This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 6

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Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 6th of 2021. Today Brian remembers the recently deceased Butch Reed and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Remembering Butch Reed

Whether you remember him as ‘Hacksaw’ or as the bleach blonde ‘The Natural,’ there was no question that Butch Reed was a star in professional wrestling. After failing to make it with the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL…Reed turned to professional wrestling. As ‘Hacksaw’ Butch Reed, he had memorable feuds with the Junkyard Dog and ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan in the Mid South territory.

Once JYD, left for the greener pastures of the WWF, Mid South promoter Bill Watts attempted to make Reed into a top babyface…but it didn’t quite work out as expected. Reed would go to the WWF himself and dye his hair blonde while being managed by Slick. It was heavily rumored and told by the Honkytonk Man that Reed was chosen to become the company’s first ever black Intercontinental champion…but no showed an event and Honky was his replacement. Whether completely accurate or not, Reed never made it to the upper level of the WWF and eventually left to join the NWA.

It was there that Reed was managed by JJ Dillon and was accompanying the Four Horsemen to the ring and during interviews. Again, some rumors had it that Reed would become the first ever black member of the Horsemen….but Dillon left the NWA to work for the WWF and it never materialized. In any case, Reed would team with up and coming Ron Simmons to form the tag team known as Doom. Reed found a great deal of success in this team winning the tag team titles with Simmons.

Reed and Simmons eventually split up and feuded with one another. After their feud culminated, Reed disappeared from the promotion. He sporadically wrestled in various smaller promotions like the GWF and the USWA…but never got back to a major promotion as a wrestler. Butch Reed had skill and charisma and could’ve been a bigger star than how he ended up his career…but a star none the less. Butch Reed suffered two heart attacks and was reportedly diagnosed with Covid-19 before his death at 66 years old.

Photo Gallery

Tom Brady is no Bret Hart…we have the stats to prove it! 😉

A pretty cool drawing of the Ultimate Warrior from his WCW days and the infamous mirror segment.

Hulk Hogan is Cobra Kai all the way…

A random pic of Andre the Giant having a nice bottle of booze.

A sick looking Mick Foley tattoo…

Congrats to Raymond Rowe and Sarah Logan on the birth of their son…Raymond Cash Rowe. 44 hours of labor! OUCH!

A poorly placed Wrestlemania logo in front of Drew McIntyre

Harlem Heat featuring Cleveland Brown and Carl

Chelsea Green

Noelle Foley

Torrie Wilson looks better now at 45 years old than when she was younger in my opinion.

Rising star Salina De La Renta

The former Summer Rae practicing moves on Tenille Dashwood.

Happy Valentine’s Day from NXT’s Kayden Carter

Video Gallery

The recently departed Dustin ‘Screech’ Diamond was a huge wrestling fan. Here he was in 2000 appearing for Memphis Championship Wrestling.

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6 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 6

  1. Absolutely beyond shocked to read here that he passed. No mention of his passing on Twitter or the dirt sheets, which is sad beyond belief considering what he accomplished and gave to the fans. If this is how 2021’s going to be, we’re in for another rough year as far as losing legends go 😦


  2. Hogan had actually worked with Martin Kove back in the late 90’s, when they did the 1997 film Assault on Devil’s Island AND its 1999 sequel Assault on Death Mountain.

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