Top Five Worst Repackaged Wrestlers

Lowlife Louie Ramos, Padraic Toolan, Tom Casola and Brian Damage

With Christmas coming to an end, it’s that usual time when people return gifts that they don’t want and or simply re gift an item and give it to someone else. It sorta happens in professional wrestling as well. Take an established wrestler under a familiar gimmick and try to give that said wrestler a completely new identity. In some cases, it does work…but in others it totally flops. Today, we take a look at the Top Five Worst Repackaged Wrestlers.


5) Mike Awesome into the 70s guy.
I liked the fat chick thrilla, mainly because I can relate to that. As I love and appreciate a woman with meat on her body ..but the 70s guy made absolutely zero sense..and buried s guy who had so much to offer.

4) Tony Atlas as Saba Simba.. I have mentioned my appreciation yet disdain at the same time for this gimmick. It was an amazing gesture by the WWF to help Tony Atlas when he was down and out by bringing him back into the fold… but to repackage him into the absurd and somewhat (that’s saying it mildly) racist Simba character destroys the good will gesture..also the gimmick made zero sense.

3) Jim Neidhart into WHO
Yes. To those that may have forgotten, popular powerhouse and former 2 time tag team champ as part if the hart foundation is repacked into WHO.. A useless senseless gimmick.. generic terrible mask 101 and generic terrible righting 101

2) Hugh Morrus into Gereral Hugh G Rection.
Who came up with this crap. A stupid take off trying to disguise the word erection into his name ( almost as bad as those phone jokes from years gone Al there. Al…coholic) the only saving grace was that he was actually the leader of the group

And I have to do this because I’m torn here

1A) Chavo Guerrero into Kerwin White
Deplorable, racist, senseless..proud 3rd generation Mexican superstar Chavo Guerrero jr is made to don a cardigan, dye his hair and denounce his roots.. even played golf..whoever came up with this should be ashamed…and the fact that it took the death of Eddie Guerrero to end this farce makes it even worse.

1) Terry Taylor into Red Rooster..
Probably the stupidest most blatantly stupid repackaging/gimmick of all time…you take an old school charismatic babyface, turn him heel, then turn him face…by turning him into a damn farm animal.. I would love to know who thought this was a good idea..or was it done as some type of punishment? Or as a message to others that if you stand up for yourself you too can end up turned into a horse,sheep,goat , HOG or PIG( oh wait)……


5. Brutus Beefcake/Brother Bruti into fucking everything else in WCW before The Disciple

Contrary to what seems to be popular opinions, I don’t think The Disciple gimmick was that bad, because the character kind of made sense given the situation. Everything that came before it, however, was fucking awful for Ed Leslie. You had The Butcher, The Man with No Name, The Zodiac, and the god damn Booty Man. Yep, Booty Man. Let’s all reflect on that gem for a bit. It made his Dungeon of Doom stuff tolerable. Speaking of that, I’m attaching Earthquake into The Shark to this one too. Fucking Kevin Sullivan.

4. Chavo Guerrero into Kerwin White

This was during my decade-long wrestling exile, but from everything I’ve heard and read about it, it was god damn awful.

3. Smash into Repo Man

And Demolition’s badassery took a hit that it is still trying to recover from. This would not be a good idea for ANYBODY, let alone someone who was in the most kick-ass tag team this side of the Road Warriors. Now Demolition and Repo Man are forever linked in wrestling history.

2. One Man Gang into Akeem the African Dream

One word describes the Akeem gimmick: painful. Sure, you could exchange that word for “racist”, but I think painful fits better. OMG was a monster in Mid-South, but never stayed in the main event scene for very long in WWF. So, for some reason, they decide he’s African and needs to speak jive. He recovered a bit in WCW and was a United States Champion, but you can’t think of One Man Gang now without unfortunately thinking of Akeem.

1. Mike Awesome into The Fat Chick Thrilla and That ‘70s Guy in succession

And Mike Awesome’s career came to a screeching halt. Who knows how his WWE career would have gone if they had gotten the ECW version of Mike Awesome instead of the WCW version? Tack another wrestling career murder onto Vince Russo’s charges. I don’t know if that’s in bad taste since Mike Awesome is dead, but fuck it, I’m too lazy to take it out now.


(05) Colonel Mustafa: In the 1980’s, Khosrow Ali Vaziri was known as the Iron Sheik. Not only did he become the most despised villain of the decade, he also defeated Bob Backlund for WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Sheik also helped change the face of wrestling when he went on to lost to Hulk Hogan. After this lost, he began to intensely feud with Pro-American Sgt. Slaughter. While the Sheik won a few matches (by disqualification), he eventually lost the rest (by pinfall) including the classic a “Boot Camp Rules” match.

6 years later the Sheik and Slaughter paths would cross, but this time it was different. During the summer of 1990, Sgt. Slaughter was a pro-Iraqi sympathizer, and now Khosrow was not only one of Slaughter’s managers, but he changed his name to Colonel Mustafa. The name change was foolish, because no matter where he went, the fans still referred to him as the Iron Sheik.

