This Week in Wrestling 2020 Week 22

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 22nd of 2020. Today Brian reminiscences about an angle that happened 24 years ago this week and what it meant to pro wrestling and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Remembering the Night Scott Hall Called His Shot

24 years ago this week, Scott Hall walked through the crowd of a live WCW Monday Nitro and declared war on the company. It was the beginning of an angle that set the pro wrestling world on fire. It ultimately pushed their main competition in WWF to go to more adult themed programming with the Attitude Era. A true Monday Night War exploded that night with various lawsuits between WCW and WWF, wrestlers defecting from one company to another, some fans picking sides and others switching back and forth between Nitro and Raw to see how each company would respond to what the other was doing.

Scott Hall appearing on Nitro in 1996 to me, was the equivalent of the home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa back in 1998. That home run race helped generate a ton of renewed interest in the sport of baseball with fans tuning in to each game and filling the stadiums where they played. The same happened in wrestling and it all began with Hall marching right into the ring and “calling out” WCW.

“You people, you know who I am. But you don’t know why I’m here. Where is billionaire Ted? Where is the Nacho Man? That punk can’t even get in the building. Me? I go where ever I want, whenever I want. And where oh where is Scheme Gene? Cause I got a scoop for you. When that Ken doll look-a-like, when that weather man wannabe comes out here later tonight, I got a challenge for him, for billionaire Ted, for the Nacho Man and for anybody else in WCW. You want to go to war? You want a war? You’re gonna get one.”

Will pro wrestling ever reach those heights in popularity ever again? Could there be another Scott Hall type moment? I seriously doubt it, but it’s nice to once again have promotions other than WWE to get our wrestling fix from. It really doesn’t matter who you watch these days whether it be WWE, AEW, Impact, MLW, NWA, New Japan etc…it’s a great thing to have options.

NXT’s Best Kept Secret?

While AEW Dynamite seemingly has a strangle hold on the Wednesday night ratings over NXT…there has been an interesting pattern developing in recent weeks. Regardless of how well Dynamite does, television viewers see to tune to NXT to watch Chelsea Green wrestle. According to Dave Meltzer, ratings go up whenever she cuts a promo or wrestles a match. Apparently, Green has been money for the NXT brand.

There has been some speculation that this past week’s tag match that featured Green and Charlotte Flair against Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley did a phenomenal number ratings wise. Evidently better than the opening match and the main event. Can it all be attributed to Chelsea? Perhaps not, but then again who knows? Rumors have swirled around that Green is set for a major push. Whether that will be for NXT or the main roster we will have to wait and see. For now, what we do know is that fans are flocking to watch Chelsea Green. Woo Woo Woo You Know It.

Picture Gallery

This is what the AEW TNT title will ultimately look like once it is completed.

Somebody decided they could recreate the AEW TNT title…what do you think?

It’s important you know your A B C’s…

A rare pic of Glenn Jacobs unmasked in the early days of Kane.

The entire McMahon Family having dinner.

Bray Wyatt practices safety during this pandemic with a custom made ‘Fiend’ mask.

The Ouellet Sisters….Maryse and Michelle

WWE dolls are becoming more and more realistic. 😉

Kurt Angle’s wife Giovanna

Impact Wrestling’s Taya Valkyrie

Dana Brooke

NXT’s Lady Scarlett

Dark Journey Today


Video Gallery

No doubt about it, Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura was an excellent promo…

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