Top Five Flopped Singles Stars From Successful Tag Teams

Lowlife Louie Ramos and Brian Damage

We continue where we left off with last week’s selection. What wrestlers did NOT have success after the break up of their popular/successful tag teams. Basically, who were the Marty Jannetty’s of teams?


This is a tougher one than the other way around because despite not reaching the success their partners did .they would be far from total flops.

5) Mustafa Saed…One half of the feared Gangstas along with the one and only New Jack..Mustafa sadly floundered without New Jack. He would be an independent staple,but not much else of note except his various appearances with Jack at various ECW, and TNA reunion type events..

4) Rick Steiner.. its very, very difficult for me to call one of the most successful tag team wrestlers of all time a flop. But, Rick as a singles competitor and in other teams without his brother Scott, would be placed in the middle of the card. Scott went on to be a multiple time U.S and world champion ( someone who may have belonged on last weeks installment lol) Rick, again while successful never touched the success of the Steiners or his brother on his own.

3) Jim Neidhart… again.this one hurts..because the Anvil..was a favorite of mine growing up. And is a 2 time tag team champion with Bret Hart as the Hart Foundation. But..we all know how much Bret achieved as a singles. Without the hitman, the Anvil was relegated to mid or lower card. His new Foundation team with Owen Hart went nowhere, he was a broadcaster (which he was great at,in my opinion) repackaged as WHO, and later would hit the indies under a controversial nazi like gimmick.

2) Bart Gunn…again .it’s tough. Bart went on to win the 1 and only brawl for all..but then got K.Od by Butterbean…before that ,he was repacked as bodacious Bart in a failed midnight Express reimagining, and after mania 14 he would be somewhat successful in Japan..but he would never be able to touch the success of his former partner Bad Ass Billy Gunn..another person who could have cracked last weeks list with his tremendous resume.

1) Stevie Ray… has to be repeated ,As a tag team wrestler. Big Stevie Ray was part of one of the greatest units ever ..Harlem Heat.. But again ,when you match his career with that of his brother, 5 time world champion Booker T, its not even a fair comparison. Booker T would go on to main event during the last few years of WCW, and would be involved in tremendously memorable moments during his singles career in the WWE including his times king Bookah. Stevie on the other hand was relegated to stooge of one NWO faction,never main evented or had any meaningful programs..and quietly slipped into semi retirement. Sad, because I feel he was never given the opportunities Booker T was.


5. John Kronus – At one time, Kronus and Perry Saturn were one of the most dominant tag teams in ECW known as the Eliminators. Saturn eventually broke up the team and headed for a singles career in WCW. He would also parlay that into stints with WWE and TNA. John Kronus on the other hand seemed to struggle in his career without Saturn. Yes, he did win ECW tag team gold with New Jack, but ultimately Kronus never had much of a solo career for himself. Tragically, he passed away from an enlarged heart at the age of 38.

4. Mo – Mo certainly got the short end of the stick when the WWF decided to give Mabel a push. Mabel went on to win the King of the Ring tournament and challenge Diesel for the WWF title. Meanwhile, Mo was reduced to becoming Mable’s lackey instead of his tag partner.

3. Stevie Ray – Stevie Ray did have some singles success earlier in his career…but he most known for his time teaming with his brother Booker T as the Ebony Experience/Harlem Heat. After the team broke up, Stevie found little success as a singles wrestler with the NWO and other storylines, while Booker had a remarkable singles career.

2. Samu – Samu and Fatu formed a very strong tag team as the Samoan Swat Team/Headshrinkers for various places like World Class, WCW and WWF. Fatu went on to have a very good singles career, while Samu struggled to find an identity for himself without his cousin.

1. Marty Jannetty – If Shawn Michaels was the perfect prototype for a successful singles run after breaking away from a tag team…then his partner Jannetty is the exact opposite. Look, I realize that Jannetty had a run with the Intercontinental title (albeit mostly forgettable) and he did have some successes, but for the most part, he was a major flop. Mostly due to his own personal demons that got in the way of having any type of meaningful push.

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9 thoughts on “Top Five Flopped Singles Stars From Successful Tag Teams

  1. With apologizes to Marty Jannetty who is a punchline these days as he was just… eh as a singles star. Here is my top 5:

    1. Paul Roma (a solid tag team guy who had a great thing with Hercules in Power & Glory but when he came to WCW and became part of the Four Horsemen, it just felt wrong).
    2. Bart Gunn (part of a solid team in the Smoking Gunns but when he went solo and did the atrocity that was the Brawl for All, he fucked up WWE’s plans (though it wasn’t entirely his fault) and got knocked out by Butterbean).
    3. Buff Bagwell (he was better off as a tag team guy but was he really a singles star? I don’t remember a good singles match he did as he was just a lame gimmick that whined like a little bitch to be pushed).
    4. Mo (Men on a Mission were an alright tag team but when Mabel got pushed and Mo became a side kick, it was over)
    5. Lance Cade (a talented guy who passed away too soon as he and Trevor Murdoc (who is enjoying a solid renaissance in NWA) were a damn good team but when they broke up and Cade became a second banana for Chris Jericho in his feud with Shawn Michaels).

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  2. Stevie ray…achieved a great deal amount of stuff with his brother in Harlem heat…post tag team however not so much


  3. Rick Steiner:
    1x Florida Heavyweight Champion
    3x NWA/WCW TV Champion (first time in 1988, so no Nash/Russo bullshit)
    1x NWA/WCW US Champion
    1x SCW Heavyweight Champion
    1x WLW Champion
    So…one of the most dominant Tag Team guys winning several singles titles, high profiles ones at that and being involved in high profile singles feuds, is a flop?!

    Before i’d get to Rick Steiner i would list Hawk and his failed singles run in the mid 90’s, pretty much everything the midnight express guys did after the break ups, everything the freebirds except Michael Hayes did after the Freebirds, Stevie Ray (and i mean Booker T was a colossal failure, yes he won championships, but each of them led to a direct decline in numbers, wether it’s TV Ratings or PPV Buyrates or House Show numbers) or the guys from Demolition (Repo Man was funny but a jobber)


    • I’ll have to disagree with you about Booker T. I and a lot of other folks think he should have gotten the world title years earlier. The same could be said for Scott Steiner. WCW didn’t push a lot of homegrown guys hard enough until it was too late. They didn’t cause declining numbers; it’s unfortunate, but Booker T and Scott Steiner just didn’t get the title until WCW was already being driven into the ground. By 1999-2000 even Hogan and Flair weren’t popping crowds and numbers like they used to. That indicates a real problem there.


  4. Agree with literally all of these guys other than Rick Steiner. He was a star before the Steiner Brothers and was a solid mid card guy after they broke up.


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