A Moment in Time: Randy Savage Loses It On Live TV

Brian Damage

The Date: July 5th, 1999

The Show: WCW Monday Nitro

The Venue: The Georgia Dome

The Players:

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

Gorgeous George

Torrie Wilson

In the summer of 1999, the reigning WCW world heavyweight champion Kevin Nash was in the middle of a feud with ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage. For a couple of months leading up to the incident in question….Savage and Nash were going back and forth. Savage would attack Nash and Nash would use a septic truck to pour human excrement on Savage and his female entourage which included George, Miss Madness and Madusa. It was all leading up to a championship match between the two stars at the Bash at the Beach pay per view.

It was clear that WCW was pushing Randy Savage as the top heel of the company. He was poised to become WCW world champion and have a good run with the title. Then, the Monday Nitro prior to the pay per view happened and all the plans were turned upside down. During the show, Nash told Savage that his girlfriend Gorgeous George was waiting for Big Sexy in his dressing room.

Savage then went on the hunt for Gorgeous George and low and behold there was George in Nash’s room. This is when Savage went berserk and went off script. After confronting George who was talking to Torrie Wilson….Savage got in Torrie’s face. Wilson, who was still relatively new to the business started laughing in the middle of Savage’s outburst. Savage immediately slapped Torrie across her face and then grabbed George and threw her violently out of the room.

Was it something that Savage and the women had planned all along? Was it Savage losing his cool after seeing Torrie breaking character? Whatever the case was….not everyone was in the loop about it and segment quickly faded to black.

Seeing that this episode of Nitro was in WCW’s own corporate backyard of Atlanta, Georgia…there were several Turner executives in attendance. None were at all pleased that their “PG” rated show that was supposed to be the exact opposite of the WWF’s Attitude Era shows featured a domestic violence angle. The company’s Standards and Practices department became involved and demanded that Savage be taken off TV immediately.

Randy Savage and Gorgeous George were banned from appearing on Thunder (which was the final show before the pay per view). Eric Bischoff later admitted that Savage was in hot water for the slap and violent behavior he exhibited, but was never in danger of being fired as some reported. Savage would appear at the Bash at the Beach show in the main event.

It was a tag team match that had Kevin Nash and Sting team up against Savage and Sid Vicious. The man who got the winning pinfall would be declared the world champion. As planned, Savage pinned Nash and became a four time WCW world champion. His reign wouldn’t last very long as the next night on Nitro…Savage lost the title to a returning Hulk Hogan. Savage’s big heel run was abruptly cut short and his Team Madness entourage disbanded and he was placed in a feud with Dennis Rodman.

After that feud ended…Savage disappeared from television for a few months. He made a couple of sporadic appearances before leaving WCW altogether. Was it all due to the slap that wasn’t expected on live television? It certainly didn’t help.

3 thoughts on “A Moment in Time: Randy Savage Loses It On Live TV

  1. Damn, I either didn’t see this or forgot about it. More than likely I never saw it for some reason. Wow. I’m going to go with Savage going off script and straight up slapped the shit out of Torrie (she did take it like a champ tho)
    I knew he was intense but I didn’t think he’d be into slapping a woman, wrestling or not.


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