This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 48

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 48th of 2019. Today Brian discusses the brightest NXT stars that shined at The 2019 Survivor Series and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

NXT’s Brightest Stars Coming Out of Survivor Series Weekend

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho was once quoted in an interview talking about NXT’s wrestlers… “there is not one guy on that show that I have ever heard of before.” Whether anybody from NXT or its fans took that as a slight or not doesn’t really matter. If anything, this past weekend, NXT showed everyone who they were and what they are capable of doing inside a wrestling ring. This doesn’t seem like a developmental brand anymore.

Between NXT Takeover and WWE Survivor Series over the last weekend, NXT had the opportunity to showcase their talent on a worldwide platform. There were several impressive showings by many NXT stars, but I narrowed it down to three who really shined the brightest over that two day stretch. I am not trying to take anything away from any of the wrestlers who gave it their all. It’s just that these three individuals in my mind stood out the most.

Adam Cole

The reigning NXT heavyweight champion has had some run the last few weeks. Adam Cole beat the likes of Daniel Bryan on Smackdown, wrestled Seth Rollins on Raw and continued to dominate on NXT television. He especially stood out over the Survivor Series weekend. Cole, like many other of NXT’s stars did double duty and wrestled on both shows. Perhaps no one else on NXT’s roster went to the great length’s that Cole did on a two night span.

He wrestled in a very physical and daunting War Games match on Takeover which included him taking a bump from the top of the War Games cage into a table courtesy from Tommaso Ciampa. The very next night, he successfully defended the NXT title in a very good match against the ‘Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne. Both matches showcased just how versatile Adam Cole is. He can wrestle a technical classic or brawl in a hardcore style match and look good doing either or.

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley really broke out to a worldwide audience last weekend. Much like Adam Cole, she was being heavily pushed leading up to Takeover/Survivor Series and she delivered. Ripley showcased her agility, power and speed in the two night affair. The inaugural NXT UK women’s champion showed a whole new audience what she can do inside a ring and look legitimate doing it.

First, she was quite impressive in the first ever all female War Games match at Takeover. She was booked in such a good way to show her toughness in the ring and was able to pin the practically unbeatable NXT women’s champion Shayna Baszler. The next night at Survivor Series she was made team captain and lead the NXT women to a victory over both Raw and Smackdown surviving with Io Shirai and Candice Le Rae. A very impressive night to showcase Rhea Ripley as a future superstar on the main roster for years to come.

Keith Lee

At 35 years old, Keith Lee is finally getting his due on a major level. He has always been some sort of freak of nature with the athleticism that he possess inside the ring. Especially when you consider that he stands at 6ft 2in tall and weighs over 300 lbs and can fly around the ring like a cruiserweight. Lee finally got to show a larger audience what many independent wrestling fans knew for years.

Keith Lee had a very impressive showing inside War Games and then followed it up with a “Bam Bam Bigelow Style” of working in the Survivor Series elimination match. As the sole survivor representing NXT, Lee faced off against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and came out looking like a true superstar. Even though Lee lost the match, he came out stronger than ever. It was also a nice touch to have Roman Reigns give him a fist pump of approval after the match. It is time for fans to bask in Keith Lee’s glory.

Picture Gallery

Here’s an advertisement for a male strip club and it has a picture of Randy Orton on it.

Here’s the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle wearing a Pentagon Jr sweatshirt during a press conference.

Congratulations to Bray ‘The Fiend’ Wyatt who has now become WWE’s top merchandise seller.

True Love or Green with Envy?

Love this!

Kurt and Karen Angle’s 17 year old daughter Kyra. She is an aspiring model and actress.

IIconics with no makeup

Tenille Dashwood fka Emma

Drake Maverick will sit at the Kids table this Thanksgiving

The Great Khalisto?

Rhea Ripley sure did transform the last few years.

Former AEW, Impact and now MLW broadcaster Alicia Atout

WWE BACKstage interviewer Kayla Braxton

NXT’s Candice Le Rae

Video Gallery

WWF Superstars from 30 years ago tell us what they were thankful for back in 1989.

A Whole Lot of the Bubbly!

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One thought on “This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 48

  1. No doubt that Keith Lee’s star is on the rise, but I got worried for him the moment I read Vince became high on him. That means an inevitable call up to the main roster so that “creative” can ruin him. Can’t wait *rolls eyes hard*
    That being said, I’m glad NXT came out the winners this year @SS. They needed a serious boost in the ratings to help close the gap w/ AEW, which they finally did this week.
    I just wish the sudden success and push translated to better pay for the NXT wrestlers.

    Is it just me or do the Iconics look better w/o being smothered in makeup?
    Kurt Angle’s daughter looks hot AF. I have no doubt she’ll have a very successful career in modeling should she choose to go that route.

    Speaking of Bubbly, Jericho just released his own brand of Bubbly. No surprise there as he’d have to be a real dumbass NOT to capitalize on how hot that catchphrase has gotten.
    Only Jericho could ever get something like that over and that’s why he’s the GOAT.

    I wish I could buy Cap’n Lou cereal as well. Obviously you’d have to be 21 or older to even buy it,ha ha, but well worth it I’d say.


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