(04) Chainsaw Charlie: He was a legend when he was known Terry Funk. When he was brought back on the December 29, 1997 episode of Raw, the smell from this gimmick was a Terrible Funk!. It took no time for his true identity to be acknowledged by the announcers. He teamed with Mick Foley, who was wrestling under his Cactus Jack persona. Charlie and Jack would enter a feud with The New Age Outlaws. They continued to wrestle through-out 1998. At WrestleMania XIV, Charlie and Jack would defeat the Outlaws in a Dumpster match to win the WWF Tag Team Championship. The following night, on the March 30 episode of Raw, Charlie and Jack would lose the titles back to the Outlaws in a Steel Cage match. Then on the April 13 episode of Raw, Funk would begin wrestling as himself, and forming a tag team with 2 Cold Scorpio. This was a short lived gimmick that never worked.

(03) Kona Crush: In the WWF Brian Adams was known as Crush, the third member of the Tag Team Champions Demolition from 1990 to 1991. On May 9, 1992, Adams came back to work for the WWF was given a new fan favorite character of an easygoing surfing Hawaiian who wore bright neon tights and utilized a new two-handed skull vice finisher called the Cranium Crunch. Crush began to feud with the Repo Man, who was a repacked Barry Darsow (who also played Crush’s former Demolition partner, Smash). Eventually Crush engaged in a feud with Doink the Clown, and feud climaxed at WrestleMania IX. On the July 12 episode of Monday Night Raw, Crush unsuccessfully challenged Yokozuna for the WWF Championship. After the match, Yokozuna sent a message to Luger by performing several Banzai Drops to Crush. This angle was used to write Crush off television to recover from his back injury and was relaxing on Kailua Beach.

(02) Kerwin White: After a successful run in the Cruiserweight division which saw several short title reigns, Chavo Guerrero was drafted to Raw and denounced his Mexican heritage, changing his name to Kerwin White. White started making suggestive remarks towards African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and other non-White people. White drove a golf cart to the ring and wore a button-up shirt with a sweater tied around his neck. His caddy Nick Nemeth (future superstar Dolph Ziggler) would assist him in matches and would sometimes work as his tag team partner. The Kerwin White gimmick was dropped after the unfortunate death of Eddie Guerrero, and Chavo went back to his regular name and gimmick.

(01) Ed Leslie: In WCW he was knowns as: The Booty Man, Brother Bruti, The Zodiac, The Disciple, The Butcher, The Clipmaster, The Man with No Name, The Man with No Face. No matter how many times his name was changed, his wrestling ability stayed the same, and the fans still said “Hey that Brutus Beefcake as …..”


5. The Shark – When John Tenta went to WCW, he was most recognizable as Earthquake from his WWF days. When WCW called him The Avalanche…it was at least similar to his old gimmick. I guess WWF legal had a problem with it or WCW just decided to repackage Tenta as the utterly ridiculous Shark.

4. The Sultan – After his gimmick as a Samoan savage with the Headshrinkers….Fatu became educated and tried to make a difference…when that flopped…WWF went completely in a different direction and made him into an Arab called ‘The Sultan.’ He wore half of a mask, but I seriously doubt that fooled many fans.

3. Naked Mideon – What exactly was his purpose other than streaking during other people’s matches? I still haven’t figured it out…especially after portraying a pig farmer turned Satanic worshiper to a naked streaker…

2. GI Bro – Okay, I understand that GI Bro was one of Booker T’s first ever wrestling gimmicks when he was started out in wrestling. After years of making a name for himself in WCW as Booker T…all of a sudden he became GI Bro again. Totally unnecessary repackaging.

1. The Stalker – This repackaging really ticked me off. I mean, this was Barry Friggin Windham. Former member of the Four Horsemen…a former United States champion, a former WWF tag team champion and here he was wearing camouflage with face paint and dropping his name altogether and just referred to as ‘The Stalker.’

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4 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Repackaged Wrestlers

  1. At least with Akeem he ended up in a main event run with Big Bossman vs the MegaPowers and was in a main event primetime match that saw the Savage heel turn leading to WrestleMania 5.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, I can’t think of anything to add to that list. I wanna say Primo and Epico as those tourist salesmen but no one remembers it because it got the worst reaction of all time. No reaction.


  3. I must be the one who couldn’t tell Fatu was Sultan. Even put the pictures side by side and I still couldn’t tell.

    We all know before Kane he was wrestling dentist Dr. Isaac Yankem. I remember hearing stories Kane not happy if anyone mention he was Isaac Yankem. One of them include hanging up on radio host when he mentioned he was Yankem. He got repackaged again with late Ric Titan becoming New Razor Ramon and Diesel. At least Kane got re-packaged to good memorable character. Poor Ric Titan will always be refer as New Razor Ramon.


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