Top Five Wildest Wrestlers

Lowlife Louie Ramos, Brian Damage and Amerigo Diehl

Who in your opinion are the craziest, wildest wrestlers to ever set foot inside a wrestling ring? Wrestlers who may be hardcore, caused riots, and/or were completely out of control.


So are a few honorable mentions

Cactus Jack, Terry Funk, Stan Hansen. The Sandman

5) New Jack…what can we say about Jack that hasn’t been said by him or about him..From a slew of incidents to even getting his own dark side of the ring episode, New Jack is a no nonsense, tell it like it is,unapologetic tough guy.. Who can back up his words. I have had the pleasure of going to war with him..always awesome. His out of control antics and insane dives are the stuff of legend…

4) Vampire Fred Blassie…Most of the younger generations remember Freddie Blassie as the California fashion plate, or manager extraordinaire who guided the Iron Sheik to the WWF championship. But in the 60s and 70s ,Blassie was known as vampire..for his willingness to draw the blood of his opponents. He feuded famously with John Tolos and the Original what can possibly be called the earliest days of hardcore.

3)Bruiser of the original bad boys. Brody was no nonsense and a legitimate tough guy..who was rough in the ring and allegedly behind the scenes as well.
Brody would wildly swing a chain ,running roughshod through the audiences in Japan and Puerto Rico. Brody’s entrance and demeanor would denote everyone, not just his opponent was in danger.

2) original Sheik…Pencils, blood and fireballs..the Original Sheik may as well be called the father of the hardcore wrestling…
He ruled over Detroit…and wrestled all over the country and throughout the world.. even into his early 60s he terrorized Onita and FMW.. He is mostly known by younger fans as the uncle if another wild one..Sabu…and trainer of Rob Van Dam.

1) Abdullah the Butcher ..My sentimental favorite. Because the moment I layed eyes on Abby as a child, I was taken aback yet he took a small hammer from under his ample chest and hit Carlos Colon with it. At this point in my life I knew I wanted to do some form of this for the rest of my life. Abby also wrestled all over the world, bringing the fork with him wherever he went..also wrestling deep into his 60s Abby is one of the main reasons I became hooked on bloody wrestling.


5. ‘Wild’ Bull Curry – Bull Curry was one of the pioneers in hardcore wrestling. From his mean look, to his use of foreign objects in matches and to the way he could incite the fans into an all out riot. The Wildman was just that and one of the true legends of pro wrestling.

4. Jun Kasai – This guy isn’t nicknamed ‘The Crazy Monkey’ for nothing and one look at the battle scars all over his body will give you a good idea of just how crazy he is. Kasai seems to have a death wish every time he enters a wrestling ring. His hardcore style is unmatched by very few in pro wrestling. How he is not a cripple or dead with the amount of punishment he inflicts on himself is a miracle in of itself.

3. Dick the Bruiser – While writing the Wrestling with Sin series, I’ve come upon a lot of Dick the Bruiser stories in which he was wild and uncontrollable. Another wrestler who wasn’t afraid to run into a crowd and incite a riot. Dick wasn’t shy about using his lit cigar and put it on on an opponent or even an unsuspecting fan.

2. The Sheik – Ed Farhat was an absolute madman inside the squared circle who lived his gimmick at times outside of it. The Sheik was both feared for his wild antics and beloved because he was someone you wanted to see destroy people. Weapons, fireballs…The Sheik did it all.

1. Killer Kowalski – Many younger fans remember Kowalski as being a trainer who helped launch the careers of such stars as Triple H, Perry Saturn and Chyna…but Killer Kowalski had a storied career himself. Some of which included fans believing he ripped off the ear of another wrestler. Even though that did happen, the ear was already severely damaged and was a complete accident. He was a great monster heel in his day.


Top 5 Wildest Wrestlers

5. Sabu– Loved watching Sabu during his ECW run. So reckless and unpredictable. One look at him and you could tell he was related to someone else on this list.

4. Vader– I have to put Vader this list for two major reasons. His stiff wrestling style and his mobility. Sadly the first one cost him a few opportunities, especially during his WWF run in the late 90’s. He was a tremendous brawler, with a fantastic combination of strength and agility. I know that promotions take liberties with wrestlers weights, so we really don’t know if he weighed over 400 lbs, but you can tell he was no small guy, yet he moved like some of the cruiser weights of that era. Simply amazing.

3. Bruiser Brody– Since we have been doing online teaching since March I have had a chance to watch a lot of vintage wrestling and I am always seeking out Brody interviews and matches. His promo’s were wild, yet intelligent, and him matches were everything hardcore wrestling would latter pattern itself after. Brody was a legend, and I will never forget the day I heard of his passing and the terrible way he left us.

2. The Sheik– Wow, if you have never seen a match involving the Sheik, stop reading this right now and go find one. Insane might be too gentle of a word to describe them. Foreign object-check, fireball-check, massive traumatic blood loss? -check. His matches drew some ferocious heat and nearly caused their share of riots.

1. Abdullah the Butcher– If you just finished reading my number 2 pick, then check off at least 2 of those criteria, then throw in a 15 minute match of which only about 4 moves will happen, and about 28 seconds of it will take place in the ring. Abby was all over the place, using whatever he could find, foreign objects, chairs, electrical cords, the bell, and who knows what else. Crazy matches that have stood the test of time.

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4 thoughts on “Top Five Wildest Wrestlers

    • 1. Abdullah the Butcher
      2. Bruiser Brody
      3. New Jack
      4. Terry Funk
      5. The Sheik
      Honorable mention: Sabu, Cactus Jack, The Sheepherders


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