Whatever Happened to Kwee Wee?

Brian Damage

He was trained at the WCW Power Plant and made his pro debut in 1998. He wrestled for WCW, TNA and in Japan. Today on the blog we ask….’Whatever Happened To’ Kwee Wee?

Allan Funk was trained at the WCW Power Plant and debuted under his real name. He would eventually be given a gimmick named ‘Kwee Wee.’ The character was very eccentric with wild hair and dressed in glittery clothing. To make sure WCW fans and Standards and Practices didn’t consider Kwee Wee to be a negative homosexual stereotype…they gave Kwee Wee an alter ego named ‘Angry Allan.’ Angry Allan was vicious and only came out during matches in which his opponents mad fun of him.

Kwee Wee had a valet named Paisley (Sharmell Sullivan) who accompanied him to the ring. Allan Funk (no relation to Dory and Terry) remained with WCW until it was bought out by WWE. Funk would sign a developmental contract with the company, but was eventually released.

Allan Funk would sign on with TNA wrestling in 2002 under the name of ‘Bruce.’ As Bruce, Funk teamed up with Lenny Lane as the ‘Rainbow Express’ tag team. Eventually, Bruce challenged Taylor Vaughn for the title of ‘Miss TNA.’ The Miss TNA crown was the earliest inception of a title for female talent on the TNA roster.

Bruce defeated Vaughn in an evening gown for the Miss TNA title by stripping Vaughn’s dress off. Bruce remained Miss TNA for a few weeks until the storyline was ultimately dropped. Allan Funk left TNA and wrestled on the independent circuit. Funk also wrestled for the Australian based World Wrestling All Stars promotion as a Hulk Hogan parody named ‘The Funkster.’

Funk would also do a tour of All Japan Pro Wrestling where he was featured in several tag team matches against the likes of Keiji Muto, Satoshi Kojima and Gran Hamada. Funk also wrestled for a lucha libre promotion called Masked Warriors that aired on MTV in 2011 under the name ‘Chi Chi.’

So the question remains….Whatever happened to ‘Kwee Wee’ Allan Funk? Funk still wrestles occasionally on independent shows. He works for a non profit organization and resides in Georgia.

3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Kwee Wee?

  1. I mean, I liked it. Definitely a better comedy wrestler than Disco and a much better worker too. I guess he just didn’t kiss the right asses during his career.


  2. He was an amazing guy and wrestler, he deserved the cruisierweights title. But mainly I was a fan of his valet/manager and better half Paisley, she was sooo sexy, beautiful,classy, elegant and cool, never seen a woman like her in wrestling again. <3<3<3


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