FACTS 5th Avenue: Your One Stop Shop For All Your Useless Wrestling Facts And Stat Needs

Brian Damage

Are you in the market for some rather useless pro wrestling facts? How about some gaudy wrestling stats? Can I show you something in the form of wrestling trivia? If you said yes to any or all of the above…then this is the place for you! No need to go shopping elsewhere for wrestling facts and such…I think we have what you need right here. So let’s do a little learning shall we?

2020 was the first year since Triple H joined the WWF/WWE in 1995, in which he did not have a single match the entire year.

Four combinations of father and sons have held the NWA/WCW/WWE United States heavyweight title. They include The Rhodes (Dusty/Dustin), the Flairs(Ric/David), the Windhams (Blackjack Mulligan/Barry) and Valentines (Johnny/Greg).

Initially, when Tom Zenk was set to debut for WCW in 1989…his gimmick of the Z Man was supposed to be a wrestler from outer space. Thankfully, it was dropped at the last minute.

In 1988, the WWF invited fans to write in get well wishes to the British Bulldogs mascot Matilda. In reality, the Get Well Matilda campaign was actually a scam by the WWF to build up a mailing list for the WWF’s merchandise catalogue.

William Moody…better known by WWE fans as Paul Bearer…was also a manger for several territories named Percival “Percy” Pringle III. The reason he chose to give himself the third in his name, was because there were already two other wrestlers named Percy Pringle. So Moody decided to add the III in the name as the third man to use the name and also make himself sound more important than the other two.

The Funkettes were dancers that escorted Flash Funk to the ring in the WWF. Their names were Tracy and Nadine. While Tracy faded out of the spotlight…did you know that the other half, Nadine Ellis became a Hollywood actress? She has starred in a number of television shows and movies including NCIS, ER, 24, Two and a Half Men, Iron Man 2, Live Free or Die Hard and Tropic Thunder.

Rey Mysterio’s first gimmick name in wrestling was Colibri. Translated from Spanish, it means Hummigbird.

Before a career as a professional wrestler….Steve ‘Sting’ Borden was an aspiring pro bodybuilder.

Genichiro Tenryu is the only Japanese wrestler to pin both Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba.

When Rich Swann defended his Impact world title against Chris Bey at Impact’s Final Resolution pay per view in December of 2020…it was only the third time in wrestling pay per view history that an all black main event took place. The first being at Summerslam 2001 with the Rock going against Booker T, the other was in 2017 with Bobby Lashley versus Moose at Impact’s Genesis pay per view.

When Tammy Lynn Sytch was born…her original name was supposed to be Jennifer Lynn. The day her mother gave birth…her father (who was drunk) took a look at his newborn daughter and named her Tamara. According to Tammy, it was the name on the bottle of vodka her father had in his hand when she was delivered.

In the 1950’s/60’s, Jack Adkisson and Walter Sieber teamed up as kayfabe brothers known as Fritz and Waldo Von Erich. Years later, Fritz claimed that Lance Von Erich was the son of his “brother” Waldo…thus making Lance a cousin to the Von Erich family. While none of this was true, in reality…Waldo was a distant cousin to Fritz’s wife Doris on her mother’s side.

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix was the first female to join her high school’s all male wrestling team.

Shinsuke Nakamura was involved in introducing new designs for the Intercontinental title in both New Japan and WWE.

Hulk Hogan defended his WWF title down in Mexico in 1984 against luchador El Canek in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Both Hogan and Canek had won a fall a piece…but the time limit ran out in the 3rd and deciding fall, making the match a draw.

The character of Kerwin White was inspired by longtime WWE television director Kerwin Silfies.

The co creator of the hit television show ‘Married With Children’ Ron Leavitt was a huge pro wrestling fan. He named many of the characters on the show after wrestlers.

Shinya Koshika aka Great Kojika is the oldest active wrestler in Japan at 78 years old. He was the last student ever trained by the late, great Rikidozan.

Ricky and Richie Steamboat had both their careers end due to back injuries.

Psicosis is the only wrestler to ever compete in WCW, WWE, ECW, TNA, CMLL, AAA, All Japan and New Japan

The first ever pinfall elimination at Survivor Series occurred in 1987, when Brutus Beefcake pinned Outlaw Ron Bass after a high knee.

Naomi wrote and produced her own single called ‘Dance All Night’ in 2014.

Evolution was a faction for nearly three years, yet all four members only teamed up fully once for a match in that span.

Midget wrestlers Little Beaver and Dink the clown (Tiger Jackson) are real life brothers. Their real names are Lionel and Claude Giroux. Little Beaver sadly passed away in 1995.

Aside from WWE Hall of Famer Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall…there was also Fake Razor Ramon aka the late Rick Bognar. Did you know that Japan also had a version of Razor Ramon in wrestling? His name is Masaki Sumitani and he was called Razor Ramon HG. The HG stood for “Hard Gay” and as you can imagine…that was how Sumitani portrayed the character. The gimmick ended when Sumitani was spotted on a date with a female model named Anna Suzuki.

WALTER made his NXT UK debut 2 years ago on January 12th 2019. In the 730 plus days since that debut…WALTER has been NXT UK champion 638 days and counting…

Ole Anderson did the voices for both the Black Scorpion and The Shockmaster.

The 14 year time period between 1968 and 1982 only Nick Bockwinkel and Verne Gagne held the AWA World Championship.

In the last 10 years, there have only been 8 different IWGP heavyweight champions. Half of those 8 champions were members of The Bullet Club.

Fit Finlay’s aunt Rosemary Gault was the first ever female referee having worked in the 1960’s. Her gimmick name was Kim Star.

Bill Goldberg was the very first player to ever be cut by the then expansion Carolina Panthers of the NFL in 1995.

Andre the Giant once owned a restaurant in Montreal, Canada called Le Picher

Professional Wrestling: Portrait of Andre the Giant Roussimoff with maitre d’ at his restaurant Le Picher. Montreal, Canada 8/4/1981 CREDIT: Stephen Green-Armytage (Photo by Stephen Green-Armytage /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Despite Chris Jericho winning the WWF/WWE world title 6 times and being a grand slam champion….Jericho has an overall losing record with the company. He has 535 wins to 1,123 losses and 42 draws.

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  1. Extra to the Triple H fact that makes it more of a big one:

    In addition to HHH’s streak snapping, 2020 marked the first year since 1986 where no member of The Kliq had a match in the WWF/E. (The Rockers were originally signed in 1988, and Scott Hall had a WWF tryout match in 1987 but did not get signed.)

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