This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 25

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 25th of 2021. Today Brian talks about the need for the return of the King of the Ring tournament and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

KOR (2)

Time to Bring Back the King of the Ring Permanently

Okay, I’ll admit that I am a bit biased when it pertains to WWE’s King of the Ring tournament. I used to love the annual event for a couple of reasons. The first being it was a bit unpredictable and anybody could win it. The second and most important was the fact the KOTR winner was usually always pushed up the card. In many instances, the world title picture. Names like Edge, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Hunter Hearst Hemsley and Stone Cold Steve Austin have all benefitted from winning King of the Ring.


In recent years, the KOTR has lost a bit of luster, as it wasn’t a stand alone pay per view and was spaced out for years. For example, Baron Corbin (the last KOTR winner) won the tourney in 2019. It should be done every single year and be used to elevate mid card talent to upper card status. It shouldn’t be used just to give a wrestler a King gimmick. One of WWE’s biggest problems as of late, has been their lack of main event level stars.


The Money in the Bank ladder match is also a vehicle to catapult a wrestler into the world title picture. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to add another specialized event to build new stars. Not only should there be a King of the Ring, but add Queen of the Ring as well. It is time for WWE to start giving its wrestlers new opportunities to grab that “brass ring” and break the glass ceiling. There are rumors that the KOTR will once again return in later in 2021 or 2022…let’s hope the move forward with those plans and create new opportunities for the entire roster.

Photo Gallery

The survey says…….WHAT?

mAn awesome drawing of NXT’s Tommaso Ciampa

19th Century wrestler Constant Lavaux looks a bit like John Cena to me…

Cool comic book drawing of Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

A random pic of Terry Funk, Kimona Wannalaya and Peter Tork of the Monkees

Tattooing ain’t easy….

A totally Jacked Glenn Jacobs

The New D’oh Order

Somebody is not a Kenny Omega fan…

NXT’s Scarlett

DDP’s step daughter Lexy Nair

NXT’s Elektra Lopez

Jessica McKay formerly known as Billie Kay

Video Gallery

A sad video on the health status of the great Paul Orndorff posted by his son. Orndorff is a cancer survivor who in recent years has developed dementia. All my best to Mr. Wonderful and his friends and family.

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5 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 25

  1. The King of the Ring should’ve been the fifth PPV event of the Big 5 for WWE but they’ve diluted it so much and give it to guys who don’t even deserve it has definitely lost its luster. Do we want to see King Corbin again? He’s one of the reasons why I don’t watch Meekmahan-land. As for Queen of the Ring…. it wouldn’t work either since the main roster in the women’s division is getting weak. Well, on the RAW brand than on the Smackdown! brand as it’s already starting to get damaged beyond repair unless Becky Lynch returns though the idea of her jobbing to… ugh… Botch-a-lution is just wrong.

    In regards to women’s wrestling, Mickie James’ PPV for the NWA is a nice idea if she can get stars from other promotions and if she can do that with roster from AEW, Impact, ROH, and other promotions including the women in Japan, Britain, and Mexico and succeed. How will Meekmahan-land react to that considering all of the shit they’ve said lately and what just did today?


    • Tournament-based PPVs have become increasingly less relevant over the years. How do you effectively promote a PPV where the main event is unknown? Money in the Bank has replaced KOTR – the matches and the aftermath are way more interesting.


      • Exactly. Tournaments are best for TV like the way New Japan does them. They tend to do it right. AEW has done alright with them with the women’s tournament recently. I would like for AEW to at least experiment with the G1 format.


  2. While I’m all for equality there’s no need for a queen of the ring tournament.
    They have the mae young one or whatever its called so hold it at a different time of year and make it meaningful in the same way as the kotr used to be without it seeming like a poor copy of the mens event and becoming overkill.
    I think just copying everything the men do makes it seem less important and the women need their own “special” events to form their own identity and memorable moments in history.


  3. I had been avoiding the Orndorff video. Just watched it. Wish I hadn’t. I am in tears. My father had dementia/alzheimers and this brought back some super painful memories. I wish this disease on no one. Not even my worst enemies. You do not know how horrible it is unless you have lived through it. The poor man I sincerely hope he can pass away quietly and peacefully and his spirit can fly free.

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