Whatever Happened to Chastity?

Brian Damage

She was a valet/wrestler who appeared in ECW, WCW and XPW. She has worked with the likes of Raven, Sandman and Justin Credible. Today on the blog, we ask ‘Whatever Happened To’ Chastity?

Her wrestling career got started after an ex boyfriend suggested that she give it a try after attending an independent wrestling show. She always wanted to get into the entertainment field and act or sing and loved the challenge. She was introduced to the local promoter/wrestler named Dan McDevitt and began her training. When she debuted as a wrestler/valet…her first ring name was Brittany Bosoms.

It was while wrestling at the local Indy shows that she met Scott ‘Raven’ Levy and the two became friends. In 1998, it was Raven’s recommendation that got her into Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). At first, ECW owner Paul Heyman wasn’t too sure she was ECW material, but Raven convinced Heyman to give her a shot. She was given the name ‘Chastity’ and was introduced as a Blue World Order super fan.

Chastity eventually became the BWO’s manager and ultimately turned heel and joined Raven’s Nest faction. Chastity would have several cat fights with the likes of Beulah McGillicutty and Jazz. When Raven jumped ship to WCW, Chastity was paired Justin Credible. She remained with Credible until he turned on her and hit her with his Singapore cane.

Chastity left ECW to join WCW after Raven asked her to join him. She readily admitted that leaving ECW was very difficult for her because Paul Heyman gave her a chance…but WCW was offering bigger money and a brighter spotlight and decided to leave. When she arrived in WCW, she was booked as the sister of Raven during his repackaging. When that storyline was dropped, Chastity reemerged as the valet/girlfriend of Hak aka The Sandman.

Chastity would often interfere in Hak’s matches and issue challenges to fight him. She was abruptly fired by WCW when their Standards and Practices division discovered that she had filmed a pornographic movie called ‘Live Bait.’ Chastity would briefly join Rob Black’s XPW promotion until that promotion went out of business. She appeared for several independent promotions until she disappeared from the business altogether.

So the question remains, whatever happened to Chastity? She is now married with a daughter and living in Maryland. She works as a regional account manager for a local accounting firm in that area.

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