Wrestling With Sin: 299

Brian Damage

This is the 299th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Rood Introduction

In 1983, a young wrestler by the name of Rick Rood was trying to get his feet wet in the world of professional wrestling. Rood had the look and the right attitude to succeed, but Ole Anderson was not impressed. Ole wanted to break the young man and make him have second thoughts about becoming a pro wrestler. One day, in an empty venue…Anderson sent the Iron Sheik to get in the ring with Rood and shoot on him.

Sheik got into the ring and was immediately taken down by the youngster..not once, but twice. Ole then sent Buzz Sawyer to replace the Iron Sheik and thew result was much different. Sawyer was able to pummel Rood into a bloody and battered mess. Ole then sent the Iron Sheik back into the ring and the Sheik roughed him up equally as bad. With Rick Rood hurt and exhausted…Ole Anderson then took his turn beating on the young man.

The three men then left Rood down on the mat nearly unconscious and Ole told him his services were no longer needed and walked away. Obviously, the beat down did not break Rood’s spirit as he eventually became a star in the wrestling business for years to come.

The Two Sides of Octagon

A real life telenovela played out in the world of Lucha Libre, when wrestler Octagon was accused of being a deadbeat dad to twin boys. While married to his first wife, Octagon had an affair with fellow wrestler named Sahori. She wound up getting pregnant and having twins. It was alleged that Octagon distanced himself from the boys…denying that they were really his. Sahori wound up taking Octagon to court for child support.

Octagon lost the case and was ordered to pay Sahori child support. Octagon wound up crying poverty to Sahori…who agreed to a lower payment of funds. Octagon would pay Sahori the money for a while, but eventually became delinquent on those payments. Meanwhile, Sahori claimed that Octagon was seen in the press opening up his own restaurant in Mexico. When Sahori became sick with cancer, her boys begged Octagon for money to help with her medical bills, but allegedly ignored their requests.

Sahori eventually passed away from the disease and her sons went after Octagon for back pay. Octagon claimed he asked the two boys to take a DNA test…but no showed the day of the test. The boys denied those allegations. Octagon then bragged he was the father of ten children and has taken responsibility for all of them…so he would never deny a child of his own. The boys said they once asked the luchador for money to take a college entrance exam and were denied that too.

The two sides have now counter sued each other over various issues. Octagon has gone as far as threatening to send the two boys to jail and destroy their reputations in the press.

Moon Rockets

The late Mike Awesome once recalled a young, up and coming Japanese wrestler named Eiji Ezaki. According to Awesome, Ezaki was hazed unmercifully by many of the veteran wrestlers of FMW back in the day. On several occasions, the veterans would be extra stiff with him in the ring, steal and or vandalize his property and call him all sorts of unflattering names. Awesome said that there were a few times that Ezaki was stripped naked, tied up to a pillar and had bottle rockets placed in his bottom.

The wrestlers would then light the rockets and watch them fire out of his lower extremity. Some of the wrestlers on the roster felt that these agitators were way out of line, but feared not getting booked or having these veterans go after them…so nobody stood up of Ezaki. Eventually, Ezaki became one of FMW’s biggest and brightest stars under a mask known as Hayabusa.

Devine Delight

Erikka Devine was a former glamour model turned professional wrestler. The Canadian independent wrestler retired from the squared circle, but found a new way to interact with fans. Devine created an Onlyfans account where she shares nude pictures and naughty videos of herself for a price.

9 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 299

  1. I know that Iron Sheik paid tribute to Rick Rude via Twitter following his posthumous WWE Hall of Fame induction. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that story involving Ole Anderson considering how much of a badass Rick Rude was known to be but in any event he proved Ole Anderson wrong.


  2. Also I think Rick Rude is ultimately vindicated in the sense that Ole Anderson essentially devalued Curt Hennig as a performer as well by asking Ric Flair what good he was to WCW after losing to him in a loser leaves town match before leaving for WCW.


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