This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 40

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 40th of 2019. Today Brian discusses perhaps one of the the biggest weeks in the history of pro wrestling. He also shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

What A Week In Wrestling It Was

Ever since the end of the Monday Night Wars and the fall of both ECW and WCW…many wrestling fans have been clamoring for an alternative to the mighty WWE. This week, we got just that and then some. Never before (at least to my recollection) has there been so much pro wrestling on during one week’s time. You wanted variety, now you’ve got it.

WWE Raw, Impact Wrestling, AEW, NXT, Smackdown on FOX, New Japan, MLW and WOW all aired or are going to air this week. Not to mention Ring of Honor which airs on a variety of different outlets and 205 Live on the WWE Network. It will all be capped off with WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay per view on Sunday. What a time it is to be a fan of the business!

This past Wednesday, kicked off the debut of AEW’s Dynamite program going head to head with WWE’s NXT show. Seeing social media going crazy with posts from both shows and people actually watching one show on their TV and the other on their smart phone. It harkened me back to the days of the Monday Night Wars in the mid to late 1990’s. Back then, you had to choose which show to watch live and which show to record on your VCR.

It is very true what they say, professional wrestling always was and always will be cyclical. One year it is red hot and the next it seems like the business is dying and then all of a sudden….it gets hot again. As a fan, I’m loving all the content currently available to us. Of course, you are going to have fans who will be loyal to just one brand and bad mouth the other…but overall just enjoy what we have been graced with this past week and for the weeks and months moving forward.

Power of Positivity

On the heels of all the great wrestling currently being produced…I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the National Wrestling Alliance. A brand that has been considered dead and buried for several years, the NWA is making a comeback of their own. Big kudos have to go out to Smashing Pumpkins front man and die hard wrestling fan Billy Corgan for this latest attempt to revitalize a once powerful and proud wrestling organization.

Corgan has made a few attempts to get involved in the pro wrestling business. He helped create the independent promotion Resistance Pro Wrestling, he also attempted to purchase a piece, if not all of Extreme Championship Wrestling and also invested in TNA for a spell. When Corgan purchased the NWA, many people scoffed at the idea feeling it was all but dead and buried. Now, here he is ready to launch his vision of the NWA to fans all over the world.

Billy Corgan is going “old school” by having a studio show and recreating all the classic visuals of the old NWA studio shows of yesteryear. The show, entitled ‘Power’ will air on various platforms like Facebook Live and Youtube on October 8th 2019 at the great time of 6:05pm. He’s also bringing in some former legends of the NWA to help contribute to the program such as Jim Cornette and the Rock N Roll Express.

The idea, while a throwback, is something new and fresh. Let WWE and AEW have all the extravagant set designs and pyro they want…the NWA is going old school and I for one am very excited to see this show when it debuts next week. Here’s hoping that Corgan and the new NWA can carve out its own little niche in this wrestling jungle. I think it can.

Picture Gallery

Hulk Hogan in Japan

That ship looks an awful like the Hulkster brother….

The evolution of New Japan’s Ace Hiroshi Tanahashi

A very cool drawing of Andre the Giant

Nia Jax

The Rock’s new movie project. (Not real, but I’d go see it)

A bad ass drawing of Shawn Michaels retiring Ric Flair…

AJ Lee as a zombie tattoo

Oh no!

Trish Stratus taking in the rays…

Carmella revealing her tan line…

Tessa Blanchard

Heyman Hustle

Impact Wrestling’s Tenille Dashwood

The Queen Charlotte Flair

Congratulations to Rusev, who is now officially an American citizen!

American Dad is All Elite

Video Gallery

The late, great ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and some classic outtakes from his interviews.

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