FACT Check: All The Pro Wrestling Facts, Stats, Trivia and Tidbits in One Convenient Post.

Brian Damage

Here we are with the latest round of pro wrestling facts, stats, trivia and tidbits. Some of these facts may be common knowledge to some of you, while to others it is all new and fresh. either way, enjoy as we look at some facts about the business we all love or love to hate. So let’s get this party started and let’s learn….

Curt Hennig is the man responsible for giving Shawn Michaels the nickname of the ‘Heartbreak Kid.’ He got the idea after listening to a country song entitled ‘Shot full of Love.’ Hennig is also the first person to use the nickname ‘Triple H’ when referring to Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Seth Rollins is the only wrestler to win the FCW heavyweight, NXT heavyweight, WWE Heavyweight and WWE Universal championships. All top titles on both the main roster and developmental.

During his big run with WWE, ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga pinned Ric Flair, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Kane.

Before he was known as ‘Big Poppa Pump,’ Scott Steiner was briefly nicknamed ‘White Thunder.’ It was changed by WCW after fears of being deemed racist.

Only Eddie Guerrero, Goldberg and Lance Storm have positive winning records over Brock Lesnar during his wrestling career.

The character of Eugene in WWE was based on a real life person. An autistic man from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was a big wrestling fan who knew statistics about every wrestler. Vince McMahon met him once after a show and came up with the gimmick.

Sean ‘Val Venis’ Morley was the youngest and first non Mexican wrestler to ever win the CMLL heavyweight title.

All Elite Wrestling’s Britt Baker is not only a pro wrestler, she is also a practicing dentist in Florida.

Primo Colon is currently one of the most tenured active wrestlers (even though he hasn’t been seen in a long time) on the WWE’s roster at 11 years.

Years before it became the WWF Restaurant, the building was known as the Paramount Theater and Thomas Edison was a guest for its grand opening. Benny Goodman, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra all performed there. It is now currently a Hard Rock Cafe.

Cody Rhodes first ever match was a loss against current WWE road agent and producer Pat Buck.

Eric Embry was not only the head booker of World Class Wrestling in 1989, he was also one of the promotions top stars. During that time, Embry actually lived inside the Dallas Sportatorium.

The Fabulous Freebird versus Von Erich feud started on December 25th, 1982. The last official match between the two sides happened in April of 1993.

WCW’s Blitzkrieg won The Wrestling Observer’s Rookie of the Year award for 1999 and retired that same year.

Rey Mysterio was already a six year veteran by the time he debuted for ECW in 1995. He was still not of legal age to drink alcohol at the time of his ECW debut.

Tamina translated from Samoan to English means ‘Gift of God.’

Teddy Hart was the youngest ever developmental signee with WWE at the age of 18 in 1998.

The National Wrestling Alliance has been affiliated with WCW, WWE, ECW, TNA, Ring of Honor, USWA and Smoky Mountain in some capacity throughout the years.

3 thoughts on “FACT Check: All The Pro Wrestling Facts, Stats, Trivia and Tidbits in One Convenient Post.

  1. That Von Erich-Freebirds feud was ridiculously epic. They sure don’t make them like that anymore! Legitimately surprised that Lance Storm of all people has a winning record against Brock…must have been house show(s) or dark match(es).

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  2. Tamina’s name translates to “Gift of God”? God’s got a very good sense of humour, because Tamina is so clunky in the ring.


  3. A few more tidbits. WCW had to remove/reshape the Superman S symbol that Steiner wore for awhile, as they didn’t want Superman to be associated with a villain. Jack Evans bought the Blitzkrieg gimmick and was going to make appearances as the character. He did one, a match with Super Dragon , and nearly killed himself on a botched move. He never used Blitzkrieg again if memory serves.


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