Answering The 10 Count: Tito Santana

Brian Damage

Tito Santana is a former two time WWF Intercontinental champion. A former two time co holder of the WWF world tag team titles with both Ivan Putski and Rick Martel. He is also a former King of the Ring winner in 1989. In 2004, Santana was inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame. Tito can also brag about being in a very exclusive club of wrestlers who never portrayed a heel his entire career. Today on the blog, we had the privilege of doing a quick interview with the Hall of Famer and ask him about his career and his new autobiography entitled ‘Don’t Call Me Chico.’

1. RTDB: What or who inspired you to become a pro wrestler?

TS: Terry Funk and Tully Blanchard

2. RTDB: Who in your opinion was your greatest rival?

TS: Greg Valentine

3. RTDB: Your thoughts on never being a heel?

TS: As it turned out, pretty cool. Steamboat and myself are the only two. Great company.

4. RTDB: Your thoughts on the Matador gimmick?

TS: I never cared for that gimmick. I did not think I needed a gimmick.

5. RTDB: What inspired you to write this book?

TS: Kenny Casanova thought it would be a good idea. He told me that a lot of fans had asked, so he convinced me. I’m so glad I did it with him. I have been getting great feedback.

6. RTDB: Awesome thank you for your time …one last question …how can fans purchase your book?

TS: Go to

Tito is currently on a whirlwind tour promoting his book and busy with other work ventures. We sincerely thank him for allotting some brief time to answer some questions.

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