Whatever Happened to WCW’s Asya?

Brian Damage

On paper, She only stood 5 ft 2 in tall and weighed 145 pounds with no background in wrestling either amateur or professional. Despite all of that, she received a contract with World Championship Wrestling. She was also a part of some major angles for the company at that time. Today we ask, ‘Whatever Happened to’ Asya?

Christine or ‘Christi’ Wolf began her career as a professional model with most of her work modeling swimsuits. She eventually landed her biggest modeling gig with Hawaiian Tropic sun tan lotion. Christi soon fell in love with the fitness aspect of modeling and began to bulk up her body and compete in bodybuilding competitions. She would win a couple of regional and national bodybuilding titles in her weight class.

From bodybuilding competitions, she would transition to strength competitions and did very well. It was only natural that Christi Wolf would enter the realm of professional wrestling. She entered the WCW Power Plant and began her training in 1999.

Wolf would make her WCW debut as the “Head Nurse” in the mental hospital that Ric Flair was admitted into for storyline purposes. The Head Nurse eventually took a liking to Flair and became his ally. She followed him back to WCW and became his valet/bodyguard alongside Charles ‘Lil Naitch’ Robinson.

The Head Nurse would soon get a new nickname and be referred to as “Double D.” She would lose the nurse outfit and wear more traditional wrestling attire. After her alliance with Ric Flair fizzled out, Wolf was paired with a faction called The Revolution. That faction was comprised of Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Shane Douglas and Perry Saturn.

She was given yet another new name…this time she was called ‘Asya.” It was a nod that Asya was much bigger than Chyna. It was also spelled with a Y instead of an I just like Chyna’s name. Asya would challenge Madusa for the WCW cruiserweight title. After being unsuccessful in her quest to win a title..Revolution turned on her and kicked her out of the group.

Asya would begin a feud with “Oklahoma” Ed Ferrara after he made several comments of how he was superior over any female wrestler in WCW. Asya would align with Madusa and Nitro Girl Spice to battle Oklahoma. After that feud ended, Ast=ya was used sparingly until she joined forces with the Kiss Demon Dale Torborg. The Kiss Demon and Asya feuded with Vampiro.

Christi Wolf was ultimately released from her WCW contract in 2000 and she would make some sporadic appearances on independent shows, but for the most part retired from pro wrestling. So whatever happened to Christi ‘Asya’ Wolf? Christi continued to compete in body competitions and also took up barrel racing a rodeo events. She now owns her own personal training studio called Super Sculpt. Christi is married to the former WCW Kiss Demon Dale Torborg and the couple have a daughter together and reside in Florida.

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