Whatever Happened to Aksana?

Brian Damage

She was a top notch female bodybuilder, who was discovered by the WWE during a fitness competition. She worked alongside the likes of Goldust, Cesaro and others. Today on the blog we ask…’Whatever Happened’ to Aksana?

Zivile Raudoniene was a Lithuanian born bodybuilder and fitness model who started out her fitness career at 16 years old. She won two silver and one bronze medal in the Bodybuilding Amateur World Championships. After competing at Arnold Schwartzenegger’s bodybuilding competition, she was discovered by the WWE and signed to a developmental contract in 2009. She was trained in Florida by Steve Keirn and started wrestling for his Florida Championship Wrestling Promotion (FCW)

In FCW, Zivile was originally given the ring name of ‘Olga.’ It was later changed to Aksana. She would go on to win the FCW Divas Championship on one occasion and also become a one time ‘Queen of FCW.’ Aksana also had her own talk show segment called ‘The Aksana Show.’

About a year later, under the name Aksana, she competed on the WWE’s reality competition show known as NXT. She would work a program with Goldust and become his valet/girlfriend. She eventually made her way up to the main roster and had a storyline with Teddy Long. WWE producer Kevin Dunne said that Aksana was his all time favorite diva and she would go on to introduce Cesaro as her boyfriend and become his valet.

She formed a team with Alicia Fox and were known as “Foxana.” Aksana was also the diva who legitimately injured Naomi by accidentally stiffing her with a knee to her face. By 2014, several WWE talents were released including Aksana. So that begs the question, Whatever happened to Aksana?

After her release from the WWE, she went to go work for a chain of health clubs in Florida called YouFit. She worked there as a director of trainers for about two years. She has since started her own business as a personal trainer and currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

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