Top Five Mashed Up Tag teams

B. Dangerous and Brian Damage

This week, we are taking a look at top five mashed up tag teams. Established singles wrestlers that are thrown together with another singles wrestler for whatever reason and they form a successful tag team. Who are your personal top five mashed up tag teams of all time?

B. Dangerous

On a personal level, I’ve never been a fan of singles wrestlers being thrown together as tag teams. I feel like the art of tag team wrestling comes from the cohesion of a well-established team. The rest is just about ticket sales or TV ratings. Nonetheless, I’ll play along.

5- Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett

Honestly, it was kind of a weird team, but at any given time they were the two biggest babyfaces in Memphis, so I suppose it’s only logical that they’d team-up from time to time.

Their matches against The Moondogs and Devastation Inc. were epic!

4- America’s Team (Rhodes/Magnum TA)

I loved these guys and wish Magnum’s accident never occurred. Dusty was a certified superstar and Magnum had the tools to surpass him.

3- Sting and Lex Luger

I loved it when these two would team-up, especially in the mid-90s when Sting was still a traditional face and Luger was still a sneaky heel with Jimmy Hart passing him rolls of quarters and what-not!

2- Degeneration-X

No one can argue the degree of success that came from D-X. In this case I’m just referring to the Michaels/Triple H version.

This is pretty much what finally got Triple H over the hump but I felt like it distracted from how good HBK was by focusing on the shenanigans of two juvenile pranksters rather than the wrestling of two very solid talents.

Although HBK’s back issues probably had a lot to do with that.

1- The Mega Powers

Of course it’s the Mega Powers. Who else would it be? Friggin’ Hogan and Savage owned wrestling at the time this team came into reality. Boom (that was the Mega Powers exploding a short time later)!

I intentionally left-out any two established singles that became an official team for the long-term. Some examples of those might have been:
• The Hollywood Blondes
• The Enforcers
• Eaton/Anderson
• The Brothers of Destruction
• The Brainbusters
• The Outsiders


I have to agree with B Dangerous in the fact that I like established tag teams that team together throughout various promotions and / or territories like the R N R express, the Midnight Express, the Road Warriors, the Sheepherders etc. With that said, here are my top five personal favorite mash ups…

The Colossal Connection

I really enjoyed this tag team combination and I really don’t know why. Andre was towards the end of his career and was very slow and practically immobile. Despite that, Haku did the majority of the heavy lifting and they won the WWF tag team titles when they still really meant something. Add Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and I really enjoyed this brief mash up.

The Bar

I was not a fan of this team when they were initially put together. I really felt and still do that Cesaro should be pushed as a top singles star. The team of Cesaro and Sheamus really grew on me after a while. They had great chemistry and gelled nicely as a formidable and hard hitting tag team.

Rated RKO

The mash up of Randy Orton and the Rated R Superstar Edge was odd at first, but again….chemistry is everything. They really meshed well and became a successful tag team for a brief period of time in WWE.

The Rock N Sock Connection

I loved this thrown together tag team of Mankind and the Rock. They had such great chemistry and comedic timing as a team. The Rock who was quickly becoming a mega star did not get hurt (credibility wise) at all being a part of this goofy, fun team.

The Hollywood Blondes

This team combined two singles wrestlers who had no direction in WCW. Together, they pushed the envelope and made themselves into not only a well oiled team, but individual stars themselves. The Hollywood Blondes of Stunning Steve and Flyin Brian could have gone down as one of the greatest teams in wrestling history with their skill set and charisma. They did okay for themselves as singles stars. 😉

5 thoughts on “Top Five Mashed Up Tag teams

  1. This is easy.

    1. the Hollywood Blonds (2 stars on the rise and together, they were magic)
    2. the Rock N Sock Connection (on paper, it wouldn’t work but the chemistry between Rock and Foley was just insatiable)
    3. the Brothers of Destruction (Take 2 badasses who are estranged brothers and put them together to be this massive force of destruction)
    4. DX (Shawn & HHH were already established single stars but they were a damn good tag team)
    5. the Mega Powers (it was like having Batman & Superman coming together as one until Hogan began to lust for Miss Elizabeth brother)

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  2. What….no Beer Money? Two midcard guys struggling to find footing after one left a formiddable team and the other was floundering on the midcard? Wow….


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