Top Five Wrestling Turkeys of 2019

Brian Damage

It has become somewhat of a tradition here on Ring the Damn Bell to do our Top Five Wrestling Turkeys every Thanksgiving. There is no actual subject to follow, other than to choose the biggest flops in pro wrestling the past year.

5. Jim Cornette’s NWA Commentary – Jim Cornette referring to Trevor Murdoch on NWA Powerrr, “He’s the only man I’ve ever known that can strap a bucket of fried chicken on his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia.” Whether you are a fan of Cornette’s or not, whether you think what he said was racist or not…the entire situation was very unfortunate. First off, if what he said was racist, why did NWA management not edit it out before airing the comments on the taped broadcast? It appeared to me, that the NWA simply wanted Cornette gone and this was their way of doing that.

It really is a shame, because NWA Powerrr is a fun show to watch on Youtube. A real throwback to all the classic studio wrestling shows of yesteryear. Many fans have claimed that they will now boycott the show and no longer view it…which is also unfortunate. The situation was grossly mishandled, but despite that…it is still a good product to watch. Cornette was able to add a bit of nostalgic credibility being an old NWA member from years ago.

Hopefully Billy Corgan and whomever else is running the show can find someone else with old NWA ties. Maybe Arn Anderson or even a JJ Dillon…somebody like that to add to the mix.

4. AAA Invades New York – Well…sorta. On the heels of the tremendously successful Ring of Honor/New Japan show that sold out Madison Square Garden on Wrestlemania weekend, Mexico’s AAA promotion attempted to capitalize on that by holding their own MSG show. It seemed to make sense, but certainly didn’t have the cache that the ROH/New Japan show had. It also didn’t have the advantage of capitalizing on all those extra wrestling fans in town for Wrestlemania.

Tickets didn’t sell at the feverish pace that the G1 Supercard show sold at. As a matter fact, they hardly sold at all. The event had to be moved from the main arena, to the much smaller theater of Madison Square Garden. The AAA show was also telecast on pay per view…but garnered just as much interest as the live show did….even less actually. Reportedly the pay per view did only 60 buys…that’s 60, not 6,000 or even 600 which would’ve been bad enough.

3. Ring of Honor – 2019 hasn’t been the promotion’s greatest year, despite being a part of a tremendous co-branded show at Madison Square Garden in New York City back in April. The roster was severely depleted once the “Elite” members moved on to form All Elite Wrestling and the current roster just isn’t as marketable. Dwindling attendance figures combined with bad publicity hasn’t helped ROH in the least. One of the very first incidents occurred when Bubba Ray Dudley was accused of threatening a fan who heckled his girlfriend at ringside during a show.

The situation made wrestling headlines and put a negative spotlight on the company. The second was Joey Mercury quitting the company as an agent due to several issues with money and lack of respect by management for the crew working their butts off. Once ROH’s women’s champion Kelly Klein agreed and supported Joey Mercury going public with his disgust…Klein’s contract “wasn’t renewed” with the company. This while Klein was sidelined with an injury. It was also revealed that the women wrestlers including Klein, were only making $24,000 a year. Not a very good look for Ring of Honor at all.

2. Continuing Legal Troubles For Jeff Hardy and Jimmy Uso – DWI and public intoxication arrests continue to plague both Jimmy Uso and Jeff Hardy in 2019. These are two talented wrestlers who comprise two of the WWE’s top tag teams. I feel sorry for Jey Uso and Matt Hardy who’ve had to sit on the sidelines while their brothers continue to deal with totally avoidable legal issues. Look, I get it…we are all human and make mistakes…but to make the same mistakes repeatedly not only hurts themselves, but others around them.

They also endanger the lives of other drivers on the road and pedestrians walking the streets. They need to admit that they have alcohol problems and reach out for help. Get treatment and go to rehab. For the sake of their friends and families.

1. WWE Creative – I realize that writing storylines and creating interesting, marketable characters must be a daunting task. The creative team are on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 3 hours of a live Raw and two hours of live Smackdown a week is challenging…but most of (not all) of creative has been stagnant for a long time now. The main issue or hurdle is Vince McMahon himself. He has the final say of what goes out and airs.

It doesn’t matter what creative wrestling minds WWE brings in. If Vince doesn’t like it, it won’t go out to the public. The Lana/Lashley/Rusev love triangle is WWE’s top storyline nowadays and it for the most part…awful. WWE is way too micromanaged and need to take a play out of AEW’s playbook and allow the wrestlers more creative freedom.

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5 thoughts on “Top Five Wrestling Turkeys of 2019

  1. 1. WWE Creative (obviously as Meekmahan continues to put in shit to the point that it makes the show unwatchable)
    2. The ROH section of the New Japan/ROH Madison Square Garden show (this is where ROH’s decline began by making a mediocre mid-carder in Matt Taven their top champ and getting Cass & Enzo to attack as it eventually lead to nothing)
    3. Hell in a Cell 2019
    4. The undeserved push of Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin.
    5. Lucha Underground’s contractual issues.

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