no different from the people who are part of the KKK and the Nazis/Fascists of the 1930s which is the likes of you.


      • Is “I own DVDs created by women” the new “some of my best friends are black”? You can own a Sofia Coppola movie and still be a misogynist jerk, just so you know.

        As for the rest of your oh-so-edgy tripe, save it for your mass shooting manifesto.


      • You’re a whiny little moron that still cries to mommy whenever someone calls you names. That is why you’re going to get your ass kicked many times like the rest of the you loser-ass millennials little boy. You’re going to lose against an old fart such as myself. So fuck off and go listen to your Taylor Swift with the rest of the little faggots. Bye-bye.


      • I’d give a weeks paycheck to find out if this guy is as tough speaking in face as he is in comment section of internet articles.


  1. The response to this is slightly more interesting than the post itself. I know I’m late to the party but I’ve just realized I have been a mark for Ninvoid99 and now that the curtain is pulled back I see that the emperor is just a guy walking down the street with no clothes on. ANYWAY! Foxy should get the same treatment as the guys who have shown up with their issues, problems, and diseases.


  2. Lots of guys and gals have been drunk in the past, but “they kept it to themselves” and didn’t broadcast it to everyone and go on TV and broadcast it for everyone to see and hear, like this idiot woman did. People back in the day, kept it to themselves and if I were the WWE I would immediately put out a new Claus in their hr book that has people found with alcohol infractions, unable to work for them, until they finish treatment for their disease and that would take care of everything.


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