Whatever Happened To Mordecai/Kevin Thorn?

Brian Damage

He portrayed both a mythological type of god character and a vampire during his WWE career. Today on the blog, we ask ‘Whatever Happened to’ Kevin Thorn?

Kevin Fertig first broke into professional wrestling after being discovered by Sid Vicious while working out in a gym in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Kevin was trained and made his debut for Memphis Championship Wrestling in 2000. He was given the gimmick name of ‘Seven’ in relation to the seven deadly sins. Memphis Championship Wrestling was a developmental territory for the WWE during that time.

WWE management took notice of Fertig and offered him a developmental contract in 2002 and was reassigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He kept the same gimmick of Seven and was made a member of the faction called ‘The Disciples of Synn’ led by Jim Cornette’s girlfriend/wife Stacey. He along with Travis ‘Bane’ Tomko won the OVW Southern tag team titles. The duo would begin wrestling in dark matches before WWE main roster events.

It was Fertig, however, that got the call up to the main roster first in 2004. His gimmick was changed as his hair was dyed white and wore all white as well. He was renamed Mordecai and he seemed destined to begin a feud with the Undertaker. A couple of months after debuting and defeating Scotty 2 Hotty on pay per view…Fertig was sent back down to OVW for more training. He was eventually released in 2005.

For the next year, Fertig continued his wrestling career by competing on the independent circuit. He was once again signed by WWE in 2006 and assigned to their ECW brand. He was given the name ‘Kevin Thorn’ and portrayed a vampire. Kevin Thorn was paired with Shelly Martinez who was named Ariel. Originally, he and Ariel were to be packaged in a faction with Gangrel, but that fell through.

Kevin Thorn remained on the ECW brand for about a year and eventually joined the New Breed faction to feud with the ECW originals. Thorn was sent back down to OVW to be repackaged yet again. He was moved to WWE’s other developmental territory…Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) to develop a new persona. It was believed he would be recalled to the main roster in 2008 to form a faction with Hade Vansen to feud with the Undertaker, but once again…it was scrapped.

In 2009, Thorn asked for and was granted his release from the company. He soon returned to working the independents under the name of ‘Seven Thorn.’ He wrestled all throughout the United States and Europe including the United Kingdom and Germany. Kevin also had a dark match tryout with TNA wrestling, but was not signed. His full time wrestling career wound down after 2010.

So, the question remains…whatever happened to Kevin ‘Thorn’ Fertig? Kevin Fertig became a highly successful realtor and works and resides in the state of Indiana. He is married to his business partner and the couple have two children.

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5 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Mordecai/Kevin Thorn?

  1. I’m legit curious why some of these wrestlers who don’t make it wind up becoming realtors. Like how the hell does one decide to transition to selling houses rather than selling out houses?


  2. He was one of those I call “Didn’t Haves.” I feel he didn’t have the look, didn’t have the talent, I simply couldn’t understand why they kept trying to invest in him.


    • Well, that makes Kevin Vampire Dude (the nickname Rob Van Dam gave Thorn) eligible to be in your boy stable, doesn’t it, Dave?


      • Here’s what the “troll” and OSW Review mean by Boy:

        A BOY is a (generally not very talented) wrestler that didn’t achieve success, where there’s a bit of cringe factor admitting he was one of your favourites. You like/support him more than the average & what he deserved. Like Test or John Heidenreich. He can’t have won a major world title as well (which actually cuts out Ronnie Garvin, even though the rest of his career was very boy-worthy). The term “boy” is also used in Japanese dojos (for young trainees) and in general vernacular too (e.g. Will Ferrell’s boy Blue in the film Old School).

        1.Unsuccessful – No WWE/WWF, WCW/NWA or NJPW world titles. This rules out Christian.
        2.Unpopular – He must not be respected in general or have hope for the future. Think The Ascension.
        3.Untalented – There’s a certain cringe factor. You have to be a little ashamed to admit you’re a fan. Heidenreich is the Golden boy, a paragon of Boyness.
        4.Women can included in your boy stables too, such as the likes of Alicia Fox, Tamina, Ashley Massaro, Krystal Marshall, etc.

        OSW discussed this during the Capital Carnage episode, during the Steve Blackman vs. Ken Shamrock match.


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