The Five Count: Overrated Tag Teams

Tom Casola

Tom: Nothing is more disappointing when a federation has a great single wrestler and teams them up with another great single wrestler, and instead of getting that “explosion of greatness” you are left pondering “why”. That is my feelings towards these teams. For the most part, each individual are standouts and had successful single careers. However when put in a tag-team, they become lack luster.

So here are my 5 (in no particular order)

D-Generation X – I must ask, D-Generation Y (Why)? Nothing more then catchphrase after catchphrase, and school bully antics. While Shawn Michaels is considered one of the best and hardest workers out there, he did nothing spectacular or innovated. Triple H got his shine from being in this group, otherwise he is just another worker.

The Outsiders – OK I get it, you are … but you really are not … Diesel and Razor Ramon. You were in the WWF, but now you are not. … You don’t need anyone else, but you do. … They were a team of individual persona moves. No big “double team” finishing maneuvers

Doom – masked or not, nothing memorable happened as a tag-team. Sure they were big, powerful and had that tag-team philosophy, but beyond that it was a yawn. Women and Teddy Long did nothing to add to this. I think the name says it all

New Age Outlaws – see D-Generation X. Not only in regards to my comment, but because they were the B version of D-Generation X.

Harlem Heat – while the name is supposed to invoke NY street thugs, the moment these two spoke it was clear they were from “down south”. At the time they wrestled., where so many teams which were muscular and powerful. There was nothing they two did together that set them apart from other teams – except doo-rags.

What are your choices for overrated tag teams? Leave them below in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “The Five Count: Overrated Tag Teams

  1. Overrated tag teams…

    1. the Outsiders (I love Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had his moments as I liked the chemistry they had but as a tag team, they never offered very much in that department)
    2. Scott Steiner/Buff Bagwell (two guys that had some talent early on but steroids (on the former) and a career-threatening injury (the latter) had them not do much as they were just annoying)
    3. the Head Bangers (they had a cool look but lacked anything memorable in terms of move sets)
    4. Rhythm & Blues (lame as fuck as it was obvious Greg Valentine didn’t enjoy while Honky Tonk Man was trying to get more attention)
    5. Big Show/Undertaker (two big guys that are great in their own right but as a tag team, they were boring).


      • Agreed. Whoever thought he would be a big-time main-eventer singles wrestler must’ve been on fucking crack. He was decent in the ring before he was Buff Bagwell but after that injury he had from Rick Steiner. He wasn’t the same wrestler and became even worse to watch in the ring. “I’m buff, I’m the stuff, and the girls can’t get enough”. Right…


  2. Thank you for validating my thoughts on Michaels & Helmsley! Sherry Martle, just standing near the Heat, makes them a valid team! Im a huge mark for Sherry, she could dazzle, rassle, or just seduce!

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  3. 1. Harlem Heat. They basically got the belts so often because there was no other proper Tag Team left after the exodus of 1995/96. Two absolutely mediocre wrestlers, who had nothing to offer. I had this discussion on a Youtube channel these days and asked the HH-Fanboys a simple question: Name me one great match they had. It remains unanswered.

    2. Hardy Boys. I mean, really, outside of doing Cirque De Soleil shit, what did they have to offer? No ring psychology, little selling outside of “That actually that did hurt for real” and little skills, outside of flying off ladders. Both are junkies on top.

    3. Heavenly Bodies, 90’s version. Bland as hell. Doesn’t matter if it was Prichard & Lane or Prichard & Del Rey (though he was even worse). 8 SMW Championships? Give me a break, they were just midcarders and not much else

    4. Too Cool. They dance. That’s all they had to offer. Complete shit and yet, were over.

    5. The Perfect Event. One guy doing a bad Mr. Perfect Cosplay and the other is just there. Two below mediocre guys. That they won the belt 3 times in one year perfectly sums up the state of WCW in the year 2000


    • Name one great match that Harlem Heat had? Here’s 2 – vs. the Nasty Boys at Fall Brawl ’96 and vs. the Outsiders at Halloween Havoc ’96.


  4. Harlem Heat and New Age Outlaws are the only legit teams here, the rest are either part of a bigger group or just two guys thrown together (both of which fit the Outlaws actually, but they made it work and lasted long enough to become legit, if not great).

    So on that criteria, and these are off the top of my head:
    Most overrated legit teams:
    Headbangers, Smoking Gunns, Nasty Boys, The Harris Brothers (DOA and whatever other names they’ve had), The Bushwhackers.

    Most overrated thrown together teams:
    Anything involving Lex Luger, Power & Glory, Outsiders, American Males, Can-Am Connection.


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