This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 4

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Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 4th of 2021. Today Brian talks about the billion dollar blockbuster deal for the WWE Network and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

A Billion Dollar Mistake?

This past Monday, WWE announced that the company was selling the rights to the WWE network to NBC’s upstart streaming service Peacock. The deal is for 5 years worth an astounding 1 billion dollars. Not too shabby for Vince McMahon who was rumored to have soured on the network concept for a number of months leading up to the deal. Once again, some how, some way McMahon comes out looking like an absolute genius.

If you look at past history with WWE signing billion dollar TV deals with both USA and FOX and now this “renting” the network rights to Peacock….the McMahon family has accumulated over 2 billion in profits. For fans who worry about what will change with the WWE network once it transfers over…it doesn’t sound like anything will. Pay per views will still be included in the deal as well as all other content starting at $4.99 with ads or the usual $9.99 for premium service.

Of course the ripple effects of WWE making a deal with Peacock was the company has seemingly pissed off ESPN who were also negotiating for the rights. So for now, no more WWE coverage from the cable sports network. The only real interesting thing about this, is what will happen with Charly Caruso? Will she continue to be allowed to work for both companies or will she have to choose? As it stands, it looks like Charly is safe from making such a decision….but considering we are dealing with Vince….you never say never.

Getting back to the WWE network, here was a streaming service that never really exploded in growth as anticipated. The original concept was believed to be an actual channel on cable, but changed direction and decided streaming was the future. I had the privilege’s of talking to a former wrestler and one time contributor to this blog Tom ‘The Kodiak Bear’ Casola who worked for the WWF in the 1980’s. He wasn’t shocked as some were with the network going elsewhere. He said that specialized streaming services like WWE network only appeal to a niche audience. Therefore, there is no potential for real growth.

Tom is 100% correct with his analogy. That is why Vince soured on the network and thus sold the rights for 5 years for a billion bucks. Amazing considering a lot of the archived content was bought by McMahon from other promoters for pennies on the dollar. Yet, here he sits with another mega deal completed.

Photo Gallery

Vicious! LOL

Awesome artwork

Lanny Poffo and Dr Ruth

Super Mankind

Kane has some pretty impressive stats at the Royal Rumble. (Too bad he never won one)

Do WWE fans prefer the titles now or 10 years ago?

Alexa Bliss added to the RKO trophy room.

Becky Lynch and Roux

The Big Show and Lenny Kravitz

Trish Stratus signing her very first WWF contract.

Recent pic of Candice Michelle

Mrs. Undertaker

Mia Yim aka Malice (or whatever her name is with Retribution)

Jordynne Grace

Charly Caruso

Video Gallery

As movie goers heavily anticipate the new Godzilla vs Kong movie…here is Jim Cornette and Michael Hayes debating who is better with Grandpa Munster moderating.


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