This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 16

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 16th of 2021. Today Brian talks about the major announcement from Major League Wrestling and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Major Announcement From Major League Wrestling!

The talk of the wrestling world the last few years has been promotions like WWE, AEW, New Japan and to a smaller degree…Impact Wrestling, NWA and even Ring of Honor. Major League Wrestling (MLW) is hardly ever in the conversation. Maybe that’ll all change now that MLW has secured a television deal with Vice TV. The same channel that airs Dark Side of the Ring. For a while now, it was rumored that Vice wanted to add more pro wrestling content to their channel with the success of Dark Side.

It was heavily speculated that Vice was in negotiations with New Japan to air their product. Apparently, New Japan turned down the deal. Instead, Vice has formed a television partnership with MLW. For those fans who still aren’t familiar with MLW owned and operated by former WWE writer Court Bauer…you really are missing an entertaining product. I’ve mentioned how good MLW was in a few takes here on TWIW and I still stand by my praise.

MLW is really a hybrid show of different styles of wrestling. Whether that is Japanese strong style, Lucha libre, hardcore or technical…MLW seems to have covered all bases. They recently signed a working agreement with Dragon Gate in Japan, which will import fresh talent to the organization. They also have side agreements with New Japan and AAA in Mexico. With all of that, MLW is bringing back a version of the much loved Lucha Underground called Azteca Underground. With the mysterious boss ‘El Jefe’ calling the shots to the very beautiful and talented Salina De La Renta.

The talent roster has guys like Jacob Fatu, Myron Reed, Alex Hammerstone, Lio Rush, LA Park, The Von Erich brothers, Richard Holliday and many more. The Von Erichs reportedly turned down a deal with WWE to resign with MLW. More eyes on this promotion can only be a good thing. I know fans complain a lot about wrestling…but we really need to realize that this is a new golden age for the industry. More places to work than in a very long time. Let’s just appreciate the variety that we as fans have been blessed with and are able to view.

Photo Gallery

Our best wishes go out to former NFL star and WCW wrestler Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael who recently revealed he is battling ALS disease.

Joe Montana….wrestling champion? 😉




Classic pic of Vinnie Mac and Bruiser Brody

bruiser mac

Somebody made Herbie cookies in honor of Herb Abrams of the UWF.


Awesome drawing of the Great Muta


The Miz puttin’ in the work.

A cool pic of the late Stu Hart stretching Sabu in the Hart Dungeon.

unnamed (10)

A very pregnant Renee Paquette


Impact Wrestling’s Kiera Hogan


Shaul Guerrero


PIETER aka Tokyo Latina (Bullet Club)




Jordynn Grace



Video Gallery

A compilation of all of Hulk Hogan’s TV commercials


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