Whatever Happened to Evan Karagias?

Brian Damage

He was a former actor turned professional wrestler. He signed with WCW and became the company’s Cruiserweight champion. Today on the blog, we ask…’Whatever Happened to’ Evan Karagias?

After working as a model and actor in New York City, Evan Karagias decided to try his hand as a professional wrestler. Like many young upstarts, Karagias joined WCW’s Power Plant and was trained by Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker. In 1997, Karagias made his debut with World Championship Wrestling as a jobber named ‘The Outrageous Karagias.’ After a solid year jobbing to more established stars, Evan Karagias started getting booked a bit stronger and began winning a few matches.

His first big break came in 1999, when he was paired with Madusa as his valet/love interest. Evan went on to defeat the Disco Inferno for the WCW Cruiserweight championship. Soon, however, Karagias was booked as an egotistical heel who had his eyes on other women. After getting caught by Madusa flirting with Nitro Girl Spice, Madusa challenged for Karagias’ title.

At Starrcade ’99, Madusa defeated Evan to become the first ever female Cruiserweight champion. From that storyline, Karagias formed a boy band of sorts called ‘3 Count.’ The trio of wrestlers consisted of Karagias, along with Shannon Moore and Shane Helms. 3 Count worked primarily as heels and feuded with the Jung Dragons. The trio defeated Brian Knobbs to become WCW Hardcore champion and defended the belt under Freebird style rules where any one of the three could defend the title.

After losing the belt back to Brian Knobbs, 3 Count began to fall apart. Evan Karagias acted as an arrogant leader, who took credit for all the team’s accomplishments and then blamed Moore and Helms for all of their losses. Eventually, Shane Helms and Shannon Moore kicked Karagias out of their group. Karagias would form a tag team with Jamie Knoble and be known as ‘Knoble and Karagias.’

Their team were involved in a feud with Shannon Moore and Shane Helms for a period of time and also competed for the tag team titles. Evan would turn on Jamie Noble and Shannon Moore would turn on Shane Helm and reform a team with Karagias. The newly formed 3 Count stayed together for the remainder of WCW’s existence, until WCW folded in 2001.

After WWE bought WCW, Evan Karagias was signed to a developmental deal and assigned to Heartland Wrestling Association. Karagias continued to team with Shannon Moore and the duo won the HWA tag team titles on one occasion. Unfortunately, Evan would suffer a concussion and never made it up to the main roster. He was eventually released from WWE in 2002.

Karagias wrestled for several independent organizations and won a few titles, but never made it back to a major promotion again. So, the question that remains is…whatever happened to Evan Karagias? After his wrestling career faded away, Karagias returned to his roots and began acting in several low budget movies and appearing on a Soap Opera called Passions. Evan is now working for a company called Rapid Cash Refund and does tax preparation. He has 3 children and resides in North Carolina.

One thought on “Whatever Happened to Evan Karagias?

  1. I know time is a cruel, cruel mistress, but overall, he hasn’t aged THAT badly. While he looks nothing like he did during his WCW days, I bet he’s still a lot more healthier than his peers.


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